Bird Attempts to Revive Dance Craze

You put your right leg in.

You put your right leg out.

You put your right leg in and you shake it all about.

You do the Huffin Puffin and you turn yourself around.

That’s what its all about!

Via Reddit


Sticker Schlock

At last it is over, the signs and the shouting
The ads and the robocalls hounding
One side will be grinning and one will be pouting
While normal folk’s brains took a pounding

And thus do we limp to the sixth of November
The day that I’ve dreaded and doted for
So I’ll wear this sticker with pride to remember
I’m stuck with the idiots I voted for

It’s safe to answer the phone again, April T.

Rock The Stoat!

Today’s Election Day in the United States!

Vote, vote vote like a baby stoat!

Beady-eyed, pink-tongued stoat voter courtesy of Sender-Inner Melody.

Shoulda Voted Earleez

Overwhelmed at the voting booth? Not sure which boob to vote for? Decisions, decisions.

Kitty votes to put Fancy Feast in the White House, Izismile

Why Am I Always the Butt of Jokes?

Every time I sit upon this branch, I endure one crack after another. I feel like a bum who’s hit rock bottom, but I turn the other cheek and put it behind me.

It’s a puffy junco from jocelynsart! (No, that’s not a euphemism.)

Let’s See What’s Happening in the Lunchroom

As per usual, the lunch lady is very kind and patient. Even though those kids are loud and pushy, she makes sure they all get fed and never once gets mad.

So much easier than trying to open those stupid little cardboard milk cartons, Keith Hopkin!

How To Help Sandy Victims

Sandy may be the most damaging hurricane in recorded US history. Here’s how you can help animals who’ve been impacted:

American Red Cross
Sandy Lost and Found Pets Facebook
How to help animals affected by Sandy
How to locate lost pets
Jenkinson’s Aquarium
North Shore Animal Rescue League
Donate via Apple iTunes Store
Gothamist’s 21 Displaced Dogs Who Need Adoption in New York City

Sir Igby Chicken Caeser surveys the storm damage. Yes, spelling is correct. Hoverfacts via The Examiner.

Zero The Nosevember Hero

Sender-Inner Sheila S tells us about this Redonk Nose Pose:

When I saw the post about Nosevember I just knew you needed this photo! This is our greyhound, Zero (named after the ghost dog in Nightmare Before Christmas) on vacation on a beach in Oregon. Thanks for all the cuteness!

Totally our pleasure, Sheila.

I’ll See Your Self-Walking Dog…

… and raise you the amazing Quantum Pug, who can not only float up stairs, but can generate an Infinitely Looping Time/Space Recursion Field!

Got Meelks?

They wouldn’t give me a bottle of Bud so thees ees gonna hafta do.


Via the Alaska SeaLife Center Facebookster.