This Year’s Model Of Dachshunds Are In!

Fully loaded with GPS, all terrain maneuverability and NIGHT VISION.

How does yours run, Pam W.?

Figaro Checks His E-mail

This is so typical! Management moved the presentation up a week, and of course they waited until the last minute to tell me. Guess I’d better hop to it!

I’m going to need you to go ahead and come in on Bunday, Toms Bauģis. More Figaro

Ladies and Gentlemen, the most adorable ‘tocks ever

“Cute ‘tocks! I got your cute ‘tocks right HERE!” [say in newborn baby fawn voice]

FAVE FRAME™ (Please note tongue action)

Special thanks to Cristal B. for this one. Departure Dat Beach fawn by Steve Fagan.

All Is Right In My World

Rounded belly, pleasantly full.
Sun beam gently warming furry skin.
There is nothing but fulfillment here.

We should all be so content, Emily E.


Welcome back to everybody’s favorite game show! Last time, just over 6,000 votes and a little over 50% of you guessed correctly, a grey langur. Nice work, viewers! Let’s see how you do this week.

Tic Toc. Tic Toc. BUZZZZZZ! Time’s up.

Let’s get a hint from this week’s special guest: “I like to be awake in the night. It’s such a fun time to hunt! I like to eat meat and don’t really care about anything else. I’m an important animal to some groups of native peoples. I am a great dancer and I love to play all night.”

Have you got it? Scroll down for the answer!

If you guessed a. a ferret, then you were correct! Thank you so much for playing WHAT! IS! THAT? Let’s thank our sponsor, Kimberly T. at the US Fish and Wildlife Service, for their excellent work in increasing wild populations of black footed ferrets.

April Fool!

The Huffington Post has steered us to many of the cute videos you’ve squeed to on C.O., and we’ve wanted to thank them in the worst way — and we think you’ll agree, that spoof page was it. Seriously, we can’t get e-nuff of April Fool’s Day, and hope you enjoyed this year’s prank. Thanks to Meg, Pyrit and Crazy Pants for adding jokes and pics, and Arianna Huffington for not suing. Until next year…




Photo credits: Cat, quatre mains; Dogs, Melody C.; Dog, joshDubya; Cat, k4dordy; Penguin, Lara Mercer Photography; Horse, katieblench

PS: If you missed the spoof, you can still see it here.

Hungry Happy Harry Hippo Holds Handsome Honker Hilariously

Hard to believe anyone would reject this cuddly blorper, but that’s just what Harry the Pygmy Hippo’s mother did, so keepers at a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa raised him by hand ’round the clock. Looks like he has an effective way of telling you when it’s time for a feeding, too.

Picture by Miller and MacLean/Caters News. Story, more pictures at The Huffington Post.

Three Bells and All’s Well

(Hmm… everything looks quiet in the castle courtyard… Guards asleep at their posts as usual… Squire Blorfington just ducked into the serving girls’ quarters; I can’t believe he thinks he’s keeping that a secret… Some cats camping out in the forest, carving bows and arrows… Probably out hunting, that’s nice…)

Photo by Flickr user Victor Svensson

Caturday Morning Cute-toons

Hey kids! Can’t agree on what to watch? Here’s a show that has it all! Grab your favorite sugary cereal and get ready! Presenting: The Beethoven Marmaduke Clifford Felix Nosey and the Pussycat Rolie Polie Olie Peg-Leg-Pete Are You My Mother Show!

Also known as the Abby and Little Bugger Show, brought to you by Brinke G.!

THIS JUST IN: The Teeniest McRibbersons is reportin’ that a teeny tiny mcfroggersons was discovered in Papua New Guinea! The story goes:

When two Cornell University undergraduates and a recent graduate went on a field research trip to Papua New Guinea in 2008, little did they know it would lead to entries in the Guinness Book of World Records and a groundbreaking research paper.

On his knees poking at a millipede, Grundler heard a clicking sound he and others had previously assumed was crickets, but turning his head, he saw a tiny frog inflating its vocal sack… The adult males reach an average size of 8.5 millimeters.

Photo by Rittmeyer et al. Story sent in by Chief Financial Occifer The Dude.


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