Send snacks immediately!

S.O.S.! S.O.S. I say!

Bee boo boo bee boo boo boo! [telegraph sound]

WHY is NO ONE sending snacks Amy W. & Justin R.!?!?!

California Blorpin’

All the seals are brown
And the pebbles grey
I’ve been for a swim
In this man made bay

I’d be safe and warm
If I was in L.A.
California blorpin’
Stuck in Germanaaaay


A California sea lion at the Wuppertal Zoo in Germany dreams of going home. By Ina Fassbender. Spotted by Ryan with no last name.

Arise, King Kitten!

… and by the power vested in me by the kingdom of Cutesylvania, I hereby crown thee King Ace XVII ¼, Lord Sovereign of the Sandbox, Monarch of Mousies, First Heir to Choice Sunbeams, Divine Ruler of all…

Wait, something isn’t right here.  I think it’s the crown.  We need something that lends a certain gravitas befitting the dignity of this solemn occasion…


Oh, yeah.  That’s working for me.  Proceed.


Can I be the Duke of URL, Diane V.?

Cats ‘n’ Racks on CNN ‘n’ Ars

crJeanne Moos, stellar Offbeat CNN Correspondent, included our very own Cats n’ Racks in a recent report. Jeanne reported on a fugitive/C.O. reader who had a cheepmonnk in her cleavage during police questioning. Detectives were, um, speechless.

Check out the CNN action

Not to be outdone, Must Read Ars Technica writer Ryan Paul figured out a way to mention Cats n’ Racks in a recent Firefox 3.5 review. GBTI (God Bless the Internet)

Check out the Ars Technica action

Carbo load

Lucy has a VERY particular palette. She is also a premiere HamsterTracker athlete. Let’s check in on the latest dishes Chef Mathijs has prepared.

Today’s menu is Pasta Primavera. Sketti al dente, bell pepper, parsley…


…and Parmesan.


If Lucy disapproves, she will most definitely flip her table over IN DISGUST


A cautious, tentative taste shows proves to be…




Sender-Inner Mathijs claims “It took Lucy less than three minutes to pouch it!” I shall use ‘pouch’ as a verb from now on too. More cooking adventures with Lucy and her athletic prowress over at

Rule of Cuteness #43: Protruding bottom lips are cute

Espesh if they glisten in the light. This and many other rules modeled by pup Parker Promise Yoshi Deucenstein:

parker lip

Pic by Erinne. Rule discovered by Mark M.

Vintage G’day

Australia, 1942:  A visiting American soldier comments on how much smaller the rats are compared to his native Brooklyn.


More classic cuteness from Flickr Commons.

I Can Never Find Anything In This Place!

Oh man, (rummage, rummage) I am in such trouble!  My big presentation (shuffle, shuffle) is due in ten minutes (rustle, rustle), and I can’t find my kitten! (panic, panic)  I could swear I put it (slam, slam, slam, slam) in one of these (slam) drawers, but…


Psssst — I’m right over here, genius.  You know, where you filed me?


Uh, right.  I knew that.


In today’s post, the role of “frantic bunny” was played by Jessica H., and the role of “sarcastic kitten” was played by Matt and Brandi.

The Axis of Snorgling. A Refresher Course.

Class, CLASS! Quiet!

We’re going to review a very important lesson, the definition of the axis of Snorgling. If you recall, this essential cuddling area was first coined in October ’07 on this very website. It goes like this;

First, Find a limp, sleeping kitteh, preferably warm to the toche.

Second, locate warm, defenseless neck area. For example:

Ladybird asleep_1





Third, locate the “Axis of Snorgling“, an elusive concave area, created by the crook of a neck—it must be large enough for one human nose (see green circle in figure A)aos_2-1989-3-_tphq

Lastly, Bury nose into Axis of Snorgling, and stay there until someone tells you you’re weird and that you should act like an adult. Repeat as needed, until kitteh/boy/girlfriend runs away.

AoS samples provided by Clark and Claire T. and Kat in Vancouver. Not sure what snorgling is? Get a clue.

At first, this situation looks pretty typical…

…A gorgeous little pup, lying around, looking completely innocents.


But then, someone asks—”Hey, what happened to our pet bird? Where’d he go?”




Jason and Shannon F. say this is all that was left…


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