The Cat in the App Comes Back!

The cat-apps keep coming, and this time Simon’s Cat gets in on the game, aptly enough with a game of Simon.  “Simon’s Cat in Purrfect Pitch” brings the feisty feline to the iPhone.  Play by matching Simon’s songs, or compose your own.

“Give Me Some Sugar”

When his mom asked him to run next door to borrow some sugar from Mrs. Farber, Gunter was shocked to find that his father was already there asking for the very same thing.

Mrs. Farber needs to learn how to lock a door, Tim L.

To your health: a tiny gut squeeze

It’s been proven a gut squeeze a day keeps the doctor away. Statistically there is quite literally nothing better than a tiny-kitten-gutulence-psuedo-squeeze. You can put your entire hand around a mini gut like this and PRETEND to squeeze and then—poof—anything bad just melts away.

The kitten won’t judge you Irene S., she’s not even watching!

Rear Admiral Carl Ludpig von Pants

With a name like Rear Admiral Carl Ludpig von Piggy Pants (actual name, People), you’re already so over-the-top, that you don’t need a creative caption.

Without further ado, meet Carl. He likes celery.


Carl 3, Celery 0, Kerry K.

Curtain Call

I’ve diligently prepared for this role.


I cultivated my Bethleham accent. I was understudy for Baby Jesus at the Pageant.


I’ve been method-acting as the letter ‘O’ for weeks. I MUST FOCUS!




Krystal K., that’s some award-winning directing.

Just 1 day left to arrive by Christmas!

Order on Amazon and it will still arrive by Christmas! 2010 CALENDARS! Act now and we’ll send you a Slap Chop! We can’t do this all day! We’ve earned 4.5 stars, which means only one person hates it!

Get a Wall Calendar!

Get the Page-A-Day!

Look Inside!
You get to tear a page off a day and throw it, in paper airplane format, at your nearest co-worker!





And the wall calendar looks like this! Here’s what it looks like inside! Here’s August!

08 Aug Cute Wall_patch

Here’s May!

05 May Cute Wall_patch

And if you thought you’d only see twelve measly photos on the wall calendar, you’d be wrong! You’ll see pictures in the days too! Check this details action OUT:


Which will you choose!? Desktop or wall? Desktop or wall? Act now! If you brave the mall, they’re selling WHEREVER CALENDARS ARE SOLD too!
Barnes ‘n’ Nobles!

We’re #1! We’re #1!

We’re number one in er…

#1 in Books > Entertainment > Humor > Cats, Dogs & Animals

Just 2 days left to order your Page-a-Day calendar OR Wall calendar by Christmas!

YOU CAN DO EET! Yes, it will look like your stocking swallowed a large square cracker, but the recipient will LOF EET!

Encore Presentayshe: Sizzling Kitteh

And now it’s dedication time.  A reader named Joools writes:  “Dear Casey: I asked Santa for a re-run of my FAVE Xmas CO, the white kitten lying on the white lights… the caption was something like, ‘I lof the lights, they warm all my parts…’ so I could send it to friends… I can’t find it in the archives!”

Well, Joools, here’s that picture again, from the original post in November 2007.

Thanks again to sender-inner Julia G.

Tiny Kitten Arm Flappage!

This dainty kitty begging for food starts off adorable, and at 0:17 becomes brain-meltingly awesome.  Flappity flap flap!

Can’t bear the snow

What IS this cold white stuff? Thank God I’m wearing this faaaaaaaaabulous coat!

Via Niik’s Posterous.


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