Let the necking…begin!

"Charles—it was love at first sight when I saw your beautiful, long neck…"

"Nadine—you’re the one with the vertebra that WON’T QUIT"


And then they stared at their lake reflections fer hours, Jennifer B.

That’s NOT the kind of ‘restocking’ I had in mind

The look on this kitteh face pretty much says it all.


Apparently, "Penny" the kitteh slid the lid off the litter stash and well, you know the rest.

One Spiked Hedge on Wheat, comin’ up.

Can’t you just see a perfect squiggle of mustard on his head?

I know you can.


Laura B., nice deli pic. Please include a large peekle.

Does anyone speak ‘Kitteh’?

I need a Kitteh to English dictionary.

I’d REALLY like to know what this cat is saying.

Can you translate, Philip K.?

Kernel Panic!!!

Wow. I’m sure there’s enough to go around…




Don’t panic, S.G.L.! I’m, um, sure there will be leftovers… ?

Insanitized for Your Protection

At the Hotel Cuteinental, your every comfort is our concern.  Our spacious guest rooms include a fully-stocked mini-bar, valet/shoe-shine service, complimentary breath mints, luxurious bathrobes and, of course, designer kitten.

I eated yur bref mints, sowwy.

Do you take Diner’s Club, Melissa B.?

Kitteh playing “Red-light green-light”

Green light! [Hides camera away]

Red light! [Kitteh stands still...]


Melissa V. HILAR!

First day of School, 2008

Name:  Tommy McAndersen
Grade: 7th
Teacher: Mrs. Sonderson (Social Studies)/Mr. Berry (Math)
Sports: Rugby, X-Country, Badminton (Junior Varsity Doubles)
Extracurricular: Yearbook, Milliard Fillmore Trivia Club
"When I Grow up I want to be": Fed


Carly L., GREAT find (espesh the rugby shirt flare-ups) ALL THIS AND MORE at Furtographs.com!

Tiny peeg, tiny feets

Sender-Inner Ellen recently snorgled this pot-bellied piglet with the tiniest of feets.

He’s about 10 days old, and lives at Domino’spetting farm in Ann Arbor, MI.


According to Ellen, there are about 20 of thesefreshly-borned little guys running around in the pen, and they all sleep togetherin a long line. Ahn. [Head tilt]


Excellent footage, Ellen! ;)

PupNapper 3000™

Finding a napping partner is never easy. It’s even worse when you have a cold neck and don’t know where to turn!

THAT’S where the PupNapper 3000 comes in. The entire family can share one.


The 3000 model has built-in heater included, modular ear floppage (see versatile ear placement above).

Tiny snorting noises may occur.


Kim T., I’ll take two.


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