Knut’s zookeeper has passed away…

Image3031583g_2According to AP Reports and CBS News, the zookeeper who hand-reared Knut the abandoned polar bear has passed away. No cause of death has been revealed. From the story:

"With his burly build, beard and ponytail, Doerflein was a distinctivefigure at the side of the growing bear. He nursed young Knut in hisarms behind closed doors and wrestled with him after the bear grew oldenough to play.

When Knut made his public debut in March 2007, Doerflein was at hisside. They started a daily performance for the thousands of visitorswho flocked to see the bear at his outdoor enclosure."

Barooooooooooooooooo! [Bear crying sound]

Let’s take a look at Thomas Dorflein’s legacy in one of the BEST Knut vids ever…




Notice the empty teacup on the right Vernal L.? There’s your problem.

You GOTTA hear this tiny puppy tongue action.


1. Put on your headbones
2. Crank sound
3. Listen for "tongue noises"
4. You will NOT be disappointed.

Sender-Inner Aria P. claims this is Rich’s latest favorite puppy tongue vid. Slurptastic!

Monday morning, serving up the blorp

[Say in Grandma voice] “Honey, you gotta get a good amount of blorp in the morning to start your week off right.”

“Here you go.” [Plops warm, buttery blorp on your plate]


“What’s that? You want some more? OK, Hon.”

“Now, that’s the maximum blorp allowed, there’s no more.”


Top photerhe: Tina W., bottom photo that looks like a family you know: Sarah J.


Sleepy Pup 1: "Hey."


Sleepy Pup 2: Yeah?


Sleepy Pup 1: "Cuddles?"

Sleepy Pup 2: "K."


Cuddular Moments™ brot to you by Josh L.

Red Panda despondent over current state of the economy


This poor little Red Panda, a resident of the Smithsonian National Zoo, seems to have picked up the economic woes facing the country.

So sad. He needs to have all the love and positive energy of the Cute Overload community channeled his direct-shons!


Or maybe just a nap.


Red panda-action courtesy of Rose T. (Top) and Ann (Bottom.)

Update: Meanwhile, over at the Edmonton Zoo, these zany rapscallions are romping around in their economy:



Beary nice <–groan, Michelle W.

It’s time for your Sunday Monkey Washing

I know you’ve been waiting for it!

Well your getting-clean-mini-humanlike-mini-shower-in-the-kitchen moment is finally here.

Wash wash wash, Ann!

This is NOT what I ordered.

I ordered a WHITE one.

Send it back! [dramatic wave of hand motion]


Ariel B., can I borrow some stamps?

And the winner is: Another Prairie Dog Bites the Dust!

CONGRATULATIONS to Crasse You have won a Cute Overload 2009 Page-a-Day Calendar with an overwhelming 33% of the vote!

In the meantime, encore presentayshe!

Crasse, I will contact you for your preferred shipping address. Thank you!

Caturday printing challenges

Um the paper seems to be coming out just fine.

But RepairCat™ is not happy with that result…

Catherine T.B., when I first saw this vid, I could have SWORN they stole sound effects from this ORIGINAL office freak out.


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