Floor Patrol

So far, only a cracker, pizza crust, a fuzzy, green, dead caterpillar, and they’re dropping lots of fruitcake. Weird!

Sender-Inner Caitlin says pup Oscar can patiently sleep wait anywhere.

Keep That Showroom Shine!

Attention beetles! Don’t let harsh winter conditions ruin your ‘tocks! Maintain that new-shell luster all year long with water-resistant BeetleWax™!

Shine on, Bri.

Jingle Goats

Jingle goats, jingle goats
Hoppin’ up on stumps
Oh, what fun it is to bounce,
Hurdle, leap and jump, Oh!

Merry Hannu-kwanzaa-dan, C.S.O.


Zo good to zee you! Do you like mah fez-aire boa? Eet matches my eyes!

And now I am ze ready for ze, how you zay, Extreme Close-up!

More adorableness by the Kronche Squared pups from Cindilla T.


Tell me moooore! [Plink plink]

I’m all ears, Jessica S.

And now, a ferret swimming

Check out this furry sea snake action:

According to Sender-Inner Emily B., Winston loved it.

Faster Than a Speeding Bunny

Nice try, you tricky hare, but the tortoise is still going to win.

We wanted to say, “win by a hare” but Sesame wouldn’t lettuce.


Check out Sender Inner Jessica S.’s kittens—they’re totally pent up in the house during a snowstorm driving each other crazy wrestling:

I will get out of this headlock my friend, and when I do, YOU’RE TOAST!

You’re Not Supposed to Hear Us!

We’re wearing sneakers! Now go away and let us sneak up on you!

We could never shoo cuties like Moose (left) and Badger, right, Megan P.?


I’ve got Christmas sales to get to COME ON!

Another gem from Chief Seestoi Officer!


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