Can we just make breakfast cereal out of kitten ears already?

Frosted Ear Flakes? Super Lucky Lobes? Extra Cinnamon Furry Drum Crunch Triangle Delight?

Give us your suggestion in the comments!


Cute Kitten by ccrazyy1 photo and topic was suggested by the wonderful and fabulous Lori W.

It’s tough, tough times out there, Kittehs. Just say “nyerhe” to boxes.

The economy is taking its toll globally and here is proof. Alert reader Josh N. writes: “Boxhab isn’t working and he’s now sliding all the way through the boxes, in SLOW MO”.

Of course Josh is referring to “Maru” the unbelievably overindulgent kitteh.

Maru, we might even set up a collection to send you to Boxhab.

Quite possibly the awesomest photo ever submitted

It’s… TONGUE’S EYE VIEW!!! [blazing guitar riff sound] Ow!


Whooooooooooaaaa! "Baron (Large Tongue)" by Alex R.

Take your “Bunday”, shove it, and give me a carrot.

Who do you think we bunnies are? Self-centered Cats that need their own day named after them?

Puhlease. [Smooshed-face, disapproving, stubbular bunneh harummphing sounds]

Flopsy Bunny :) by markfftang. Please note extremely stubbular front right paw action as it tries to slip past detection.

Wonder Tail Powers, Activate!

Take that, evildoers!  By combining our tails, we unleash our devastating Super Mooning Powers!  FLASH!  Your attacks are useless against our a-tocks!

More like 'Super Wretched Pun Powers,' jeez...

Will you be my Super Friend, Erika S.?

When A Stranger Calls, Part II

Hello, Tweety?  This is the police!  We’ve traced the call — It’s coming from on top of the birdhouse!  GET OUT OF THE BIRDHOUSE!

That ain't Santa, pal.

Have you checked the children, Barbe L.?

Little Bo Peep Gets Pwned

LBP:  HAI GUISE!  im LilBoPeep and im lukin 4 my sheep.  U d00dz seen sheep?
Dog1: ZOMG no wai I havnt seen ur stoopid sheep
Dog2: Baaaaaaaa GTFO n00b!
LBP:  whatevs, l8r lusers

You owe me, pal.

Took me a second to spot it, Paige K.

[This morning's post brought to you by chat rooms, texting, the violent death of all civilized language, and by the number 1337... - Ed.]


Welll THAT’S a relief. I was worried I would have to forgo the primate action for my next promo. [wiping brow] See Banana for more details (for your promotional needs). You heard me;


Boing Boing found this one….

Q: Who could not have posted this fast enough?


Josh N., could you have SUBMITTED a better movie? [Say in Chandler voice]

Take two hamster close-ups and call me in the morning

Look People, I know you’re feeling down. You haven’t found that perfect present for your annoying brother-in-law who already has everything. I know, I know. [patting your back]

But let me tell you, it’s going to get better. Simply pop these two Cute Overload Xtreme Close Up Hamster pictures in your mouth and see if you don’t feel the insta-joy IMMEDIATELY.


Here’s the first one:



And here is the second. Come on, doctor’s orders. [Handing you a cup of water to wash them down]


Call me in the morning if you don’t feel 800 times better, Judit H.


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