This is photobomb

Check out this squirrelio photobombing this nice couple’s vacation.

He’s all [waving his paw over vast lake] “Welcome to Banff, Bitches!”


Thanks to Sender Inner Tracy B. and Marilyn T. from National Geographic Intelligent Traveler who originally promoted this photo, and of course This is Photobomb, which is not necessarily safe for work. Photo by Melissa B. who was featured on National Geographic Daily Dozen for it! (Choose “August 1″ in drop-down to see the image and full story.)

Use this for the next comment battle

The next time you’re waging battle in a comments thread about why Microsoft sux or why your app got rejected by the app store or how labradoodles are cuter than chi-poms, you can use this yawning Guinea pig to express distaste of your opponents stupid opinion. Just link to it!

Bridget S., I’m adding this to my arsenal immediately!

// UPDATE — click here for animated .GIF version, for avatars & stuff. //

In Soviet Russia, kittehs snorgle YOU

Sender-Inner Kimberly writes; “My cat, Gus, sets out to prove his theory that humans also have an axis of snorgling. Unfortunately for me he enjoys proving his point when I’m attempting to sleep and I’m at my most vulnerable.”


I’ll See Your Little OMGPON1ES!1!!

… and raise you a little OMGPONY with an OMG EVEN LITTLER PONIEEZ!!!1!!!11!!


Awwww!  Give us a little smile!


How about a little drink?


And let’s give sender-inner DB a great big little hand!

My Little OMGPON1ES!1!!

Once again, the Daily Mail delivers. Please check out this miniscule pony molecule. “Koda” the mini horse was ALSO born a dwarf.

For realz:


Apparently, she’s so small, “Koda is so small that he is often mistaken for a battery-operated soft toy.”


More photos over at the Daily Mail.

Seriously, You’re Wearing That?

No, really, it’s a together look.  Those checkerboard leggings really work with the plaid in that kilt, the feather boa nicely softens the effect of those leather gauntlets, and that “Partridge Family” lunch box makes a chic evening bag.  And I agree with you: That yellow-and-pink bra is too pretty to be worn underneath your blouse; good call on that one.  So you’ll be home early, then?


THIS JUST IN: A peeg in a crocheted hat

Just in time for Friday Happy Hour, it’s Balbinka the Guinea Peeg in a yellow crocheted hat. I hope you’re happy now.



And P.S., Check out this hilariousness with the ‘Victorian filter’ too:



As ushe, thanks to Pyza for her fabulousness in pocket pet photos.

Orphan Eyes

Apparently, kitteh “Maxxie” was found as a “lone orphan” in a friend’s backyard. According to Sender-Inner-Adopterer Stephanie, that’s why he has such sad eyes.


Kitten frown turned upsidedown in 3….2…. posterized_kitten_face

Friday Haiku: Leaf Me Alone!

Reclusive rodent
Sits shyly in summer shade
Her haiku heaven


Lovely “Poupette” courtesy

THIS JUST IN: Bear ears

Those elusive, perfectly soft, snuggular triangles that happen to be attached to a bear head!

Found in their wild habitat. Here they come…




C.O.X.B.E.C.U. (Cute Overload Xtreme Bear Ear Close Up)


Liz S. captured these find aural specimens. More of her Kodiak, AK shoot here.


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