Chiropractor House Call

[Doctorly voice] "Mr. Kitteh, you look pretty comfortabuhls. But you know what might improve your nap even more?"

[Snapping neck sound, followed by purring]

"Better, right?"


Kimberly R.—he’s OK right?

Get out the Stoat part 4 of 4! People, this is IT!

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Most pandas aren’t worried about the economy

Except the guy lower right with paws up.

He’s screwed.



"Take a good look America!" "Take a good look, WORLD!" and "If THEY can get along, what’s OUR excuse!?"

What do these phrases and "Pack their Derms(?!)" have in common? They can all be heard on this smarm-a-thon CBS News video below. Why does every news bit with an animal have to be so DOGGONE lame?

Everyone and their BROTHER has sent this in, and the reporter’s cheesy stylin’ had kept me from posting it. So, now that you have my caveat. Watch it. I WASH MY HANDS!

I’m washing them again, Johanna S.

P.S. Extra points if you can point out MORE eye-roll-worthy phrases!

Legends of Folk Music, Part Six

From their 1958 debut at the Nosepick Hollow Folk Festival, The Happenin’ Hoedown Hipsters kept audiences’ toes a’tapping with a crowd-pleasing mix of folk standards tinged with modern jazz influences. The 1962-65 lineup, pictured here, included Farquard Mandlebroot, lead beagle and vocals; Stanley Burbleson, coyote and harmonica; Roger "Biff" Burbleson, rhythm beagle and vocals; and Doris McGinty, bass mutt.


An’a one, an’a two, Anna L.

Get out the Stoat part 3 of 4

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[Hacking sound]

[Concerned cat owner voice] "Oh… Oh Mittens, Honey… did you just cough that up?"


What has Mitten been DOING Paula P.!?


That spiky hairdo brings out your eyes

Spider: [Eyes plink, smiles] "You think so?" (said in Spiderese)


Julie B., I think he’s also reaching out to shake one of your eight hands.

[You might try clicking the photo... - Ed.]

Yeah, your ‘drowned rat’ jokes are really funny

[Annoyed Kitten voice] "I didn’t even need a bath in the first place!"


"OK, Here’s the deal. For every bath you give me, I’ll pee in your slippers. Capische?" [steely glare]


I think you better rethink that deal, Arminda K.


Billowy for your comfort with NO VISIBLE PANTY LINES!

EVERYONE is wearing them!


Photo by Jezebella, submitted by Heather M.


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