Yep. Just a Guy and a Bear Hanging Out.

How’s the wife?

Oh, fine, fine.


They’re good.

Beer, bear?

Don’t mind if I do.

It’s good to have a bear-bro-mance, isn’t it alija?

Peeps, There’s No Easy Way to Say This.


I think I hurt myself.

Guess that wasn’t so hard after all, Arbroath. [Falls off chair]

Fancy Handbag Puppitude

Getting carried everywheres. ‘Cuz a puppy can’t possibly walk. What, on those paws?

Teresa H., if you’re going to go trendy, go big!

I’m Right Below You, JUMP!

Nice catch, Assen!

All I need ees a warm cup o’ meelks.

[Extends paws]

SOMEONE likes to play dollhouse!!! [singsong] It’s Erin S.!

Nothing says All Up In Your Bizzniss like outrageous ears…

extreme eyes, and a redonkulous nosey-nosicle!

Peeps, looks like we got a terminal case of Neighborhood Busybodyitis.

This cute-iful space invader is a Civet. Photo by Michelle Turton at the Newquay Zoo.

You’re staring at my legs, I know eet

[Distracted] Mmmmm. Grub worms.

Nice Kentish Plover ChickJohn&Fish.

C.O. Home Organization Tips

Always misplacing your kittens? Use a designated “kitten drawer” to keep them handy. Another time-saving tip from CuteLabs, makers of the chinchilla dispenser.

If I tune this bunneh’s head just right, I can hear Animal Planet!

Or the Kitty Channel… [Listens]

Perfect sound from Ademiromano.

Where Oh Where is Little Billy Bear?

Mom’s all: Where could Billy be?

Hmmm I wonder…

OK, get off my back.

Moms know everything, Ebitary.


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