Dee-lee-shous strawberries

AttackScarf scarf scarf

Nawm nawm nawm


C.O.X.C.U. brought to you by WBB ;)

Cotton ballio

Step 1: Place bunneh between thumb and forefinger
Step 2: Place bunneh on top of astringent bottle
Step 3: Turn bottle upsidedown, dousing bunneh with lotion
Step 4: Dab (don’t rub) bunneh on face, avoiding the moist nosicle


Dabbity dabbity,Josh K.!

Trying to get comfortuh-buhls

Everything is OKs… Just let me beeee—ehn!

I’m just gettingks com-for-tah-buhls… [curls paws up]


Moishe… betters!?


Yays. Moishe bett-torrs, Megan… ;)

Pssst, the Beady Eye Convention is about to start.

[swishes down tree] [With English accent]

Exscuse me, Suh, but if you’ll follow me, the Beady Eye Convention is about to start. Right this way. [swishes back up tree]


Well, get a move-on, Matti K.! Aren’t you speaking at this thing?

Zzzzzzz…OMG String!…Zzzzzzz….Zzzzzzz

OK, People, I cannot take credit for that caption, it was all Sender-Inner Catherine P.’s idea. [standing ovayshe]


See what happens when you write your own brillo caption? I cannot top eet!

And now, a kitt-tayn sucking its thumb

People, I swear that thumb sucking was not meant to be a theme today, but with this photo, we may have crossed the line into "Thumb-Sucking Friday". [shaking head]


Travis F., way to add a theme to the day.

Bedtime story? I got yer bedtime story

Dr. Seuss is sooooo great, kids, but you know what would really put you to sleep?

A little Tolstoy, heh heh. Let me introduce you to my leetle friend War and Peace.


Carol A., that pup looks like a Mensa member.


I think we need a new category.

I’m thinking it’s something along the lines of "Sugar and Spice" or "Wait a minute! Scroll down!" or "Cute or Gross?". This new category would cover any photo that was anerable yet…disgusting!

Like dees: [head tilt] 1 part "I Shall Leeck You", 1 part fawn ‘tocks, and ONE PART POOPULENCE!


Help me, CuteOverload! Is it cute or gee-ross!? HALP!

Meanwhile, nice work, sender-inner Mimi M. You’ve set new category wheels turning…

You will see a behbeh seal sucking it’s own fin-pacifier in this video

You will also see the best teeny nostril flares—and I mean the best. On a scale of 1 to 10, these go to eleven [Nigel Tufnel voice]. Check it.

Nice sending-inning, Meighan M., and once again, enormous kudos to the Vancouver Aquarium… ;)

OK, who’s doing PR for the Bald Eagles these days?

Because, OBVY, the day the Bald Eagle got taken off the Endangered Species list should have been on JULY 4!



Regahdless, Mr. Bald Eagle, Sir, we offer you (and your impressive nostrils) a plate of varmints as thanks.

Photo by the incredible Greg Downing.