Ayup… (nibble, nibble)

Alfalfa’s comin’ up nicely this yee-ah… And so’s the buckwheat.

Harry D. says: “Taken on holiday in Canada, squirrels are extra chunkalicious over there…”

Oh, Bite Me

As the moon rises above the treetops, and a ghostly mist enshrouds the moors, the dreaded vampire roams the sleeping countryside, hungry for his next victim.

Casting neither shadow nor sound, he spies a transient sleeping beneath a tree.

As an inhuman hunger wells within the rancorous pit of his soul, the fiend strikes!

But with just one bite, the monster realizes he has committed the gravest breach of professional vampire courtesy: he has accidentally attacked another vampire!

Peter S. regales us: “Dachshund pup Sigge tries his zombie and werewolf moves on his ‘big brother’ Castor, a Danish-Swedish farmdog. Castor counters with his best vampire impression.”

Honk If You Love Screeches

Oh, I can stop traffic.

But what I really want to do is direct.

It’s not just cars that need to control their emissions, Ingrid T.

It’s Time for Cat Massage!*

Are the stresses and strains of doing… uh, whatever it is a cat does all day making you tense? Then take a just-for-you break at Shinto Sam’s House of Cat Massage! Unwind, as our patient pups ply you with pleasingly pulverizing paws and kronche those stiff ears until they’re “kitten soft.”

* This headline should bring back unpleasant memories for long-time readers.

Stay Together, You Kids!

Don’t go crawling off in every direction! Phoebe, don’t lick that, it might be salty! Hannah, stop sliming your sister, I’ve got my eye on you! And I’ve got my other eye on you, Margot — get back up here this instant! (OK, not exactly instant, but soon.)

Karen H. says: “Found these teeny munching ponies in a dalia plant in the garden. Some are so small they are translucent!”

Obscurities of Japanese Horror Cinema

With the box-office success of Gojira (aka Godzilla) in 1954, the monster-movie craze was on, as studios rushed similar stories into production, often with improvised special effects. Perhaps the most comical of these was Hara Koneko (1957), which called for the title character to rampage through an elaborate miniature set, but who instead preferred to sit around swatting at trains.

Maggie C. writes: “This is my cat, O’Malley. He is almost 10, and weighs a wopping 18.5 pounds! He really did not like when we played with our Lego train set. He has a really big heart, and a even bigger attitude (he yells at us when he is hungry).”

Well, There’s Your Problem…

… your throttle’s jamming, and that’s gumming up your fuel mixture. If I were you, I’d just replace that grass with ground cover, clover maybe. Never needs mowing.

Mary Ann asks: “Who says girls aren’t mechanically inclined? Or reclined? And only 4 months old!”

This Music Smells Funny

Great job on your awesome costume!
Toot, toot, doo-doo, doo-doo.
Oh good boy! Sound effects too!
No, I need to go!

How to turn an iPod into an iPood, biffco.

The Most Heartwarming Thing You’ll See All Day.

Susy P., I love those Go Pro cameras—excellent for cuteporting.

Pillow ‘Tock

I am reminded of a song…
“Send me the pillow that you dream on.
Don’t you know that I still care for you?
Send me the pillow that you dream on,
So darling, I can dream on it, too.”

Sweet dreams to Google the chihuahua, Shane L.


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