Cheer Up

cheer biz gain bold duz era dash surf wisk fab arm & hammer bonus rinso bounce

Sure, you were feeling Bold, so you went for a Dash in the Surf. 

Be gentle (cycle) with me; it's my first Tide.

Eliot G.

Whale Watchers

"I only have 300 pounds to go."

Lisa, 34

"I’ve lost 122 inches off my waist."

Ed, 29

"I just ate 2500 pounds of herring."

Ned, 48

Beluga Whale by Curry Monster. Beluga Whale by jessi.bryan. beluga whale by jspad.

I’m Telling You, We Made That Picture!

"What, you think it’s easy to look menacing while you’re dangling from piano wire with some 300-pound Teamster at the other end?  Try it sometime, pal!"

"But do people remember?  No, it’s Dorothy this, and Scarecrow that, and those lousy, stinking Munchkins…"

"Oh, don’t get me started on the Munchkins.  Every frickin’ day, running around the commissary singin’ ‘Ding-dong, the witch is dead,’ only they ain’t usin’ the word ‘witch,’ if you get my drift…"

"… wild parties every night in their trailer, and the next morning?  Passed out drunk on the set."

"No sense of professionalism, none whatsoever.  Not like us."

Hey, you got any Lucky Strikes?  Stinkin' orderlies won't let us smoke here.

If they only had a clue, Tanguera.


Bokee @Cuddles Is this thing on?
about 5 minutes ago from Twitterrific

Never gonna give you up

Congratulations! You found some hidden cuteness!

Credit: Little Bunnies by jpockele

Never gonna let you down

Lucky you! Here’s some more hidden cuteness!

Credit: Funny Kitten by Tela Chhe

Never gonna run around

Can it be? Still more hidden cuteness?

Credit: Running happy puppy by Tambako the Jaguar

and desert you

Too bad!  No hidden cuteness here!


Patience is a virtue


Sent in by none other S.S.I. Josh N.

THIS JUST IN: “Jimi welcomes our new kitteh, Scrambles.”



"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh!!!" [Hissing sound]


"Whuuut?" [Say in Keanu Reeve voice]


What a nice little story, Sarah W. ;)


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