I hope Paul takes me someplace nice tonight

[lights candles]

[turns on the Michael Bublé]

Asleep in the Bathtub... ~ Florcia

[Scrubs back by shuffling on tub]

Who’s gonna look fabulous tonight?

Zzzzzzzzzz... ~ Florcia

[looks into mirror]

YOU are, Dahling. You are.

"That's... WHO?" ~ Florcia
Photos by (who else?) Pyza!

Just Another Video of a Dog Chasing Cars

They say that some people just go to NASCAR races hoping to see a crash. Not us, though; we’re in it to see the frantic dog attacks.

This Gumball Machine Will Eat Your Dollars

This dispenser’s out of order,

Please put in another quarter.

This cute Pezhead pup is Melissa K.’s Pomeranian, Cowboy!

Santa’s Workshop, Returns Department

To expedite your customer service experience, please re-pack items in their original packaging, including small parts, manuals, packing material, shrink-wrap, and sealing tape; and show your receipt stamped by our Department of Receipt Stamping, located in the basement and open for two hours on alternate Tuesdays.

Those who fail to comply will be bitten. Thank you.

Those are some serious-looking elves, Kelly R.

On the Twelfth Day of Cutemas,

My true lof gave to me: Twelve penguins a-waddling!

Taken in Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan by Flickr user LAI Ryanne.

It’s Him! It’s Really Him!

Santa Claus is real! He’s eating the broccoli and milk I left for him by the chimney! Now he’s leaving a big round package under the tree — oh, please let it be that high-performance all-terrain hamster ball with the flame detailing I asked him for!

May you get everything on your list, Mel D.

C.O.: The Cure for Insomnia

Are you looking for the safe, all-natural way to relax? Try Cute Overload, the gentle alternative to sleeping aids. Whether at your desk during a hectic day, or just before bedtime, Cute Overload’s soothing blend of puppies, kittens, hammies, and bunnies ease away tensions so you can get the rest you need.

Ooh, I wouldn’t let those claws anywhere near my touch screen, Emily W.

On the Eleventh Day of Cutemas,

My true lof gave to me: Elebenty puppies lapping!

Circle the waggins! American Water Spaniels, by Mary & Norman K.

Increase Your IQte Today

Everybody wants a higher IQte. ‘But I’m cute enough already!’, you say. Actually, that was your Mom.

For real life results, you too can be decadently cute by consuming silly hamster photos and studying the Rules of Cuteness!

…and eating up all your spinach, Hannah.

THIS JUST IN: Honk-shuing Polar Bear

Born last month at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park in Copenhagen, little Siku (it means “sea ice”) wasn’t getting enough milk from his mother, so keepers are giving him 24-hour care until he’s big enough to rejoin the family (contrary to the video’s title, he’s not an orphan). Listen closely for some classic honk-shuu action!

Also, check out the photo gallery at the Chicago Sun-Times.


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