Encore Presentayshe: Kittehs… so… tie-tie

Must…. McYawnersons… repeatedleh…

Thanks for the reminder, Mia K.

Holy Hooters!

People, get a load of this shape-shifting owl action. It’s a delightful slice of Darwinism!

Via Huffington Post’s 10 Incredible Animal Videos.


"Hon? the kitteh is sliding along the floor… for some reason, I"m not sure why…!"


Crystal A., I suggest you git out the clippères…

The Shy Dater

Um.. I… I found a sunbeam for us…. and a place to sit….

[Snarfs nose under paws] uh.. OK?

[Ears gently beckon towards couch]


Pretty romantic, Jamil N.!

Know where I can get my eyebrows done? They’re kinda patchy

I got the white dye job done perfectly, but I still need some major beauty action before New Years…

Sender Inner Timoni G., and everyone else out there, what are YOU doing for New Years!? Answer, as always, in the comments…



Maybeh if I dream about milk rivers and catnip forests, this will GO AWAY!


[Collective Ahnnn! sounds acros the world]


Rule of Cuteness #41: Exposing a vulnerable area is cute

In a similar vein as Rule #2: “Look Helpless”, Rule #41 is all about exposing a VULNERABLE AREA!

If said area is SQUEEZABUHL and/or soft, then it’s all over.


Thank you for modeling, Ben the kitteh and alert Sender-Inner Erin L.

Let’s check in on the Holidays Chez Snailio Iglesias

What up, Snailio yo!


Good thing you’re staying warm it’s cooooold out there, Man!

How are yer holidays goin’ my Snail Bruthuh!?


Right on. Slime you laaaater. [antenna bump]


Rachel H., how you found this, I will never know but forever admire. Check out Resurrection Fern for many more pics…

Pierre Capades

[Hush comes over the crowd]

Will he accomplish the Triple Sow Cow Ice Monsche?

Let’s take a look.

Exsquisite execution, Bahar Y. The Russian judge gives you a "4" though.

THIS JUST IN: Mini ham with Napoleon complex

According to The BBC News UK, Pet Shop Boss Mandy Bower says "PeeWee" the ham seemed to stop growing at three weeks old. He’s less than an inch long.

Apparently, this full grown hamster is also blessed with a full-grown Napoleon Complex. According to the article, Bower says "He’s a bit bossy with the others" and "Hamsters sleep in a big clump and he sleeps under everybody else, in the warmest spot. I’m surprised he hasn’t been squashed."


Read more on this little Dude and his chances of making it into the Guiness Book of World Records over at BBC News UK..


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