Fuzzy Science!

Hello Folks! It’s me, Dr. Fuzzbrain, with today’s scientifical tip! If you ever look at your carpet, chances are you will wonder, how old is it? Elementary my dears! All you do is count the growth rings. There is one ring for every year of your carpet’s life! Of course, to do this you must first chop the carpet down, as I have just done. Look out below!

Next time just give him a paper towel tube, jpockele.

We’d Lather Not, Actually

Do you expect me to talk?

Really? Your casserole dish? We can’t wait to tell everyone at the next pot luck!

Oh gosh! I’ve heard stories about this! Is this an alien abduction probe? Noooooooo!

OK you’ve had your fun. (shakes wet fur) Soon it’s going to be our turn! (shakes wet fur) Heh! (shakes wet fur)

Nothin’ better than squee-ky clean guinea peegs, ilovebutter!

Keep ‘Em Comin’, Lady

I got pouches. Real big pouches.

With a mouth like that, you wouldn’t need a purse, Michèle

Dogs and Cats, Living Together!

Mass(ively cute) hysteria!

George Washington Hamster

“I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest ham.”

I think I would prefer this image on the dollar bill, jpockele.

These Boots Were Made For Slothin’!

Many thanks to the work of Sloth Sanctuary and to Bradley Ireland Productions for the quality photo.

THIS JUST IN: White Tiger Cubs

Ukrane’s Skazka Zoo welcomed four screeching, stumbling, sloppy bundles of rare white tiger, of which only 100 are thought to be left in the world. They may have picked up their messy eating habits from Mom (see end of video).

Friday Haiku: Beautiful Dreamer

Floating off to sleep

Dreams of conquering the world

Stopped by belly rub

Livin’ the dream, Soggydan.

Can You Cheat At Pattycake?

The one on the right thinks so.

Suspicious squirrels have squinty eyes, Kim and Marcea!


Alert Cuteporter and super Pet-tographer Johanna S. found this one!


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