It’s pug Central…

…and I’ll post pugs if I want to

pugs if I want to

pugs if I want to


You’d post pugs too if it happened toooooo you[Right Elizabeth B.?] (Oh, and I assume the ‘B’ stands for Burberry?

Give me back my Bebeh!

LOOOVE the look of Mamacita with her wide eyes, eyeballin’ the treatment of her Bebeh.

She’s all: Merrooooooooooooowr [shifty eyes + pouncing possibility]


Rob N., be verrrrrrrrry carefuls.

Purdue U wants to know what you think…

Bye_bye_baruHave you ever lost a pet? Have you experienced the grief of losing a pet? This survey is for you…

The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement wants you to take a moment to help other pet owners deal with the loss of a pet. This research will be used to help counselors and other professionals better understand the issues that patients who have lost pets.

Excerpt of Rose McGowan interview…

Q: Do you dwell into the dark side a lot?             

A: No.                         

Q: Really?             

A: Not at all. I think things are… in fact I was just telling my publicist about this website,, that’s my favorite. It’s just all cute animals and puppies and miniature horses. I have a bursting huge file on my desktop of just cute baby animal photos.


Q: Yeah. I would have just thought, you know, gothic stuff…             

A: I’ve never been gothic in my life, it’s hilarious. No, no, no. Cute baby puppies, and I spend hours perusing baby Boston Terriers on-line. 

-Excerpt from interview

Rose, this one is for you, via sender-inner Kristin D.:


And behold, the top mag on my nightstand…

You can almost hear the happy snorting

That must be coming from this pug-a-ru, Murphy. He’s monopolizing the mini-fish pond. I bet the fish in there are all: "Ehn! this suuuuux!"

And will you please check out the over-the-nose flap/roll on Murphy? That roll should have a special name. Like: "Schnozzleroll" or something.


Ladies, the secret to a moist, moist nosicle

Ladies, everyone knows us Hedgelettes have the moistest nosicles around. Our secret? Simple. Japanese Cherry Blossom creams. [waves dainty paw over bottle label]Springtime freshness. For your schnozzle, in a bottle™ [giggles]

Apply a hedge-paw-sized dollop every morning, and YOU TOO could appear on C.O.


Angela P.?, heck of a fashion shoot.

What can we do?

People, the news from Virginia Tech is absolutely horrible. Heart-breaking. Nothing will help take away the pain it has caused. Baroooooo [cryin' sound]

I could watch this on perpetual loop right now too, Susan H. :(

Introducing: “MUZZLEFLAPS”

People, brilliant sender-inner Maria A. says: this pup comes "complete with ‘muzzleflaps’. MUZZLEFLAPS!!!

LOL, Peeps! Faw realsz. Just need little silver women sillouette on thar.


There needs to be a name for Cocker Spaniel toupées too, Maria.

You too could be this cool

So this morning, I’m driving to worky-jerky (true story) and I’m almost to the freeway when a massively bumper-stickered car, (near 280 in San Francisco and-you-know-who-you-are) has a billion stickères on it, and one of them is C.O. Thanks for making my day, Peeps!

And here’s ANOTHER car with a stickie on it. This one belongs to Brinke G.:


If you want a kewl stickere too, check out the C.O. Sticker store.

Neck propper-upper

You prop up muh neck

just high enuff

so I ken smile

and soak up the sun

[Sing to the tune of Greensleeves or something]

//Later- OMG, it’s Send in the CLOWNS I’M SO EMBARRASSED Don’t tell ANYONE//



XO,Meg (and sender-inner Dawn M. who couldn’t "resist taking a peecture of loverrrssssss"