Ladies and Gentlemen, the best pet Halloween costume of all time.

For the record:
1. Yes, I am biased because I have (and adore) Italian Greyhounds
2. Yes, I am biased because I love Star Wars
3. Yes, I am biased because I appreciate my local “inspiration” for AT-ATs

Still, you cannot deny this remains the best Halloween pet costume you’ve seen since “Croc Munches Pup


Inspiring work, Katie M.! Pup “Bones” has a FaceBook page, natch.

Your Morning Muzzlepowsche

It’s Saturday morning, so we’ve prepared this warm muzzlepowsche (that is, a pouch where a muzzle lives) to dip in your coffee. Now ready for your consumption! [cross-eyed head-tilt]

Those feet are unbelievable too, Lauren V.

Get Back in Here!

(Mom’s voice calling across the whole neighborhood) Lenny Beauregard! Come home right now and pick up your dirty underwear like I told you!

Or was it the nut of the day ones, Robyn R.?


I don’t just have eyes in the back of my head, Junior—I have an entire head in the back of my head.

And Just Where Do You Think You’re Going Angell Williams?

Mystery Photo

What Is It?
Is this a pink, sugared mushroom growing on a snowy mountainside?
Is it a buck-naked, headless man showing us his tiny tocks and skinny legs?
Or, is it a giant, mutant, zombiefied, Pudzilla monster of the apookielypse about to rise up, in frumpy-grumply puddybear glory, hungies for foo-foo?

Or, … is it Buddy Ebsen?

Mason sez Raaawwwrrr, Lisa F.

Double Your Simon, Double Your Fun

Apparently, Simon’s cat’s owner (who coincidentally is also named Simon) must be a glutton for punishment, because he’s just gotten a mini-Simon, and the pair proceed to doppelgäng-up on his nice clean home.

Spotted by Theresa. Thanks!

Don’t Let Trolls Take Their Toll!

Attention billy goats: Are you tired of trolls hiding under your bridge? Then say goodbye to trolls with Bridge-Kleen™ Troll Repellent! Two out of three billy goats agree — Bridge-Kleen works!

It really works, istolethetv!

Don’t Give Me That Face

No, you can’t borrow the car tonight. Yes it is fair. You’re only 7 years old.

Molly’s never heard of Moms Against Dogs Driving, Amy B.?

Scootér de France

After many grueling days, the prestigious, historic, epic, and colorful scooter race across France, enters its final stage, where the course always finishes with Parrots, near the Braaawk de Triomphe.

Next year, Couture de France, Leonid Mamchenkov.

Los Hermanos de la Agonía Rethink Their Professional Sports Career

I swear, Carl, I thought this would be an cushy gig. Just a lotta jumping around and yelling, take a couple falls, but nobody really gets hurt. I just had no idea that being a masked wrestler was gonna be this hard, man.

Taken at the Montgomery County, MD Agricultural Fair by Ryan C.


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