Notice how big the woolly bears are this year?

Watch these red pandas  huge woolly bears, and see if you can predict what kind of winter we’re going to have.

Looks like it’s going to be a wild one!

Fave Frame™:

P.S. Real Red Panda poop – Ed

Never heard of a ‘wolly bear’ before? They’re actually caterpillars who can predict winter weather! At least that’s what farmers say. Videos via Cincinnati Zoo.


Snow-Mo Action

People, will you please take a look here. The world-famous Snow Monkehs of Nagano, Japan.

Get more info on these terrific little guys here. AND you can watch them live, right here! (If it’s black, or a still frame, that means the Snow-Mo critters are sleepin.’) Here’s what the webcam looks like when it’s all snowy n’ such:

Video from PhotoGalleryNorth!

Leaf Us Alone!

Just what do you think you’re doing with that rake? These are my friends, I’ll have you know! I’ve even given them all names; there’s Nick, and Julia, over there’s Leroy, and Hannah, and I think that’s Zachary talking with Phoebe and Margot…

We could Fall for this photo of Benny from Katharina G.

Top 20 Nosevember Schnozzles

Smell this!

It’s our first installment of Nosevember Honkers submitted by You, our Peeps. Keep those nose-tacular submishes coming! And remember, THE SCHNOZZULAR, THE BETTER. IfyouknowwhatImean.

Roll ’em!

1. The Force is Strong with this Schnozzle

Submitted by Jedi Susan G.

2. Parker Sur L’Herbe

PLUS Bendable Schnozzle Action

Parker pics portrayed by Pippa S.

3. Kinto the Akita (Sniffular Close-Up Action)

Via alert nose expert Alyssa W.

4. Beady Eye Factor: Off Scales

Melissa S. says “our dog Jammies proudly displaying the spoils of his favorite
past time: rolling in the mulch after swimming. It is the dog equivalent of getting breaded.”

5. Sparky “The Tongue” Kaboom

Sparky Kaboom (what an exquisite name) by Yasmin N.

6. Scrappy Mustachy

From Chrissy K: “This is our Jack Russell Terrier Scrappy, and her cold, squishy nose. I like to take super close-up pictures while she’s cozy in her fuzzy blankies!”

7. Olive [Max Stubbular’s fashionable cousine]

Lauren C. reports: “My one year old Corgi Olive loves her festive fall scarf!” OK, Calm down, Lauren.

8. Skye Budgiebird Wants In On This

Anastasia M tells us: “I got her in March of 2009 as a rescue. By some weird mutation her little cheek patches (which should be circular) are heart-shaped!” OK,  those cheek patches are pretty adorbs.

9. Mishka The Unimpressed

Massive St. Bernard action from Anne S.

10. Enzo—He’s 110% Schnozzle

PLUS: Enzo Encore

Shubbmitted by Shubbe.

11. Stella the Slippery Nosicle!

Dripping cuteness by Nina M.

12. Teddy – Smaller Schnozzle but Still very Potent and Deadly

Bravely captured and sent in by Monika T.

13. (I’ll call him) George. The Bun.

Meghann M. reports: “I have attached a photo of my grumpy bunny George displaying his beautiful nose. Thanks for the website, it’s cheered me up many a time!” [Say in Scottish Highlands voice for the ‘many a time’ part]

14. Intense Grassular Sniffage

Blame your hay-fever on Janey E.

15. The eyes say ‘Nyerhe’ and the NOSE SAYS YES

Rocco’s hoomin is Muffy M.

16. I don’t always pose for Nosevember photos, but when I do, it’s for

From Katherine R. in Hong Kong: “In light of Nosevember I submit this nose-a-licious photo of my pup Muebles. This photo was taken while we were all on a junk trip here in Hong Kong.” Thank you for staying on top of Nosevember halfway around the world from us, Katherine.

17. Sleep-overs in the Sleep Sack

18. Godiva [Please Note: Privacy Tail]

Revealed by Laurie D.

19. Fanged Geoffrey

PLUS: Geoffrey (Extreme Fang LOL)

Geoffrey, also known as “The Mealworm Monster” was sent in by Nikki Y.

2o. And Finally, Nosevember’s Tiniest Schnozzle: Snoopy

More of Snoopy, a new Cute Overload favorite, here.

Want to see your ani-pal in a Nose-vember post? Consider submitting a photo to us here! Meg out [mic drop]

More Punchlines Only Dogs Get

“…and then the penguin says, ‘but I thought this was the maternity ward!’ ”

“Well, if you’re not the police, then what are all these Munchkins doing here?”

Walnuts?! I said ‘remember to bring home the walrus,’ you idiot!’ ”

Wassup? asks Charlie Stinchcomb.

Her Name is Lola

She is a cute girl.

With yellow colors in her hair and

A tongue stuck out to there!

She does lap sits and makes us go “Aw!”

She knows she’s a star, why’s her tongue out so far?

She gets down on the floor

with her paws of four

And shows off that hanging tongue, who could ask for more?

This Lolamia fix brought to you by Xiomara!

Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet!

I’m hunting Flutterbyes!

Wait! Encore Red Pand presentayshe!

[Teeter teeter]



Video via Meerkat Manor. Beth P. found this skeeeeeeery Panda-Pannnts in The Wisconsin State Journal. Love the little Japanese Schoolgirl foot stance action.

Let’s Salute Theo!

Peeps, while we celebrate our cherished United States veterans today, who better to salute than our very own Theo, former Cute Overload Moderator, who will be leaving Qalat, Zabol, Afghanistan and coming home in a matter of weeks.

We salute you, Specialist Durbin! (Or are you a Colonel now?) See you soon, Sir!

Photos courtesy of Laurie C. of IBKCthe Dearborns, and the US Freakin’ Army.

But It’s Part of the Act!

See, first I load up the table with crystal and fine china — y’know, stack everything really high, so it look like it’ll fall down any second, and then there’s a drum roll and on the count of three, whoosh! I yank out the tablecloth and nothing falls!

Now I’ll grant you, some nights the “nothing falls” part is a bit iffy…

Via Dog Shaming, currently available for children’s parties.

CO Salutes Our Veterans

When you come home from work, whether it’s the office down the street or the desert across the globe- your friend will be there.

Photo from the Interwebs.