Friday Haikuween

Black cat so scary

Only mushy, Franken peas

Can give it a fright

Lotus looks a little green around the gills, Kelly C.


Ooh Scary Ghost Story!

… and then, the Brave Kitten heard the ghost mice surrounding him in the dark. “We will have our revenge!” they moaned. “Not today!” yelled Batman, as he burst into the room. And then the ghost mice jumped on each others’ shoulders to form Ninja Voltron and fried Batman with a laser beam, so the Brave Kitten pulled out his sword and said “By the Power of Greyskull!” And that’s when the aliens landed…

Via cuatrok77.

Impressions for Halloween

Costumes are so last year. This year try doing an impression, like this dog’s version of a seal.

Via Attack of the Cute

Pipsqueak Lays Down the Law

Hi ma name’s Pipsqueak McGoatersons. You know what it’s like, having to share the house with all these puppehs? They steal ma crunchies, none of them are potty-trained eef you know whut ah mean. So ah gotta lay down the law heah.

Big find c/o Animuhl Planet.

Take a Look at This

Alert Cuteporter OhWellWhatever6 says: “My girlfriend just adopted this 10-year-old cocker spaniel.”

“His name is Eli and his eyes slay me.”


Puppy’s First Show and Tell

At The Obedience School for Puppies With Especially Wide Mouths, it’s pretty much like any other school. There’s teachers and lessons, games, snack time, recess. But, Show and Tell, weeeeellll, it’s more like Chew and Tell.

We loves the ear splotchies, Ida k.!

Yeah, It’s Still ‘Tocktober

Submitter Megan K sent along this red carpet towel shot of Hugo The Bun. She adds, “This is Hugo’s blue steel look. Notice his prosh ‘tocks & leggy pose.”

Roger that.

Weird Science

As we can see, for every action, there is an equal and adorable reaction, which is transmitted across the Axis of Clacking unless interrupted by a sufficient Whap Force. Furthermore, by applying Nomming Pressure to the base of the structure…

… we may induce a FaveFrame™!

Via Funny Cats and Nice Fish.

The Fast ‘n’ The Furry-ous 5: Did Someone Say…Snausages?

Very clear here that a hoomin has called this puppeh’s name, with the AOL Keyword® “Snausages!!!”

You can just see the leetle puffs o’ smoke comin’ off each paw, just like our first Fast ‘n’ The Furry-ous episode!

This puppeh Pinned us down.

The Look

For reasons covered explicitly in my Fifth Amendment Rights, I concur with your yogurt flavor of choice.

Good thing you took the pic before Louis slurped away the evidence, Becci M.!