Baby barn swallows, or “barnacles” are fluffy, round, beaked creatures with tiny claws who encrust themselves firmly on to barn walls and fixtures. They squawk rhythmically to both attract their mother’s attention for food and to alert photographing cuteporters:


Alert reader Keith W. spotted at these barnacles at Mercer Slough Barnacle Blueberry Farm in Bellevue, WA.

Sur-prise im-preg-nay-shons!

BunnyHuddleAccording to Sender-Inner Amanda, one of her bunnehs, “Mr. Morris” managed to impregnate a female bunneh (name withheld) the day before he was fixed. Way to GO Mr. Morris!

Luckily the babies were all “pretty darn cute.” Yay!

IMG_2586 copy

Send your (non human) surprise impregnation story in tuhday! [cross-eyed head tilt]

Paw Bouquets

[Martha Stewart voice] “Last month, we showed you what all June brides are carrying.”


“Now we’re back with more options. This Marmelade Paw Bouquet includes some Tailio Iglesias.”

Gretta & AZ Trip 002

“The Tuxedo Paw Bouquet looks nice in a basket, with some Paw Pads showing.”


“And for that extra zing, throw in a Toe Hawk. They also make great boutonnières.”


Fabulous, Sarah. Fierce, Julia G. Tranny Mess, Diva Kitty. Work it out, Little Miao.

Mr. Schnozzle McWhiskers asks;

“How are you staying cool this summer?” (Besides playing Dog or Otter)


Photo by Matt Marriott, courtesy of Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Scenes From Yesterday’s Coronation

It was a day of grandeur and majesty as Cutesylvania’s ruling elite turned out to watch King Ace XVII ¼ ascend the throne.  We now have exclusive photos of the royals as they enjoy the glittering excitement of this once-in-a-lifetime event…

And first, here’s Princess Gertrude Hortense Von Mississippi-Two-Mississippi, looking absolutely giddy in her tiara made entirely out of used dental fillings…

Is my face on crooked?

Next, Prince Poundcake Mellon III, Dodgers VI, eagerly awaits the King’s arrival…


And here we see Prince Oreo Keebler-Pepperidge, Earl of Hydrox, as he watches the thrilling five-and-a-half hour ceremony in rapt attention…


Our thanks to cuteporters T.U.M., Rachael C. and Julie F.

I’m canceling my subscription to Field & Stream

Can you believe this? I go to Field and Stream for Fishing, Hunting, Survival, AND Guns! GUNS!

Now, the world’s leading Outdoor Website Field & Stream is wondering if these fawns are TOO CUTE for their website. See for yourself.

MAYBE if they had tiny fawn-sized rifles, it’d be OK.


The answer? If traffic is any judge, they should continue the trend. Many more photos to fawn over at their gallery here via “Fly Talk” blogger Tim Romano.

Send snacks immediately!

S.O.S.! S.O.S. I say!

Bee boo boo bee boo boo boo! [telegraph sound]

WHY is NO ONE sending snacks Amy W. & Justin R.!?!?!

California Blorpin’

All the seals are brown
And the pebbles grey
I’ve been for a swim
In this man made bay

I’d be safe and warm
If I was in L.A.
California blorpin’
Stuck in Germanaaaay


A California sea lion at the Wuppertal Zoo in Germany dreams of going home. By Ina Fassbender. Spotted by Ryan with no last name.

Arise, King Kitten!

… and by the power vested in me by the kingdom of Cutesylvania, I hereby crown thee King Ace XVII ¼, Lord Sovereign of the Sandbox, Monarch of Mousies, First Heir to Choice Sunbeams, Divine Ruler of all…

Wait, something isn’t right here.  I think it’s the crown.  We need something that lends a certain gravitas befitting the dignity of this solemn occasion…


Oh, yeah.  That’s working for me.  Proceed.


Can I be the Duke of URL, Diane V.?

Cats ‘n’ Racks on CNN ‘n’ Ars

crJeanne Moos, stellar Offbeat CNN Correspondent, included our very own Cats n’ Racks in a recent report. Jeanne reported on a fugitive/C.O. reader who had a cheepmonnk in her cleavage during police questioning. Detectives were, um, speechless.

Check out the CNN action

Not to be outdone, Must Read Ars Technica writer Ryan Paul figured out a way to mention Cats n’ Racks in a recent Firefox 3.5 review. GBTI (God Bless the Internet)

Check out the Ars Technica action


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