Operators Are Hanging By!

The fast pace of modern life can become so addicting, many people have forgotten how to slow down. That’s why there’s SLOTH — the Slow Life Orientation Training Hotline. One call to your personal SLOTH life coach brings you crisis intervention, de-stressing tips, and plenty of relaxing music on hold. Hurry up and call now!

Prince at the phone, from Pilar V.

I Swear It Was Thiiiiiiis Big!

There I was, in my raft, shooting the rapids, salmon, leaping on all sides, a huge one jumped beside me, it was so close, I reached out, I almost had him, I leaned out, a little further, just a little further….

That is some fish story Merlin (Himalayan) and Stephanie P.

It’s going to be OK.

There, there my leetle smooshed-face puppulence! [Pat pat]

Sender-Inner John B. says new puppy Billy the Boxer is slowly settling in thanks to a lil’ help from Donna.

Not So Easy Chair

Sender-Inner Mustang Sallies says Big Tex loved his Dalmation Rocker until he grew out of it.

Chug! Chug! Chug!

Writer Melissa D. over at the Today is asking “What Makes something Cute Anyway?” Melissa, just study our 48 Rules of Cuteness and they tell all.

Meanwhile, there is some new Polar Bear action going on over in the Scandinavian Wildlife Park. Meet Siku, the milk-chugging polar passer-outer:

Dear Diary,

Today, Billy, that mean kid, called me a baaaaaad word!

These are Sara H.’s Nigerian Dweeb Dwarf goats; Huckleberry (brown face) and Clementine (all white face).

How to Raise a Bunny

It’s easy: Scoop and lift.  Preferably in front of a camera. LOL! What did you expect, this is Cute Overloadl!

To see how it’s really done, you can visit Grace E. at Happy Farm Bunnies

“I Can’t Put My Arms Down”

Every winter Wally’s mom always overbundled him.

Warm fuzzies to sender-inner Codi W. and Wally, her Shichon (shih tzu/bichon mix).

Oh, Grow Up

“So what if I play dress-up!?! The cat still plays in the sandbox!”

Meaghan M. bought Jack Russell Elliott a cowboy hat at the annual Woofstock Festival. Hope she also got him a Sarsparilla.

THIS JUST IN: Kitten and baby deer MAKING OUT

Thanks to Eagle Eyes Cristal G. who sent this in.


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