The Really Thorough Kitten Sitter

[Grey Cat] "You can count on me to babysit your kittens, Ma’am."


"I won’t let them get away with ANYTHING. I’ll make sure they eat their lunchabuhls and don’t watch too much T.V."



"They won’t get out of control. Heck, I’ll SIT on them if need be."


Digging to China may be the only way out, Staci S.!

A Born Bjorn Borg

No, I’m not speaking in the Swedish Chef voice again. I’m simply reporting on this ingenious robot tennis ball-hurling contraption. This Dachshund’s Saturday night is aaaaaall set.

Elizabeth G., save your arm-thowing muscles for other things. Like commenting.

PS – encore presentayshe

Encore Caturday presentayshe: Roly-poly stubbularness

Legs… too… short… must roll to reach… hand!

Worth the re-post, Jen H.

Mr. Pinkering will see you now.

[Trots back to deck and buzzes you in]


The wonderful, hilarious work of Julian Wolkenstein via Rachel Hulin and F-Stop Magazine. The Sender-Inner is none-other than Chief Sister Officer.

Lap Hippo

Let’s check in on the lil’ pygmy hippo and see if things are still rubbery with a chance of Shrek ears.

Check and Check Suzanne H.!

Two Ends of a Hedgehog named Geoffrey

End #1: (Moist nosicle, beady eye, miniscule pawsitude)


End #2: (Bowl cut, tail nubule, splayed haunch action.)


G4, nice hedge cave (above).

At Two Dogs Dry Cleaning, we get out every last wrinkle

[Doberman] Hi, I’m Ramsey.

[Chihuahua] And I’m Pablo.At Two Dogs Dry Cleaning, we get out the wrinkles in every last garment. Sure, your size four may turn into a size 26, but it will be wrinkle-free.

[Together] Guar-ran-teed.


Check out more of Ramsey and Pablo’s adventures at their web site :)

Proshness in About an Hour!

All right, cover your left eye and read the center line, please?

"I … A … M … T … E … H … Q … T … E"

Very good.  Now the right eye, next line, please?

"U … M … U … S … T … L … U … V … M … E"

I want the rimless What's-Her-Name frames!

20/20 redonkulous, Johanne P.

Please pick up milk, bread AND KITTAYNS

2 for 1 special at Safeway, limit 1 coupon per household. HURRY!!!

Carrie L., they’re really fresh this time of year!

THIS JUST IN: Boston Terrier the size of a ham

I TOLD you this pup was the size of a hamster. And you didn’t believe me.




I think we’re going to need a *SLIGHTLY* larger cage.


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