According to Animal Talk, this redonk Orangutan and Blue Tick Hound are BFFs. They totally each wear a matching half-of-a-heart gold BFF necklace each. Check ‘em:


Snarktacular, Usama H.! Check out the Animal Talk site for way more pics.

And This Will Be Your Desk…

Welcome to the company, Kittehs.

On Desk Chair

Now finish the diagnostics on that monitor, and then those mice need to be grouped into working and non-working and then sorted by cord length…

george 4

oh, and Sales needs the inventory reports for 1987 through 1994 burned onto those CDs; 50 copies, please… and while you’re doing those, the cat needs reformatting…


Elizabeth K. Sandi M., and Hillary H., thanks for all the officicular shots.

What Happens In Vegas…

“All right, maybe I’d had too many shooters.  And yeah, I’m sorry that I lost your money on that roulette spin.  And stealing that security cart and driving through Caesar’s Palace probably wasn’t the best idea.  And I’d be happy to discuss this later, but right now I just need you to help me get this body in the trunk!”


From sender-inner Michael D.: “This is one of my little sister’s new foster kittens.  It’s available for adoption in the Cleveland area if anyone’s interested.”

Drama in the tub







“My Paws are SLIIIIDINGKS!!! Ehn!”


“Why did you do this? Why?” [Head tilt]


“The middle-of-the-night-clawing you are foreseeing WILL COME TRUE”


“Not this same tile background AGAIN!!!”


“I give up.”


Uncle Wire is to thank, once again.

Crystal Clear Cute

In this charming animated short for Swarovski Crystal, a classy clique of crystalline cats shows off its multifaceted personalities. Despite the cute kittens, the delightful animation, and the jazzy musical score, we might almost have overlooked this gem, but for its distinguished taste in cat names…

house of cats theo

THIS JUST IN: Maru wearing a crab shell hat

DSC_1015As you know, Maru likes to nose his way into any box he can find.

That is until now [DUN DUN!!]

Maru has taken his boxhab to unbelievable crabhab levels now. Check out all the pics over on Maru’s web site (yes he has a website and why haven’t you checked it out yet OMG.)

Olive has something to say.

Olive is hopin’

Olive Kenievel 013

And prayin’

Olive Kenievel 057

That her message gets through!

Olive Kenievel 053

Photographer-Sender-Inner Rachel T. says “My boyfriend got Olive for me and he recently moved to London. Olive & I miss him very much. She wanted a special way to tell him.”

Goodnight, George.

Goodnight, Gracie.


I’ll keep one ear open while we sleep just in case there is a carrot delivery.


bunbun buddies was photographed and sent in by bee boxes (aka Kate F.) and is dedicated to ole married couples everywhere.

A new crop of kittehs

They can barely eat!

They can barely see!

Their ears are on the sides of their heads!

It’s a new crop of kittehs, and they’re coming your way (in a meandering, meowing, ‘what’s to eat?’ sort of way)


Many thanks to my little cupake Dimitri, Kendra and Ethan for these fine shots.

I Shall Überleeck You

“Oh, yeah… a little more to the left… yesssssss, that’s the spot… now, do the ears… and the other one… ohhhh, that’s the ticket… now, nibble my neck while humming the National Anthem of Uruguay… the album version, not the single… ohhhh, you know what I need, baby…”

Was it good for you, Meghan H.?


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