Wherever I Go, He Goes

My Buddy and me!

I love the idea of this great dog bringing his pal everywhere he goes. It immediately made me think of the old “My Buddy” jingle. There are probably a lot of pertinent ad jingles and slogans that would work. Tell us which work for you.

This pack (including the bear) spotted on 5th Ave in NYC by Kristen.

We’re Going Green Today

Do you know what on Earth for?

No, but we can HUM a few bars.

Happy Earth Day, Drew D. in Costa Rica, or wherever you are.

Prosh Baby McMonkersons Eating a Naner

Fave Frame™ [Eyebrow up in middle!]

Merci to Madamoiselle Amy who sent this one in.

Time to Build an Ark! Ark! Ark!

(riiing, riiing) Hello, City Water. Yes, maam we are aware of the problem. There was a broken water pipe. One of our main seals burst.

Ant, you’re going to be swamped all day.

I Gotcher Sucker Right Here, Kid

We’ll just attach it to your nose, like so, and…

From Scott and Shannon at SuburbanBullies.com.

Lounge Lizard Don’t Care

where he lounges. You got some decorative iron work? He’ll lounge there. You got garden art? He’s gonna lounge all over that. You got a fence post? It’s already been loungeded.

You have scaled new heights, petitealien!

4/20 Braaaaaaaah

Dude! Dude dude dude dude listen

[maniacal laughter for 15 minutes]

Whoah [Keanu Reeves voice]

Once again, Oliver Donovan, spokeskitten with a MySpace page, graces Cute Overload. Oliver is a Professional Kitten and does not condone legalization of drugagges, though we like to think he does.

Friday Haiku: Extreme Guinea Pig

The wind in my hair

Watch this you silly bulldog

Death defying leaps

And we thought guinea pigs only shredded newspaper, Ant

My Little Possum

You read that right. No more little girls begging their parents for a pony. Nope! Now every little girl’s childhood dream will be to have a possum of their very own. A sweet, beautiful possum!

Olivia the possum visited Madeline G.’s school one day and her friend Amira took this photo. Madeline told us she could not even handle how cute Olivia was. We think she handled it very well!!!

Bandit Puppy Finally Apprehended

After a long puppy hunt, this desperado of adorable-ness has been brought into custody. Bartholemieu, a.k.a. Beau, is accused of eliciting ear shattering squees and joy induced heart explosions. He will be brought up on charges of cuteness in the third degree and will likely be found guilty based on this photographic evidence.

He’s captured our attention, Dela!


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