Summer in the Suburbs

It was a gorgeous, gorgeous day yesterday.  Nice breeze, no rain, big back yard full of family & friends & food.  Even the deck was in good shape, finally.

Sadly, though, not everybody was allowed outside... ;)

Oh, I hear you back there. Making “kitty kissing noises” trying to get my atten-shons.

Well go ahead and beg. Caturday was yesterday. You’ll never make it up to me.

...and on a LEASH, no less.  I ask you!

Ali B. Good luck — [shaking head]

OMG Look at this little guy’s legs!

So prosh!

You can almost see those legs do a little shaking…


Tea. Round Squirrel. Hot.

I’ve already had the Kitten High Tea. I’m going to try the Baby Round Squirrel this time.


It’s a little whiskery isn’t it?


This hot little cup o’ squirrel was served up by Sender-Inner Maureen K. who has more of her squirrely pics on Flickees.

Getting ready for Caturday

Pass me the Axe Shower Gel Bebe.

ferret in the bath , originally uploaded by loveisabeautifulthing.

Bunnular Advice from a Farm Boy

“Being an old farm boy… and having raised rabbits for years when I was still back on the farm… I wish people knew that if they handle baby rabbits… the mom’s will often reject or kill them. The smell from the person’s hands often changes the identity markers for the mother.


My father… used to keep a bottle of Imitation Vanilla in the Rabbit house (about 200does.) When one mother would have a lot (up to 12) and another had only a couple… he’d rub the Imitation Vanilla on his hands… rub all the bunnies… rub the momma’s nose… The vast majority of the time, she’d take them. By the time the Vanilla wore off… they smelled like her. Probably more info that you needed.


Keep up the good work on the site. I just don’t know how you could approach this subject and save folks some heartache.

Good luck,

“baby rabbits in hands” and “baby bunny” by amyhrer.

The More You Know: 3 Easy steps to new avatar art!

Hey! Did you know that you can EASILY make your very own avatar (what’s an avatar!?) by grabbing one of the images from the Top 4 stories above? Here’s how!

1. Whenever you see a Top 4 image you like, simply right-click on it
2. Save the image to your desktop
3. Update your image in your account! (Don’t have an Account? Get one.)

Friday Haiku: Laugh, Ferret, Laugh

Merriment can wait / Ferret clown’s smile wanes until / Your haiku cheers him


How do they all pack into that little car, Juan D.?

Everyone Knows It’s Kitty

Hey, kids! What’s fun for a girl and a boy? Clicking that button to the left, then starting the video, that’s what.

This Just In: Puppies for the Troops!

As part of a week-long series of “The Colbert Report” in Iraq, Stephen “Truthiness” Colbert teamed up with Tom “Niceiness” Hanks to send a USO care package to the troops, complete with Tang, ice cream — and a puppy! See the whole hilarious skit here (and skip to 3:22 for the puppyness!)


Lycanthropy 101

Required for all first-semester students.  Introductory course with emphasis on proper howling techniques.  Schedule permitting, students may advance to intermediate topics such as drinking piña coladas at Trader Vic’s, and hair care.


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