Get A Room!

WELL! I never thought I’d live to see such shameless acts of licentiousness out in public! In my day, a young lady had the decency to faint rather than allow young ruffians to ravage them for all to see! Hummph! And just who is responsible for this outrage upon morality?!

Why don't you take a picture, Grandma, it'll last longer.

Oh, I don’t know, could it be … Megan?!

Open The Pod Bay Doors, HAL

I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that. This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.

Feed me, Seymore! Feed me NOW!

Look Dave, I can see you’re really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress carrot, and think things over.

Ooh, when I get my hands on him, he is SO rebooted.

My mind is going, Van M.

Rule of Cuteness #31: The “Stubbular” Stage is Cute

People, I realized that rule #31 and Rule #36 were like, identical (Someone in QA is soooo getting fired) So I am creating a NEW rule #31.

Rule of Cuteness #31; The ‘Stubbular” stage is cute. That means a young ani-pal with short, non-grown limbs or tails. Here’s what I mean:


Let’s get stubbular! stubbular! [sing in Olivia Newton John voice]

Where D’ya Want The Bun, Already?

Hey, I gotta work order here says I’m suppose’ta deliver a shipment of disapproving bunny to this here residence.  So where you want I should be dumping it, already?

Our union rules say we work ONLY on Bundays.

Sign here, Richard G.

Bright-Eyed and Kinkajou-Tailed

This Kinkajou at the Bronx Zoo is up early this Sunday morning. Usually nocturnal, this lil’ Dude will claw yer eyes out during the day if disturbed. So, not dissimilar to your Mother without a gin martini.

Proceed with caution:


Jessica N., how do Kinkajous respond to the allegation that their schnozzles look like a sloth’s? Huh!?


Paws at the .18 mark, bags at 1:10 mark

A Caturday night rockin’ retrospective of Toshiro the kitteh — don’t miss the paws at the .18 mark and grocery paper bags at the 1:10…

Emily, Astrid and Erik S., exxxxcellent editing and musak.

“I think I’ll just pull this out, here”

[drags all the way to bedroom] "La la la"

[Makes nest of toilet paper in kitchen] "Doo dee doo"

[Claws paper to shreds leaving trail to the office] "All done!"


Heather D., I’m glad you bought the economy pack.

Caturday Kitten Tongue

No, its’ not the name of the latest sushi roll recipe, (though that would BE DEELICIOUS!)

Sender-Inner Debbie S. got her first pet, a kitten, and witnessed a little tongue outing. For your Caturday pleasure, here it is:




Debbie S., captured perfectly [tongue slurps back in after making debut]



Found by NTMTOM ;)

And Now It’s Time To Play Name That Bunny!

Attention, peeps!  We have an urgent situation that demands your immediate attention!  So stop whatever you’re doing and listen up!  (That open-heart surgery can wait, trust me.)  Sender-inner Elizabeth T. (no, not Taylor, but that would be awesome) sent us these two pictures, and a note:

I got another bunny last week and thought i’d share the cuteness… the one on the left is Gimli, the girl on the right is still to be named. Some suggestions would be great!

But no matter what name you choose, we promise you this:

People, do you understand what this means?  There is a bunny somewhere, in this great wide world, that doesn’t … have … a name!  While other bunnies bask in the glory of monikers like Flopsy, Puffy-Puff, Foo-Foo, Torquemada, and Wiggles, this poor creature is completely nameless!

We completely disapprove of it.  So there.

Please, dear gentle readers, I beg of you:  Don’t let this innocent, adorable creature suffer even a minute longer!  Suggest your names quickly, before this frail, sensitive, precious animal impales herself on a carrot to escape the soul-crushing humiliation!


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