This site is driving me bankahs

This site drives me crazy. [Baston accent]

Not a post ahw day loyng, then I come home, from a haad day’s wehk, and there ahh like faar new posts!


What the %$^#!!, Kevin S.?

Can you find the moist nosicle?

Can you find the moist nosicle in this peekchur? Please check out the freshly showered albino hedge action below. Which end is UP, People!?


I’ll give you a heent, look for the glint!:


Gracias, Hedgehog Hurley and sender-inner Stina R.


Um. What’s taking you so long to post today?


Is anyone there!? [tapping receiver rapidly]

All I’m getting is fuzz.


White bun "Mirah" and brown bun "Toshi" sent in by Flickr-er Mia S.!

You adore me, dahling. It’s what I love about you.

Remember this little girl? …she’s bigger now.

This will be the front page, hmm?  Fhaabulous.  Run along now, ‘razzo. Baby needs her beauty sleep.Rikki_sleepies

[sigh] …she’s a little heartbreaker, this one.  ;)  More here if you like.

Grab your inhaler—you’re gonna need it

Ksssshhhhh! [inhaler sound]

I give you Jack, the bebe Puggle!

Jack’s all: "I’m hangin’ in there, Peeps! Just like the poster says!"

It's a little ways down.

Ksssshhhhh! [inhaler sound again]

You’ve GOT to be kidding us, Melanie M-L.

I want a juicebox


Ken I have a juicebox? [Purrr]


Grape, please? [pouts]


Sender-inner Caroline M. says it’s Big Cat Week over at the BBC. Check it!

P.S. Diggin’ the guyliner.

Attention, flying buttrri needed

I needs me some buttresses—my head is leaning, People!

Come on! Hep me!


Kitteh "Chuck Norris" (I kid you not) needs an architect. STAT, Ljuba! ;)

// UPDATE — for you, kitling, I would move the whole world.  – T. //

Perfectly airbrushed schnozzle

I finally realized this is the hiney of the deer, and he’s all flopped back on himself. Prolly so he can gawk at his own anerable spots. He’s prolly in a daze from HIS OWN CUTENESS


Susie R., you’re in a daze too, I bet—after finding him in the flowers…

The Brown Towel Gang means bidness.

The brown towel gang is revving up for a BIG meeting…

Check out their ‘Sopranos style’ meeting er—pile.


Exxxxcellent, Margery…

Make mine with ketchup and mustard plz

Mmmmmm, hot Dachshund puppies heah! Get your hot puppies heah!

Deleecious [reaching for sauerkraut]