Must Be Office-Party-Friday-O’Clock

Who among us hasn’t taken a hit of nitrous oxide, climbed into an empty bowl and laughed his ass off?

See more hilarity here and here. If he starts huffing, be concerned, Katey C.

Oh My God, That Pumpkin Ate Kitty!

October 31st, 2009…

March 12, 2010…


That is one crafty pumpkin. In fact, even its expression changed, Julie S. Photo by Brad Mears.

Spring Forward, Fall Down

Just a reminder, U.S. cuteologists: Daylight Saving Time begins tomorrow at 2 AM, so be sure to set your clocks ahead one hour (and shift your bed about six inches to the ri… oops, never mind).

Thanks to Neopatra for sharing this in a recent comments thread.

Don’t throw kittens away!

No matter what they do! Don’t throw them in waste-paper receptacles! You can always recycle!

She found a hiding place…, by Fernando Felix.

THIS JUST IN: Kitten discovers own delicious foot

Looks like paw number three has been found!

Stay tuned for PAW #4!

One month old by Catherine.caf

Toot Tweet

I’ll see your prog-rock zebra finches, and raise you Chicken, who favors the jazz flute; mostly old-school influences like Herbie Mann, with a bit of Ian Anderson…

We’re lovin’ your lovebird, Rachel D.


Commander Bentwick checked the fittings in his oxygen hose for what must have been the nineteenth time as he waited at the airlock. Then, with a whoosh, the great doors cracked open and Bentwick stepped on the planet surface, followed by co-pilot Captain Chet “No Sweat” Gillette.

As they took their first tentative steps, the surface felt soft and springy beneath their weighted boots. Slowly, the two men took a look around — and it was only at that moment that they noticed the fatal design flaw in their space helmets.

squirrel with coconut

Photo by Mike Walker for the Daily Mail.

An Otter’s Work is Never Done

We look adorable, right? But what you aren’t realizing is I’m trying to drag my very late daughter – who has been on the phone with her boyfriend all night, mind you – to school, in order to make it to home room by 8am. At this rate, I’m going to have to send the attendance secretary several quahogs.

Still adorable, Diana H., and the original link is from  The Sun.

Hide ‘n Reek

Ready or not, here I come…!

I know what you’re thinking: What’s the point of playing Hide ‘n Seek when we leave such a lingering trail of delightful perfumery? Well luckily for me, Tulip up there is a little hard of smelling, so it will be a while before everyone is all “olly olly oxen free”, if you catch my drift.

Actually these are two of the four spotted skunks at the Bronx Zoo. Check out the video below, and thanks to sender-inner Luke G, and photographer Julie Larsen Maher ©WCS.

My carrot! My carrot!

Why you lousy, goat-for-nothing thief! Give me back my lunch!

(nhhrrgh!) This is (hrrrggnh!) no way (arrrgth!) to treat a vegetarian!

Well, fine!  I didn’t want your stupid carrot anyway!

Hee, hee, hee — Chelsea knows we’re running her photos in reverse order.


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