People, a video this redonkulous comes across our Cute Overload desks once in a blue moon. It’s.. well, it’s so bad it’s good. Never mind the translation, you’ll get it.

Without further ado, Toby and Sheila…

You can pull my dead beak off and drag me around any time, Lee Anne.

Life-time Supply of Cuteness

As if we didn’t love Google enough already, it recently teamed up with Life Magazine to provide millions of historic photographs online, including plenty of vintage Qte. Here’s a taste:

Chimp and/or kitten: 'Can I keep her, Mom?'

Being adorable just plain tuckers me out.

I am the Master, and he is the Blaster!

Michael Phelps, your Wheaties sponsorship is oooooverrrr! [singsong]

[Bob Costas whispers into microphone] "We now return to Olympic Caturday Whack-a-Mouse. The reigning champion; LeChat Lunatique, has held the Whack-a-mouse belt since ’03. It was then that he whacked a staggering eight mice."

"Can he beat that personal best!? Let’s… take a look."

Phelps, you might lose your Speedo endorsement tooooo! [singsong]


Heeeeeey! You hoodlums! You just keep on walkin’! I don’t want you NEAR my tree, you hear me!?

[bangs broomstick on front door] Skeeeeee-daddle!


For reference: "Get Offa my Properteh Part 1" is here. Sender-Inner Matt H. spotted this cranky owl over at ;)

C.O. in Dunder Mifflin News!

Angelamartin2Angela Martin of "The Office" has included photos from Cute Overload in her weekly column in the Dunder Mifflin Newsletter. This week, she tears puppehs everywhere a new one.

Also in this week’s issue: Dwight Schrute’s horrible elevator etiquette and Michael Scott’s economic advice for tough times.

Check out the newsletter heah.


Joya B. on line two, Michael.

When CuteLabs™ Goes Bad

For your Reality-Casual Friday viewing pleasure.  Webcomic by Kris Straub.



A while back, we did our first "Blog Reader Project" poll and discovered some surprising factoids about the Cute Overload audience:

1. 90 percent of our readers are HOT CHICKS* between ages 18-34
2. More than half of you lean towards a democratic viewpoint on political issues
3. In addition to C.O., other products you really like the Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and whiskey.

So, we’re at it again. Announcing the Second Blog Reader Project, where we take your valuable demographic information and turn it into HOT INFOGRAPHICS! Ow!

Interested? Just click here to answer the questions. It will only take 4-6 million hours of your time.

Questioning "Baroo?" bird is going to answer the entire poll. By Gossamer1013.
*I think it’s pretty safe to assume you’re all hot.

Scanner cat trips OUT

Um, my face is MELTING.

AND my whiskers are out of control.

[cranks up the Pink Floyd]


Colt C. may I suggest a Lazarium?

Dude, I gotta practice my “Lady and the Tramp” moves

My Cocker Spaniel girlfriend LOVES that movie, and it’s my big chance with her tonight!!!


Kathryn T., nice slurpage action.

[Sing in Elvis voice] Get a rhythm

Ah ah huh

huh hunh

Heyy yea yeah!

NTMTOM, Brillo find. Ehn, ehn ehn!


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