Snorfable Morsel

Oh, Heylerhe, little MorselPants! I shall eat you now.

Bokeh, originally uploaded by Óli..

Oh, Heylerhe, little MorselPants! I shall eat you now.

Boob Tube

Kittehs, they spend SOOOOOO moshe time watching tele-bishons.

(Nice Shake ‘n’ Bake leg action)


Johanna S. nice little pic you got yerself there.

Peep Show

[Shaking head]

Wayle, Peeps gotta do what Peeps gotsta do.


Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll come around by Easter Sunday, Carrie L. and Katie A.

[We're not alone in this, y'all... - Ed.]
[UPDATE -- This peep diorama was created in April of 2007 by Kate Koop of Crosby, MN.  Thanks for sourcing this image, Cheryl! - Ed.]

Mr. Chomps

First of all, "Mr. Chomps" is the best pup name evar.

Second, Mr. Chomps has a hilarious bowl-cut haircut pup equivalent.


Kim B. Señor Chompersons is rokkin’ that bowl cut.

Another afternoon wasted

Hey Rudy—you up for some BioShock?


Rudy: Yeah. [Ehn! pushes buttons at lightning speed]


Stacey A. wanna play Rock Band? I get drums.

It’s almost like you’re THERE

Dewds, close your eyes, and it’s like this SUPER PURR action is on YOUR OWN VERY LAP.

Serious—close your eyes, trust me on this one. [Hand bumping computer for 'petting' action]


Tammy L., prosh kitteh you got thar… ;)

This Hedge is for YOU

First, Happy Birthday Shakespeare, you lil’ brisle brush o’ love.

Second, Ziv S., the fabulous Stanford Daily columnist, this hedge is FOR YOU.


GO CARDINAL, ZIV and grat submission, Jenny C.!

Rufus: Where Are You Going to Sit?

Nice view?  Check.  Comfy bed?  Check.  Sunbeam?  Check.  Banky?  Double check!


Ahn, look at lil’ Roofles. <3 to Sparky!

Juuuuuuuuuuuust restin’ my eyes

Er. [snoring makes kibble attach to nostril on inhale]

Looks like he’s just RESTIN’ THOSE PAWS TOO, Lindsay J.!

Ah, nostalgia

A Mini Hairbrush snorgles a hand

Hee! You could totally pick up this mini hairbrush and place in your fro for the day.


Sender-Inner Karen is Imagining that teeny little schnozzle sniffing that finger [gracias for the call-out]