Well whoop-de-friggin-doo

Gee, Thanks for the bone cake, but YOU FORGOT TO PUT MY AGE IN DOG YEARS!

[Runs away howlingk]

[eye roll]

White Shih Tzu “Giambi” says: “Thhhhhhbbbbt” to your cake, Jo and Vincent.

This image on the Scale of Disapproval: 3 out of 5

Maru takes box addiction to the next leva

I can’t believe DListed scooped me on this one but they did! Audience will you ever forgive moi?

Without further ado; MARU!

If you’re new to Maru, you must check out his Greatest Hits:
- Please Won’t You Help This Kitteh?
- Just Say Nyerhe to Boxes
- Perfect 90-degree Haunch Splayage

Question for you

“Have you VOTED for Cute Overload for the People Choice Webby yet?”

[Head turns to 90-degree right angle] “BAROOOOOOO?”




I’m Completely Useless Until I’ve Had My Morning Cup of Monkey

Trying to cut back on the caffeine? Try one of the cappuccino creations in this pictorial from Woman’s Day–delicate pictures in milk and chocolate that are so cute, you might just stare at them instead of drinking them.



Now see it in action, through the miracle of Cappuccin-O-Rama!

Pass the biscotti, Annie.

“I’m—I’m IN A BOX!” [mime movements]

And for my next trick;

“Look at me! I’m WALKING against the AIR!”


Tara W., 3 months in Boxhab should cure Pickles.

Slow Loris of the World UNITE

In a Tongue-Sticking-Out Camaraderie!

Grab those branches!

Wear those faux hawks! UNITE! UNITE!

slow loris tongue

This Slow Loris is from Qatar. XTREME QATAR WILDLIFE CLOSE-UP (XQWCU):


Slow Loris by ‏الـوعب – Alwab‎!

Nubbs ‘n’ Schnozz: Undercover Hams

[Sergeant Nubbs] “Detective Schnozz!”


[Sergeant Nubbs] “We must crack this case! You can nap later!”


[Detective Schnozz] “But Nubbs! This bedding is soooo comfortabuhls…”


[Detective Schnozz] “Soooo verrry comfortabuhls…”


[Sergeant Nubbs] “In all my years on the force, you are the most worthless hamster Police Officer I’ve ever seen.”


Things are not looking good for your case, Sara B.

‘Cause this is THRILLAH

Winston owns your soul.

Don’t press play.

You pressed it, Rich.

Welcome to Hell

Population: One attention-starved pit bull puppy with one-tenth the short-term memory of a goldfish, one 15-year old declawed cat that just wants to sleep off a catnip hangover, and you. Have a nice eternity!

I give you props for patience, Michelle D.

The Rule #35 Scroll-Down

[Scroll scroll scroll]


Quick! What # is the Rule of Cuteness for a curled tail!?

Photographer Xan R. from DogHouseStudios submitted this beaut.


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