Help Cheer NTMTOM’s Mom!

Dear Readers: I need a big favor. Due to failing health and major life changes, my mother (or MOMTOM, as I never call her), is feeling blue. As a Mother’s Day gift, I want to share messages of hope from some of the most cheerful people I know: all of you. Please leave her a message in the comments, and I will read them to her.

In return, I offer you a “hang in there” kitten, courtesy Cracker Jack Photos. Thank you.

Update: Thanks to everyone who left such kind and encouraging messages. I read many of them to my mom this evening, and I’m going to fax her the whole lot tomorrow morning.

Maid to Order

Thinking what to get Mom for Mother’s Day? New car? A date with Sean Connery? Lifetime spa membership?

Think again! Think KLEANING KAT! She’ll love it!

This is way better than a gift card to Tiffany’s, Mischa M.


Welcome back to everybody’s favorite game show! You amazing folks are consistently guessing correctly! Over 7,100 votes last week and about 60% of you were correct. Well done, friends. Let’s see how you do this week.

Tic toc. Tic toc. BUZZZZZZZZ! Time’s up! Just in case you need a hint, this animal is lying down. Did that help? Scroll down for the reveal.

If you guessed b. dog, you are correct! Hope you had a swell time playing and be sure to join us next time for WHAT! IS! THAT? This week’s show brought to you by Annie G.

Holy Moses, That’s Cute!

Some kitten cuteness for your Caturday: Little Moses was orphaned at just days old, so a nice family gave him a home, some (hic!) meelks, and his own blog.

Don’t Get Carried Away

Aw, hammies love blorpberries in the morning. And lunchtime and snack time and dinner and, well, then they have to be carried away.

We thought wheels made hamsters go ’round, Serena G.

THIS JUST IN: Baby Rhino Side-eye

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Disney’s Animal Kingdom welcomes its newest baby, a white rhino calf born May 9. The boy, the fourth birth for mom Kenda, doesn’t have a name yet, but does have a start on his horn nubule.


Full story, more photos at the Disney Parks Blog.

Silent But Deadleh

Those eyes! They say it all without saying anything. Words, meh, who needs ’em. Those baby blues are worth a thousand words!

Amy A., you’ve been feeding 8 week old Savannah that Paul Newman dog food haven’t you!

Friday Haiku: Rule of Cuteness #44

In peaceful slumber

Ears at 9 and 3 o’clock

Mom watches over

We can hardly believe their ears, Whitley L.!

Unlikely Hero

Could you have ever imagined your whole day would be saved by one little, smiling sloth?

Rescue sometimes arrives from where we least expect it, Josh N. and the Sloth Sanctuary.

THIS JUST IN: Baby’s First Climb

According to the YouTube uploader’s notes, this baby orangutan at the L.A. Zoo climbed off her mother’s back for the very first time as this video was taken.

Spontaneous opera FaveFrame™!


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