I Feel Weighed Down

Ever get that feeling like something is looming over you? Even though you slept all night, do you still not feel rested?

Yeah, me too.

This picture definition of Monday by www.peltobulldogges.com

Boston Cute-a-thon!

The Infinite Cuteness Project would like to remind Boston Marathon fans today, when it comes to endurance contests, ours wont make you all stinky, hot and sweaty.

Daphne’s got her running socks on, Claire & Lilly!

Hounded by Regret

I miss Randy. Kind of friend you only get once in a lifetime. You could talk to him, or not talk. Either way, he was totally there with you. He had that thereness, man.

Randy loved this kind of music. Lilting horn solo, aching with soul. Almost kills me to listen to it now, but I still do. I do it for him. To remember. To feel whole again.

And it’s times like these I wish I’d never chewed all his stuffing out.

Whoa, Dude, It’s Just Lunch

Buddy’s problem at speed dating events was that he was always a bit too speedy.

Belated thanks to sender-inner Jessica!

I Still Need The Training Wheels!

I’m still feeling kinda shaky here — maybe I could have a crash helmet, just for a little while? Well, how about air bags? Bubble wrap? Water wings? Anything?

Another quality foraged link by Ant.

THIS JUST IN: Perturbingly Petite Pup

Preciously petite or perilously puny? That’s the question for Milly, the three-month-old chihuahua from Puerto Rico who, at only two and a half inches tall, could set the Guinness world record as the world’s smallest dog.

The current record holder is Boo Boo, a Chihuahua from Kentucky weighing 5.9 ounces.

Full story, more pics at stylist.co.uk.


Come on! That guy is trying to give an educational talk about you. Seriously, get a room!


They have no modesty, do they Brinke G.?

Happy Caturday, Citizen

The cat you see before you is real. It is the happiest cat you have ever seen. You watch the video many times. Soon, it becomes hard to move. You feel a happy melting sensation in your brain. Speech becomes difficult.

Remain calm. Doctors are coming for you. They will take you to a nice room with other happy people. You will share your opinions about soft drinks and political candidates. You will rate movie trailers. The doctors will write down what you say.

When you awaken, you will be at your desk. You will remember nothing. Thank you.

Not An Inspirational Poster

Why don’t you hang in there? Hmm? I’m doing just fine, thank you very much. I could glide right off of here anytime I wanted…whoa. I meant to do that.

This cantankerous cutie sent in by Toni C.

A Clean Bill of Health

Nurse Duckette says sorry to keep you wading. Ducktor Quack will see you now.

Karla R., says, “At my husband’s school in San Francisco, they have little ducklings, who are starting to lose their baby fuzz. Except one wants to keep a bit of a hat because it’s too cold in San Francisco. Photos by Stewart D.”


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