Wes Craven Just…Got…Cuter.

In an effort to recruit a new demographic, the producers of “Scream 4″ decided to ditch the iconic mask for this little token of evil.

Mr. Moe is an evil genius, Debbie S.

Trifectaaaaa! [say in Oprah voice]

Will you please check out this trifecta:

1. Adorkabuhl Ear-to-head ratio
2. Glossular, plink! plink! icy-blue eyeballs
3. And a new rule: #46: Showing a small bit of your tongue is cute.

I’m sure you will agree that a stylish log makes the pose. F1ver was sure to pass this one along via ZooBorns.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who’s About to Take a Fall?

All right, students, time for another lesson in C.O. Math: Kitten plus mirror times depth of bench divided by distance from floor equals…?

And This is Why Bob has a Giant Target on His Head

“Hey Noreen, look at the fuzzy dice I just found for the car!”

Forwarded by Kelly J. via The Frisky

Breaking World Cup Action!

We interrupt Cute Overload to bring you highlights of today’s decisive victory by the Tasmanian Terriers over the Greenland Gardeners Who Just Mostly Stand There!

From YouTube user bluefan, spotted on Your Morning Adorable from the Los Angeles Times.

Your Roseshs Shmell Shoooo…Tastshy

Dammit, Carl! Florence and Howard were nice enough to invite us over for a lovely barbecue, and you can’t even make it through the damn front door!

Does Betty Ford take catnippers, Wayne Y.?

Science Develops Boneless Penguin!

TOXIC MILLS, MN — Researchers at the Center for Dubious Science today presented “Flopsy,” the world’s first fully boneless penguin.

From the collection Zoo Babies by the San Francisco Zoo.

Deadbeat Box

Here at Acme Bill Collector Institute, students get hands-on training using state-of-the-art equipment. In this video, an instructor supervises an assertiveness-training exercise in which the student must get his paw in the door.

We’re in your debt, Kim W.

Pup falls for cat to sweet 70’s soundtrack

What could be better than a 70’s ballad over some sweet puppy falls for cat action?

Agreed, Jorden C., not moshe.

Gimmie Five, Man!

Whoo-hoo! That was righteously awesome, dudester! You totally crushed it, buddy! We’re talking major world-class domination! High five! Fist bump! Put ‘er there, pal!

Julius looks like a real stand-up guy, Molly H.


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