Aw, Don’t Take it so Hard

Hey, I thought it was in the bag. The whole “puppy dog in the park” thing’s a sure-fire chick magnet. And it worked, didn’t it? Got that fine lady to walk right over and talk to us. How was I supposed to know she’d want to take me home instead of you?

Sarah says: “The attached pic is of Muray. I saw him on my friend’s Facebook page and immediately knew he should be on Cute Overload!”

Thersh Shumffing I Hff to Tell Yomph

Yes, my darling! What is it? You know you can tell me anything!

It’sh mmfffph mrrrf mmmph.

My sweet, just say it and you’ll feel better.

Yer shrrrpnging ergg mff tish.

For the love of God tell me already!

You’re stepping on my tail!

We could just hug you, Robyn R.!

Experience the Hedgie-Gro™ Difference!

We treated the hedgehog on the right with Hedgie-Gro™ brand Hedgehog Chow; the hedgehog on the left, another leading brand. And just look at the difference!

Mama hedgehog and baby hedgehog (who looks like it is riding a roller coaster and yelling “whee!”), found by Heather!

May I have this dance?

You lead, since I happen to have two left feet, er…

Looks like standing room only, Sender-Inner Tal S., who got a kick out of Michael Milicia’s awesome bird photo collection on Facebook.

Waiting for snow…

There are a lot of Cuteporters out there writing to the mailbag about how you’re waiting for snow this season.

Pup Rooney is joining you in the wait – all he’s got is Fall leafs!

Waiting for snow in your area? Tell me about it! Rosalyn B. sent these prosh images in.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel


This vid’s a little kinky! Just tease’n, !

I’ll Keep You Warm


Cuddling Meerkats by HadleyWildlife who is obvy a fan of Meerkat Snorgling.

It’s Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Time once again to pay special honor to those cute critters who seem to scamper everywhere. The National Wildlife Federation suggests you share your “squirrel stories.” Perhaps a squirrel helped you with your homework. Or cosigned an auto loan. Whatever it was, tell us how squirrels affected your life.

Photographic appreciation by Tomi Tapio.

It’s Over Between Us, Daphne

I shan’t deceive you any longer, my dearest; I’m afraid you’ve been living a lie. I’m a rat, Daphne. There, I’ve said it. I’m a rat and that’s all I’ll ever be. Oh, what a cad you must think me, leading you along this twisting, mazelike primrose path of deception.

Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt/Pink Sherbet Photography.

In Pursuit of the Cute

What we look for in the cute is that little something extra, the it factor, that elusive je ne sais quoi. If only we could somehow put our finger on it…

“Are you cute, Hermione? Are you cute?” She put her finger on it, Josh N.!


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