Stand Back! She’s Gonna Blow!

Avoid blow-outs by regularly checking your pup’s air pressure. Suspect your pup might have a leak? Try this tried and true tip from the experts. Simply apply a small amount of soapy water until the leak reveals itself! Then, try not to hurt yourself laughing.

We like the new Mr. Bubble, shamr0ck7


Subterranean Carsick Blues

So dog shaming is a thing now, in which canine crimes are exposed to the world. Time to up the stakes with this brilliant Dylan parody — and one hell-raising hound.

Via The Pet Collective on YouTube

A Truly Fur-rowed Brow

Prunella’s forehead often shows wrinkles in times of deep thought.

Your pup must be a genius, Drumai!

Morning After At Delta Tau Chi

Brother Bluto face down in the bowl. Again.

Submeesh from Mary C., who rehabilitates partying opossums and squirrels.

Now, More Than Ever, I Knead You

Those kitties are shameless, Nakuspienne.

Oh, Behave!

[blowing keeses] Yoo hooooo! [shows a leetle leg] There’s lots more where that came from! [sing song]
I promeese I wont bite …hard. (Rawrr!)

Flaunt your gams, Polar Bear Porn.

No Relation to Sonic

It’s Stroke the Hedgehog, the newest handheld game! No speed boosts, no power ups, just relaxing belly-rubbing action. Ahhhhhhhh…

Via ignoramusky.

Cats Who Think They’re Hiding

Think these kittehs are on a special secret mission to spy on hoomins? No—they’re just attempting to hide:

Photos via The Ellen Show: #1 from Kim M, #2 from Maddi G, and #3 from Darlene M.

Maru in the First Purrson

I always say, to keep your home super clean, feed your cat on a paper plate. Then you can just throw it in the trash!

The secret to inner peace is finding the upside to the downside. I will show you.

I found true happiness not in wealth and fame. I found it right here, on my “Yay!” paw pads. See?!

How did Maru type all that?! Images from the book, I Am Maru, by Mugumogu.

‘Tocktober’s Also Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!

[Time Out from our reg-you-lar programming for this message from the Cute Overload Pup-Lic™ Service Department]

Cute Overload is celebrating ‘tocks of all kinds this month (#Tocktober, duh) but let’s not forget People: it’s also National Adopt A Shelter Dog month! All over the US of A there are lotz of doggehs in shelters just waitin’ for you to stop by and take them home! They’ll even go to homes with cats!

Check here to loin more!

Photo submeesh of doggeh “Pennoyer” from Layshauni Rodriguez.