The Pug Comes In on Little Cat Feet

It sits looking

Over Berber and shaggy

On silent haunches

And then moves on

Meaghan C., Reuben’s pug foo is strong but his toe foo defeeted us! Original poem is Fog by Carl Sandburg.

The Oral History Project, Tape 82: Froggie Recalls His Courting Years

“That’s right, young feller. I went a-courtin’ and I did ride, uh huh. Sword and pistol by my side, ’cause you never knew what kind’a trouble you might meet up with in them days. Now, this was back before they built the bridge over the interstate, so I had to hop right into traffic, cars comin’ both directions, and if’n you didn’t time your jumps just right — splat! It was game over, man, game over.”

What a ribbeting story, Sky H. (PS: The creator of this video claims that no special tricks were used, and that the frog was just sitting like this when they filmed it.)

Friday Haiku: A Wink of Sleep

Light travels too fast

In a twinkling of an eye

Morning has arrived

Shhh, Hank is sleepwinking, Pam L.

A Study of Perspective

Perspective is a technique depicting or suggesting spatial relations, volumes or three dimensions on a flat surface. This study is composed of bunnies and ordinary household objects.

1. Comparing a bunny to an apple.

We see that the bunny is closer to us than the apple is. We also see that it would take about 3 apples to equal the size of this bunny.

2. Determining bunny volume.

We see here, that it takes 1 bunny to fill this mug.

3. Relative ear size.

The bunny’s ears are 1/5th the size of this mug. The wine glasses and window tell us that mug is regular sized and the bunny’s ears are tiny.

4. Bunny likeness to a beer bottle.

We find that there really isn’t a likeness between bunny and beer bottles. What is clear is that the bunny is portable.

Amy C. has really shed new light on bunnies! For more pics of the cuties Amy is fostering, visit her photo album.

Wow, What if They Had Ordered the Popcorn Machine?

When he showed up at little Jenny’s Sweet 16th instead of the Jumpy Castle they ordered, a lamb unwittingly set the record for the most birthday party jumps without a bounce house.  Luckily, they decided to let him finish before telling him he was at the wrong address.

Catch you on the rebound, Ant.

Diary Of A Kitty

Dear Diary,

There is a puppy here, now. Her name is “Lucy”.

I am doing all right, Diary, but it’s a very difficult transition for me.

I am usually the sole recipient of adoration in my house. Now their attentions are split. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t irritated.

“Lucy” evokes high pitched squeals for mundane acts like chewing on string.

They play this game called tug. Doesn’t look very dignified to me.

When the puppy’s been naughty, she gives this look, like she knows she’s been bad. It’s actually quite clever, because the humans coo over that, too.

I am being very tolerant in my opinion.

Well, Diary, that’s all for now. I’ll let you know how it’s going. Just between you and me and Josh N., I think Lucy might be growing on me.

How Are You My Friend

Oh my goodness, do you vish to be happy like me? You could perhaps be smiling like I am! But you must get out of bed. Pardon me there is no more time for snoozing. You must get up. I do think you vill then be finding your happiness! Yes, yes most indeed.

Namaste, and have a nice day, Sadanduseless

Duh-va-gubble Duh-va-gutch Duh-va-gog!

Malcolm McLaren would have loved this: New Yorkers Samantha and Scott show Geronimo the ropes, and the two-year-old pound rescue jumps right in.

Fa-va-gave Fa-va-grame™!

Does This Outfit Make Me Look Ewok?

It looked really cute on the hanger, but now I feel like I should be accessorizing with a spear.

May the force be with you, Teresa K.



Special thanks to commenter LauraH, who says she actually saw this as it happened. She was not seeing things; she was not hallucinating.


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