And Now, a Dog Playing with Himself

This clever dog has figured out how to have endless fun on its own with a tennis ball and a set of stairs. Makes you wonder how well he’d get on with a Slinky.

Meanwhile, at the Pugvale Elementary Annual Second Grade Fall Pageant…

“But I don’t wanna go onstage, Mrs. Whickerbacker! All the other kids are gonna laugh at me, and my leaf costume won’t stay in place, and I can’t remember my line!

Steve V. says: “This is our pug Zelda. She is little and cute. The other day we put a leaf on her back. It was almost bigger than her!”

May Be Too Intense for Some Viewers

This is the Lemur Leaf Frog, this is the cutest frog on the planet, probably just here visiting from the cute hall of fame. It lives in the rainforest, it can fit on the tip of your finger, it can change colors and, most of all, it can do that amazing mime illusion of an invisible wall. Check it out.

(silently presses sticky hands one at a time against imaginary flat surface, looks surprised)

Actually, as Brian G. knows, the Lemur Leaf Frog is a critically endangered frog of Central & So. American rainforests.

Just Cute It

Soon to be hitting shelves everywhere is this great new running shoe! Yes, and you’ll notice all it needs is an eye-catching logo! Hmmm, (tail swoosh, swoosh, swoosh) umm nope sorry, can’t think of one. And a catchphrase! Hmmm, er, umm, no it’s too hard, I wish I could just do it.

Maggie says, “It’s shoe time!”, sender-inner Guadalupe C. Photo by Daniel O.

We’ll be doing that “Men of Cute Overload Calendar” anytime now…

Another Quality Foraged Link from Dear Ole Ant.

Not so comfortabuhls

Chewing on rawhide=GOOD!
While making an uncomfortable “Paw Bouquet”=BAD!


A “Paw Bouquet” is a grouping of paws, Ayaku T.


The recent New Zealand oil spill left many penguins in need of warmth and protection. Sweaters were used to prevent the birds from preening their feathers and ingesting the toxic oil. So far, enough sweaters have been knit to cover the little guys, so you can put your knitting needles away for now.


How did this kitten get in here!?!

Still want to learn how to knit a penguin jumper? Here’s how.

Sorry Mama, only so much room in the basket

According to Cuteporter Melinda M., this villager carried kittens on a basket towards dry land as he waded through floodwaters last month in Cuttack city, India. Around 700,000 people have been affected by the floods.

Marvelous photo by Biswaranjan Rout for Associated Press.

This Is No Mere Meerkat

Indeed, this is just one of the pictures in this collection at Buzzfeed, aptly titled “The 20 Cutest Baby Meerkat Pictures On The Entire Internet.” Get thee hence, and squee.


Out to Lunch

Oh no! The guy in front of us took the last pickled cricket paté! Gasp! I love pickled cricket paté! I’ve been waiting so long in line for my pickled cricket paté! How will I go on living?

A ferret in a deli? That’s the wurst! Who ever sausage a thing? Sancho M. did.


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