Get me my English to Goatlish Dictionary

I love the little pathetic “yeeeeeeeessss!” at the end. At least that’s what my English to Goatlish dictionary said he meant.

Adrian W., I won’t charge you for the translation this time.

Mom, Josh is sucking on my ear again

Mooooooooom! Josh said he was gonna suck my brains out and I think he’s doing it!!! Mooooooooooom! [Serious slurping noises + Mom eye roll]


Snow Bengal Kitten Geboren am 26. 3. 06, originally uploaded by DellaLuna.

Amoise F., Slurplicious FIND

Rescute: A baby deer named Jet

The good folks over at the Iron Mountain Jewelry store had quite a surprise recently. On the way to work one recent morning, they found a fawn on the side of the road, it’s Momma just killed. The baby had just been borned. So, rather than leave him, they took him in and researched the finest way to bring up McFawnersons.

Which includes delectabuhl meelks:


Curious housemates…


Knobbular nature walks…


Tap dancing surprises…


Attempts to nurse on the Great Dane…


And of course, carrot slices.


Check out the FULL STORY and loads more photos here, in their Fawn Folio. Thanks for the tip, Amberly S. ;)

The plight of the flightless Kiwi… :(

Ahnnn. This one is a tear-jerker, People! The flightless bird saga CONTINUES!

Dixon S.! Buzzkill!

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry

Check out this Washington State Lottery commercial that everyone’s going apecrap over.

I watched it, and I’m all—um… do you think penguins sit around and wonder why they can’t fly? In fact, I bet that chicken is all WTF? That is if a chicken brain could muster up a ‘WTF’ (some of my best friends are chickens so I can say that).

What do YOU think?

Thanks to all Sender-Inner Peeps. All y’all!

Rule of Cuteness #40! A lil’ bulging gut is cute

Now, please, People, don’t extrapolate this rule to any large guts. I’m talking about a Rule of Cuteness for SMALL baby tummies here. Not your husband’s Miller High Life-fueled spare tire.


Boy-yoi-yoi-yoi-yoing! [Gut and Cute Overload Xtreme Close up bulges out]


Greg M., I hope I have your support on this.

I want to belieeeve

AP is reporting a "unicorn" was born in captivity in Italy (where all miracles come from)

OMG, I’m gonna barf a rainbow. Ralllgh!


How bummed is that deer, Tracy W., Cheri S., Torie R., Tania S., Robin V., Carly L., and Kimberly H. + another beellion Sender-Inners?

They tried to make me go to boxhab…

Usually, it’s kittehs who need boxhab. They simply cannot resist an open, cat-sized box.

This roving Kneesock-with-Eyes found a box too. He’s looking a little TOO comfortabuhls. Time for boxhab.


I recommend Promises Boxhab in Malibu.

An itch impossible to scratch

Go get ‘em, Plinky McEyecapsules!

Michelle F., you know we love this mortal sin in particular.

I got the skillz to PAY THE BILLZ, Baby

Honey, I got skills I don’t even KNOW ABOUT yet.



This is an Olympic moment, Natalie C…. ;)


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