Sneaking out on Caturday night…

Only to get… NABBED!


You are NOT leaving this house WEARING STRIPES, Miriam S.! Sand kitteh photos by Tibor Jager. Story via Zooborns.

I want a slippery cuddle!

As you all know, the rule is that any animal with the word “pygmy” in its name is automatically cute. This newborn behbeh hippers is no exception. Blorp.

Japan’s Ueno Zoo has got a superstar on its hands, Miriam S. More on this story over at First News.

THIS JUST IN: Hotties With Hedges

When are we going to do that Cute Guys with Animals Calendar? Meet Mr. March:

Pirate Jenny predicts ‘there will be nuffing.’

Animals Being D***s

You must go look at this hilarious GIF-ladened blog of various animals being complete jerks to each other—each page is funnier than the last:

Animals Being D***s was submitted by Travis H.

Bom ba dee da, bom ba dee da

Wah hey there, little lady. Ain’t you mighty purty now.
You new ’round this here town? What say you an’ me saddle up and go westward, ho?

Who you calling ‘ho’ Becky T.!?

In-deer-species Purrrrrrgling

[Please excuse the title of this post]

According to cuteporter Vitaly Ktach, a kitteh stopped by the deer enclosure at the Odessa Zoo in Ukraine for a NAP-AND-NUZZLE OMG:

Photo by Vitaly Tkach/Rex Features Read more on this story over at the Metro. Love interspecies snorgling and can’t get enough? Check out the new book Unlikely Friendships: 47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom!

Whooooooo Wants Lunch?

It’s bento long since we’ve had some bento, so let’s look at some too-cute-to-eat creations by “Gamene,” who showcases her work on Flickr and her blog Bento Zen.

How Now, Dow?

Well, if I’m going to ride this roller-coaster market, I’d better do some reading…

Let’s see… Making the Most of Bull Markets, see page 92… Surviving Bear Markets, page 107… Investment Tips for Bad Times, page 210… for End Times, page 666…

Heck, I might as well hide my money under the mattress and hope for the best…

Sell, Dorie H., sell!

All According to Plan?

Pup: What have you brought me?
Kid: Mastaaah,  I have failed to bring you Snausages as you wished.
Pup: Did you seek the cupboard as I instructed?
Kid: Yes Mastah.
Pup: Did you use your mad crawling skills?
Kid: Yes Mastah.
Pup: Then how could you fail?
Kid: “burp”
Pup: …what?
Kid: Nuffin’!

They learn so fast, Todd B.

Volley Good Show!

And now for something completely amazing: Petey the border collie, who serves up volleys in vast volume, using what must be the world’s most resilient nose.


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