This Year, Give the Gift of Mayhem!

Shopping for that hard to please person on your gift list? Surprise them with a furry friend from! Just imagine their faces when they open your package and out pops their very own bundle of mischievous mayhem, rooting through cupboards, knocking over trash cans, ripping the sofa, and so much more.

A raccoon from shows your finicky loved ones that you care enough to give gifts of distinction, and not boring items like sweaters that happen to be XL when they wear an L, and they act all insulted like you think they’re fat when it’s just that you were really busy this year and had to shop at the last minute and didn’t know what size they wore and anyway it’s a lovely pattern so would it have killed you to wear it at least once to be nice and not rolled your eyes like that?

Well, let’s see how snotty you get with a raccoon tearing around your living room, knocking over those stupid Hummel figurines that you never let me touch when I was a kid even though I promised to be careful! Oh yeah — that boring sweater’s looking pretty good now, isn’t it? Isn’t it, you pompous, ungrateful old…

Erm… I seem to have wandered off a bit there. Anyway, order now!

Mayhem captured by Flickr users Eli HodappHunterJumper and Benny Mazur.

On the Fifth Day of Cutemas,

My true lof gave to me: Five golden ducklings!

Lovin’ that sly look, Melanie Hughes.

Fear My Floof!




hello, my name is inigo montoya...

Prepare for peckingks, lilfishstudios.

I Wonder Waddle Be on the Front Page

Guests of Cute Overload stay at New York’s luxurious Blaine Hotel, featuring complimentary newspaper delivery by our tuxedo-clad staff.

On the Fourth Day of Cutemas,

My true lof gave to me: Four snoring birds!

40 Winks x 4
Tie-tie times four, Joey R.

Oh Little Town of BethlahaaaaAAAAGGGGHHH!

MARY! MARY! Are you all right!?!?!?

OMG, NICE mauled crêche set, Susan D.

Welcome to Slothville

1. Where the sloths wear pajamas
2. Flop in the grass with stuffed animals
3. Snuggle in bankies


Thanks to Brinkie McBrinkersons and all the other fine Cuteologists who sent this in.

Someone gave us 4 stars for NOT ENOUGH GUINEA PIGS

OMG, it’s true, I just looked, and this lady totally gave us 4 out of 5 stars for the new 2012 Page-a-Day calendar for not including enough Guinea pigs.


There are not millions of Guinea Pigs in there, but they’re there, People!

Have you gotten your favorite go-to stocking stuffer yet? The (averaging!) FIVE-STAR on Amazon Cute Overload 2012 calendars are here, ready to shove in the face of your favorite relatives Christmas morning! They’ll most likely love it!

Your calendar does not come with a grass patch, but it does come chock full o’ puppehs!

…and, dueling side-by-side Weekend Shots!

Glossary terms so you don’t look like a fool when you hear others talking C.O.!

Jokes about senior citizens homes!


The Cuteness will burn your eyes out!

Get both the Wall calendar and the Page-a-Day to feel the Cute in Stereo!

Act now to find out – will Sender-Inner Amy S. get her kitteh and monkey into the 2012 calendar AGAIN!?

Don’t wait until we have to print more! It’s happened before and many bunnies had to express their disapproval. Get your favorite Guinea-pig-loving friend a

2012 Wall Calendar

or a…

2012 Page-a-Day Calendar


On the Third Day of Cutemas,

My true lof gave to me: Three dive bombers flying skwerls!

Joyeux Noël, Sophia P.

Mr. Sandman, Bring Me a Dream

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream
Make them the proshest pups I’ve ever seen
Give them wet schnozzles and tails that flop over
Then tell me that my dreams will include Rover!

Goodnight Sender-Inner Megan E.


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