If You Like Piña Coladas


The name’s Ray. Sting Ray. Hang at this reef often?

What say we head over to the Tiki Hut after this Snorkel Sesh for a Bahama Mama, or mebbe some Strip Poker at my casa?

Oooh, gonna need a little Coppertone on the shoulder, Hon. [Flap flap of fin on shoulder]

Photobomb c/o of Epic676. Apologies to Rupert Holmes.


And Then I Shall Be King!

And so the word was spread, to near and far, from village to hamlet across the land, that whosoever shall pull the mighty stick Excalibur from the ground shall be declared ruler of all Dogland. At least that’s what I tell myself. Stupid stick.

Listen, Neil H., supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical woodland ceremony!

Our Very Special Gift to You

For the month of Tocktober, with every purchase of Super Sparkle Lip Therapy Ultra Gloss, you’ll receive the P-OW!-derPuff™, the revolutionary applicator that turns makeup into a real wake-up.

It’s Sonic, by tahnok42.

Impressions for Halloween II

The awesome Impressions for Halloween is back! Once again you will find yourself thrilled, amazed and surrendering all your candy!

:: Fanged Jurassic monster roaring sounds, wild-eyed scary alien clawinks ::

Read about how this bundle of boo was rescued in the rain, at Love Meow.

I’m Not As Think As You Drunk I Am!

Now, give me back my keys. I can totally mess you up.

Good times You Tube user abhishek72457!

This Just In: It’s True, We’re Not Echidna!

What’s roly-poly, made of silly putty and cute all over? A puggle! Yes, a baby echidna is called a puggle!

Hmmm, looks innacents enough but probably plotting sumpin’!

Snuggle as a puggle in a ruggle:

Read more about this rescued orphaned echidna at Huff Post Green!

Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear


Blorptastic Beluga by Nicole Perkins via Daily Mail.

5 Out of 6 Puppies Agree

Halloween is all about…

Via Microchooser.

Do I Have to Do Everything?

Not only I gotta babysit these puppies, I gotta let ’em in myself?!

No problem, I got this…

Smiling Swimmer

I just love what you’ve done with the pond. The fountain is a nice touch, really. Sometimes after a long swim, it’s good to take a relaxing cold shower.

A smiling terrapin from Denish C.