Q: Who could not have posted this fast enough?


Josh N., could you have SUBMITTED a better movie? [Say in Chandler voice]

Take two hamster close-ups and call me in the morning

Look People, I know you’re feeling down. You haven’t found that perfect present for your annoying brother-in-law who already has everything. I know, I know. [patting your back]

But let me tell you, it’s going to get better. Simply pop these two Cute Overload Xtreme Close Up Hamster pictures in your mouth and see if you don’t feel the insta-joy IMMEDIATELY.


Here’s the first one:



And here is the second. Come on, doctor’s orders. [Handing you a cup of water to wash them down]


Call me in the morning if you don’t feel 800 times better, Judit H.

Your Jedi Mind Tricks Will Not Work On Me…

"However, maybe a nice piece of tuna, that would work on me.  And some egg salad.  And one of those big knackwursts, with the sauerkraut.  And a pastrami sandwich on rye, lean, hold the mustard, with a pickle and a side of onion rings, and a chocolate milk shake.  And see if my friend here wants anything."

This looks 'shopped.  I can tell from the pixels ...

Has your cat met our heroic space chipmunk, Natalie D.?

Teddy bears…in…space!

According to The Daily Mail Online, the teddeh bears shown below are "the first soft toys to take part in extra-vehicular activity… at such an altitude."



Check out Bear Armstrong and Nose Aldrin here.

According to the story: "The teddy bears had to endure temperatures of -53C buthad special spacesuits made by school children from the nearby Parksideand Coleridge community colleges."


The Ted-astronauts weren’t ALL about fun and games. Scientist Henry Hallam, 21, said: ‘We asked the children to build the space suits for the teddy bears and we monitored the temperatures inside and outside the suits. It was great to involve these young people so they can learn about physics in a different and exciting way."


This bear threat-down brought to you by Mail Online, sent in by the uber-fabulous Vicki O.

If Salvador Dali Designed Livestock

"… and I’m going to title this one The Persistence of Moo-mory, just as soon as I can figure out how to drape it over a tree branch."


Wow, Morgan R., it’s like … deep and stuff.

Exscuuuuuuse moi?

You interrupt my cleaning sesh for THAT?


WHAT did you interrupt her cleaning sesh for? Answer in the Comments!


Sender-Inner Leah says kitteh "Soda" was adopted out of the DC area. More news here at Homeward Trails!

Amazing Love Secrets Revealed!

‘allo!  Mah nahm ees Joost-een LeFonque, an’ ah weel teach yoo ze see-crahts of LOFFF!  Ze farst see-craht ees ze aaht-moss-pheer.  Eet mosst be ze rho-man-teek for ze beoot-ee-ful lah-deez, wis ze can-dalls and ze bahth wis ze boob-bahls.

Waance you haf ze rho-man-teek aaht-moss-pheer, yoo waal-come ze lah-deez …

'allo, mah dar-leengs...


Wot’s dat, yoo say?  Yoo do not haf ze lah-zar vee-shon?  Dan yoo can-not haf ze LOFF!!

Eet also halps me evade ze traf-feek tee-kets!

Bow wow chicka bow wow, Alexis L.

2 months old and already sooooo fashionabuhls!

Check out the pequeno lid on this pup. As modeled by the delicious model "Pipoca" (PopCorn).

Luke´s puppy, originally uploaded by Tamy Yasue.

The Cute Overload Interview with Mr. Hewitt.

Famous for the hard-hitting questions no one else has the fluffy nads to ask, it’s…THE CUTE OVERLOAD INTERVIEW!

CUTE OVERLOAD: Who… are you?
MR. HEWITT: The name is Mr. Hewitt. I’m a Pomeranian with an awesome haircut that makes me look like a mini bear.


CUTE OVERLOAD: What’s your deal?
MR. HEWITT: Um, I was discovered in a dentist’s office in Los Angeles by a family relative of this blog.


CUTE OVERLOAD: A dentist’s off—
MR. HEWITT: Yeah, I hang out here most of the day, making sure patients are sufficiently distracted during cleanings and teeth yankings. They can’t keep their eyes off me. People come in for 9 cleanings a year with me around. I’m good for business. [yawn]


CUTE OVERLOAD: Do people ask oral hygiene advice from a Pomeranian?
MR. HEWITT: In a word; yes. We’re in L.A.! Talking dogs are tewtelly normal.


CUTE OVERLOAD: You’re a unique pup. Tell us about your background.
MR. HEWITT: I came in second place in a dog show in the Philippines. I emigrated here when I was younger, and have been delighting Beverly HIlls dental patients ever since. I haven’t had any offspring, though my demeanor has made me so popular, everyone asks if I’d consider knocking up some beeyatch for a litter of pups.


CUTE OVERLOAD: We’ve hear you say that you "give small dogs a good name". How is that?
MR. HEWITT: I don’t yip a bit, Baby. I’m as mellow as a frakking Cognac. [pants]


CUTE OVERLOAD: Ever see any celebs at the office?
MR. HEWITT: Yes, and they ALL bring their small dogs in—annoying!


CUTE OVERLOAD: What sort of female pup need not apply to Mr. Hewitt?
MR. HEWITT: I got this thing for dog legs. Don’t hold it against me!


Nina B. and Mr. Hewitt, sittin’ in a tree…

I got my Lion cut and and I am READY TO PARTY

"The chicks LOVE IT.

Seriously. Rowr." [Lion impression with pffft pffft paw swipe]


Matt and Danielle R., way to instill confidence in puppehs everywhere


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