Standing Cat – Olé!

Standing Cat” returns as Puss and Boots. ENCORE!

Don’t miss Ceiling Cat, Ant and Bel S. You might have to watch it again…

Bichon, Please

Welcome to this edition of The Sunday Wrap-Up. “You’re a baby kitten, I’m a baby otter! Let’s be friends” was the most popular post this week. It even showed up on The Daily Show this week! So you know it’s good. Nipping at the heels of the #1 slot was “I Cannot BELIEVE I Have This Stupid Haircut“! [applause]

So to celebrate the fro-tastic Bichon Frisé, I hereby give you:


Yay! Paws up!

Mrs. Doggie by Mrs. Doggie. I looove this one too.


“Wrigley” the Maltese Yorkie (Morkie) was going into the bath for his normal warshing, when suddenly a case of TUB FLOOF hit:


That is a pretty serious case of it, Julie Z.

Boing, Boing, Splash, Boing

Boing, boing, boing, boing, woof, whuh?, boing, boing, boing, chase, chase, splash, splash, splash, whoops, paddle, paddle, paddle, boing, boing, boing…

Boing, boing, boing, Leanne, boing, boing.

The Doctor Thinks it’s Some Kind of Coping Mechanism

‘Mornin’, Mrs. Tinkles! How goes it deep in the Carpet Forest? And hello to you too, Mr. McFribbles! Say, when are we going to have that cup of tea? You know where to find me!

Milo’s a very special breed, indeed, Wendy C.

“Lazy” Caturday

Is there really any other kind of Caturday besides a lazy one?

The “I got a TON OF THINGS DONE Caturday!”? No.

The “I made progress on my TPS Reports! Caturday”? Nyerhe!

“I solved the world’s economic problems and brought peace to the Middle East! Caturday”? Not really.

Is there really any other kind of Caturday?

“Lazy” it is, Meagan S.

All above kittehs are from the Alexandria, Virginia-based Adopt-a-kitteh organization Tails High, Inc.

Now up for auction at Chrusty’s…

Set on luxurious black velvet, this wonderfully vivid oil painting by renowned artist, Clive Bunet, is one of his best works: “Rodent Lilies” is auction item #163.

Let’s start the bidding at two dollars.

I want my two dollars, Jo C.

We need to talk; I’ll try to use short words.

Allow me to list the reasons that explain why naming me “Pot Pie” is offensive….

Larry Melman, C. Kirby

Not Everyone is Thrilled About Patagonia’s New Line

If I hear one more time that I look like your father-in-law, I’ll pee on your leg.

He’s looking sheepish, Jeremy D.

Have you keessed your bird today?

Like dees:

Mwah, Bea G. and Coco!


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