Terminal Boxaholism

In recent years, boxhab centers nationwide have seen an alarming 58.2 percent rise in cases of boxaholism, the uncontrollable urge to wedge oneself into crates, shoeboxes, picnic coolers, floor safes, suitcases, hope chests, Bundt pans, mailing tubes, lunch pails, and all manner of portable enclosed spaces.  In extreme cases, boxaholics will instinctively assume box-like shapes when no container is available.

Just 31 more of these and we can play chess.

It’s time for intervention, Kyllyssa.

Crazy Eddie’s! Really Small! Area Rug Sale!

We’re practically GIVING these kittehs away!

We got orange! we got white! we got tabbies! Even grey-tipped EARS!

Flip each kitteh over to see OUR LOW, LOW PRICES. We’re IN-SA-A-A-A-A-ANE!"


Photographer MeeShel L. gave all these lil’ rugs away to new owners, save one, little Sammy, the shorthair at the top. kittens in a row, originally uploaded by MeeShel.L1G..

A runt’s request

[Kitteh looks around nervously] Hey Pssst, Buddy!

Do you have any of those delicious lil’ coffee creamers I keep hearing about!? Just to tide me over!

I can’t say no to those PENETRATING BLUE EYES, Weird Aunt Martha! Grey Kitten, originally uploaded by Weird_Aunt_Martha.

Dinnah… is suhved!

[English Butler voice to table] "Madame, your Sleeping Morsels Risotto."

"For you Suh, the Nomming Dollops"

There is more when you are ready, please kindly ring this little bell for seconds.

EXCELLENT catering, MeLa! "heap ‘o’ hamsters, nom grain nom, and the quadruplets, originally uploaded by MeLa de Gypsie.

The Great Penguin Rescue

CNN is reporting a large group of penguins in Brazil got lost heading too far from their usual feeding grounds (according to reports, perhaps due to unusually earm water).


373 penguins were rescued, rehabilitated flown via cargo plane 1,550 miles to the country’s southern coast, where a crowd watched the tuxedo’s dudes march back into the sea.


Nice one, Cuteporter Mary C.

Wylee takes Widget under his wing

Sender-Inner Gina C. works at an animal shelter in New Hampshire, and sometimes her "work" comes home with her.

Meet Widget, a foster kitten she raised from 3 days old. Gina’s pup Wylee helped raise Widget too, obviously teaching him to snuggles,


How to "Baroo",


They’re still working on eyeball focusing…


Gina C., that is some sweet paw nommage.

Captain ‘n’ Hammille

[Breaking News Bumper Music]

We interrupt the A & E Cold Case marathon to bring you this redonklous story of two costumed pets battling for the win over at the MSO/C.O. costume contest.



We now return you to regularly scheduled programming. In the meantime, the watchdogs will continue to keep score.


We will, we will ‘TOCK YOU

Buddy you’re a boy make a big noise
Playin’ in the leaves gonna be a big buck some day
You got plants in yo’ face
Tailio Igleise
Showin’ your ‘tocks all over the place

We will we will ‘TOCK YOU!
We will we will ‘TOCK YOU!


Sing it, Angela W.!!!

The Secret Squirrel Service

I CAN HAS PARDON?There are two kinds of squirrel in Washington, DC—the kind you vote for, and the kind you don’t. And a recent Washington Post article traces the fascinating history of America’s fuzziest bureaucrats and their love/hate relationship with our nation’s capital.

Hunted to near-extinction by the start of the 1900’s, squirrels were imported into DC by civic leaders hoping to add charm to city parks.

By the 1950’s, the squirrels held a veto-proof majority, brazenly devouring plants and digging up gardens, including the private putting green of President Eisenhower. But Washingtonians love them all the same; reached for comment, a representative of the Squirrel Lobby said "Eep."

Live, Damn You! LIVE!!

"NOOOOOOO! (puff, puff) DON’T LEAVE ME!! (puff, puff) 

I HAVEN’T HAD WALKIES YET! (puff, puff)  AND IT’S ALMOST DINNERTIME! (pounds chest) 

AT LEAST TELL ME (puff, puff) HOW TO WORK (puff, puff)  THE CAN OPENER!! (puff, puff)  NURSE!! I NEED 50 CCs OF ADRENALINE AND A CHEW TOY, STAT!!"

... and don't forget the machine that goes 'ping!'

There was (sigh) nothing we could do, Amanda L.


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