Evolved Kitteh laughs at your opposable thumbs

Your ability to grasp tools is cool. But this kitteh’s ability to use his hind parts while staring at birds to THIS JAUNTY SONG* is waaay cooler.

Standing ovation goes to Ant for another Quality Foraged Link. *Update: The song is “Cats on Mars” track 6 on Cowboy Bebop by Yoko Kanno

Breaking News!

LONDON — Onlookers were stunned today when a scientific medical experiment went haywire, releasing radioactively-enlarged “happy corpuscles” that frightened pedestrians and disrupted maritime shipping.

Oh, all right — here’s the real story, as found by Steve L. (I think mine makes more sense, though.)

Funny, I only hear this when I’m in the bathroom

“What in the heck are you doing in there all day? Give someone else a chance!”

Different strokes for different species, Ray B.

“God has a sense of humor – just look at the platypus.”

Hi, I’m Hodgepodge, and this is my brother, Smorgasbord.

What adorable ducks moles Shar-Peis otters! Forwarded by Ynes P.

Morris the Cat’s ’85 Yearbook

Favorite Quote: “Why don’t you take a picture? It lasts longer!”

Nickname: B.C.O.C.

Likes: Simple Minds, Cosby Show, Shermer High, Flux Capacitors

Dislikes: New Coke, Jefferson Starship, Edna’s Edibles

Time Will Tell: Compact Discs, Mike Tyson, Oprah Winfrey

Frankie says relax, Larissa A.


Are you a busy camel looking for the love of your life?

Our new DromedaryDate™ service compares over 100 features — everything from hump size to spitting preference — to pair you with the perfect partner. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Cute-porter Alex was there to capture the happy couple’s first date.

Ode to a Muskox

This steadfast young fellow’s a muskox calf,
His mama’s nearby, so best not point and laugh.
He lives in Alaska, on a farm up in Palmer,
Where the winters are cold but the summers are calmer.

His farm needs donations, that’s what Esther cautions,
For the muskox is hungry and eats such big portions.
So visit the site, toss some bucks in their box,
Then drive up this summer and meet a muskox!

Gearing Up for Opening Day

In honah of this uhpcomin’ seasin, allow me to do my impression of two of my all-time fahvorite playahs:

Nomah “You Broke My Heart” Garciparrah…


Manny “I’ll Let Manny Be Manny as Long as Manny Keep Boston Happy” Ramirez…

He needs an old-school Johnny Damon mullet, Caroline McG.

Lunch with Bunch

“This is Teddy!” says sender-inner Lindsay F. “He is a bunny despite his funny ears. People thinks he looks like a bun-chilla.” But since he’s posing with a banana, we’ll just call him a “Bunch.”

Emo Bun shuns your Easter celebration

Emo Bun will not be taking part in your Easter celebration.

Emo Bun would rather write a softcore punk song. Or watch Behind the Music: My Chemical Romance. Or go get new Converse at Hot Topic.

You don’t understand—painting Peeps black for Easter was pretty cool but—not cool enough.

Emo Bun encore presentayshe suggested via C.O. Twitter by ennui-tastic SFogg25.


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