What Is Pig Racing?

So glad you asked!

Well it doesn’t involve space bars or arrow keys. All we know is, this is real!

Who won, naotakem?

My God, It’s Full of Birdseed

One of the most enigmatic endings in film occurs in 2001: A Space Odyssey, in which Keir Dullea sees himself age and die, becoming at last the “starchild” that returns to Earth. An early draft of the script included an additional transformation into a “starbudgie” that nibbles on Australia, mistaking it for a giant cuttlefish.

Alicia E. writes: “Hi! I love this website, thanks for all the adorableness. Here is a picture of my budgie Tukey meeting my baby Sebastian when we first brought him home from the hospital.”

We’ve Created a Squeema Donna

Now that my appearance in the Cute Overload 2012 Page-a-Day calendar has established my star quality, I think I’m entitled to certain perks…

… a private trailer, catered lunches, my own personal trainer, oh and I insist on choosing my own makeup and styling team…

Nehama V. says: “Max checks himself out in the Cute Overload Calendar! It seems to have affected his ego, now that he’s a celebrity he sees no reason to waste time posing for a silly photo!”

You Haven’t Changed A Bit!

Remember when we were in grade school together?

“♪ ♫I love you, you love me♪ ♫ ”

Hold on, let me turn down The Wheels on the Bus so we can talk.

Some things never get old, Greg M. Thanks for the great before and after pics!

Somebody Switched to a New Shampoo

The kind that adds extra bounce.

Maybe this time they should’ve tested it on animals first? Sent in by Miriam who found it on DogWork

THIS JUST IN: From the C.O. Mailbag

Dear Everyone at Cute Overload,

This note is long overdue, but better late than never I suppose.

The upshot of it all is that CO has saved my butt, over and over and over.

The longer story of it all is that I broke up with my boyfriend in August of 2011 and almost immediately thereafter attempted suicide. I survived, and have begun creating a new life with a wonderful man who I refer to as my “Upgrade”. However, my attempts to start over did not stop my ex and his new girlfriend (who had been my roommate) from harassing me incessantly, harassing my boyfriend, spreading around horrible things about me that were not true, etc. I put a restraining order on my ex-roommate, but the judge dismissed it as a ‘property dispute’. It’s been kind of like one of those nightmares where you keep feeling like you’re waking up, but you’re really not.

Praise Ceiling Cat for my boyfriend, though. Every time I would receive an email from one of them and would feel like my head was about to explode, he would say “Cute Overload! NOW!“. The humor, silliness, and generally overwhelming cuteness would put me in a better mood almost instantly and help me calm down much more quickly. Then I could write a response that was appropriate. It was very helpful — for me and for him :-)

I must also mention that this was all going on during the fall and winter, when my mental health issues are at their most debilitating. The fact that the worst I ever did was write an unsent poison pen letter is miraculous.

So, thank you thank you thank you, Cute Overload, from both me and my boyfriend.

Much love,
[Name witheld]

[This part is from Meg] P.S. Cute Overload! NOW!

In His Dreams Saved Pup Runs Free

Sender-Inner Jason says he found puppy Laji in a dumpster in China! [face palm] Thankfully, Jason rescued the pup and he now has happy, happy dreams:

Nobody Understands Emo Trump

Emo Trump is not afraid to fire Gary Busey if the Buce can’t deliver the goods.

Emo Trump is an influential world leader sought out by politicians, businessmen, and humanitarians, who show their respect by not staring at Emo Trump’s combover.

Emo Trump has dug up dirt about the missing birth certificate that you won’t believe. Seriously, you won’t believe it.

Life is hard good for Emo Trump.

It’s ZZ (pronounced “zee zee”) from Camille. Idea stolen from Meg.

When The Dress Code Says, “Bun”

When a bun is required, say goodbye to casual. A denim shirt with a bun simply screams rhinestones! I’m thinking accessorize with fringe here and here, hand beading there, matching embroidery all over, and a little black lace to complete the look! Oh and could you carry a chandelier? Fabulousss!

This fashion round up is brought to you by Sarah M. and her new unnamed rabbit. The choices are: Sullivan, Flynn, Roan, Orion, Aden. (AKA Rhinestone Cowbun!)

An Update on Lil’ Drac!

People, could lil’ Drac be any more prosh? The answer is nyerhe. My husband who watched me watch this video just said: “Did I just hear multiple ‘Awhhnns’ for a blood-sucking bat? Yes Honey. You did. (And he’s a fruit bat, you eeeeediooot!)

PART 2: Lil’ Drac

And, in case you missed it:

PART 1: LIL’ Drac

Sent in by cuteporter Wendy. Batworld Sanctuary is to thank for the video.


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