Born Free!

Please meet Navann, born October 28th.

Now, before you freak out cuz this bebeh bull umphalump makes you want to lactate, let’s add another layer.

Navann was born to Sri Prae at Elephant Nature Park, a wonderful place that rescues elephants from Thailand’s tourist and illegal logging industries and brings them to live and roam their 250 acre refuge.

Sri Pae was brought to the park in 2010 after surviving a land mine blast. What?! I know! AND she was pregnant! 22 months after her rescue she surprised all of the park staff by birthin’ a giant bundle of joy.

You may now commence your freak out.

Thank you Elephant Nature Park, bless you Sri Prae and best to Navann, my new boyfriend.


Nose to Nose in Nosevember

It’s good to get out and try new things, meet new folks and smell new smells. You never know, the next creature you sniff could be your new best friend.

Via Reddit by Briarbeauty?

Worst. Birthday. Ever.

Your rendition of “Happy Birthday” was lackluster and off-key, the store-bought carrot cake was undercooked in the center, and the so-called entertainment was unconvincing; I was not for one second fooled that dancer was a real police officer.

Laura G. says: “Oval-Cakes wants to be on Cute Overload!”

Is It Over Yet?

I am not coming out until the results are in and the political ads are out.

Via the interwebs

Reg-gie, Reg-gie, Reg-gie!

Q: What’s the only thing worse then getting a bath?
A: Drying off.

Update with Fave Frame™ Action By Request!

Submitted by Jonna P: (“The mewls at 0:35 kilt me into a puddle.”)

D@mn Hippies!

Sure, they’re cute now, but before you know it they’ll be into catnip, hugging trees and want to crash on your couch.

We can smell the patchouli from here, The Pine Tree.

Undercover Agent

Whenever the toilet paper was unspooled, or mud tracked on the carpet, or slippers chewed, Harold knew he could blend into the laundry to evade detection.

Sleepy Puppy, by Kevin Stanchfield.

Bo Knows Re-Election

Bo Obama here. Thanks to those who voted for ma hoomin. I didn’t wanna hafta get a new dog house. I like this big white one.

Photos from all over the Intertubes.

Everybody Loves Him

Warning! CO Maximum Prosh Alert!

Just don’t know if this is possible to handle. Let’s run it down.

1. Bebeh Koala named…..Raymond.
2. Propped up….in a mug.
3. Drinking leetle seeps o’ meelk.
4. Was found abandoned on the side of the road.
5. Deets.

All photos by Jamie Hanson/Newspix/Rex Features.

These Ears Say “Taken”

Too scared to skedaddle, lest someone score your seat? Send for Sally Snausage’s Seat-Saving Service! Our seasoned seat savers steadfastly sit while you safely scram! Ask about our budget service, now 50 percent off.

Spotted by Vibhu G. on Facebook.