Recently, we were asked if we were “bunscotting” (boycotting bunnehs) on the site. WHERE ARE ALL THE BUNNEHS!?

To that inquisitive reader, we give you “Marshmallow, the disapproving bun:

Photographer and Sender-Inner Michelle C. is a rabbit volunteer with Oakland Animal Services, where Marshmallow is up for adoption!

Slipper Peeg


Ehn!—I wish…

I wish this slipper was a size 12!

Andrea G. says: “POST THESE ALREADY!” Ok!

Overheard last night at Breasts & Thighs…

Hey, Drumstick, how’d you like ol’ Zorro here to buy you a white wine spritzer?

Best guess is he went home alone, C. Kirby

“Paranormal Activity” Meets Simon’s Cat

“It’s a somewhat creepy live action Simon’s Cat!

Synchronized Smiling

“… Aaaand, one-two-three, grin-two-three… C’mon, ladies, work that smirk!

Photo credit: sakanami

C.O. Gamer’s Review-o-topia!

Greetings, programs! Time for this week’s look at the newest, thumb-thrashinest video games, and up first it’s Super Mario Ultra Kitty Cart Turbo (Wii, $45.99).

A disappointing entry in the SMUKC franchise, this “Turbo” is anything but, combining sluggish controls and limited speed with a loud 16-bit soundtrack that’s so 2003 (cubicle monkeys, dial it down before you press play). Rating: Two stars.

Ya wanna play Pong, Lennart K.?

Lotso Tree-Huggin’ Bear

SWITZERLAND — Police and protesters clashed during the Ursine Environment Summit today, as demonstrators upset over deforestation of the Hundred Acre Wood chained themselves to treetops and had to be forcibly removed.

Cub reporter Jorden C. contributed to this article.

“When I was a kid, there are two things I wanted badly and never got…”

“…A real dog and a Kenner AT-AT Walker.”

Video and story by Patrick Boivin. Thanks to Sender-Inner Roger. Music by Blithe Field.

Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Fundraiser

The IBKC is taking your calls meow for big, big, big donations. Proceeds benefit the Tacoma/Pierce County Humane Society. Interested in helping out? Donate here.

Kittens are (literally!) standing by!

Call now, won’t you? [head tilt]

EH? I can’t hear you…

Grandpa, when I grow up will I get dreadlocks in my ears too?

Bear hugs, Shari E. Photographer Paula Longshore


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