Why Not Try a New Thanksgiving Tradition

This time of year, families gather for the traditional feast. And every family has those weird dishes that only appear at Thanksgiving. This coati mundi says no feast is complete without ears, delectabuls ears.

Fave Frame:

OMG a fennec fox AND a coati mundi AND a pomeranian, ignoramusky! Really you shouldn’t have.


In a World…

where the mundane is emphasized with dramatic music and slow mo, the meek are transformed into action heroes. This is one such action hero: Epic Neil.

Fave Frame™

Starring Epic Neil, directed by Amanda and Mike, playing exclusively at Cute Overload (theaters can’t handle the cute).

I Smell Thanksgiving Coming Up. Top Twenty Nosevember Schnozzles 3.0

What better way to prepare for Thanksgiving than with some turkey, dressing, pumpkin pie, and….noiscles! We’re whipping out yet another MASSIVE EXTRA REDONK NOSE-A-THON as a Special Holiday Thanksgiving Prep Bonus!

Remember Black Friday’s actually starting in 48 hours around 8-ish if ya can beleef eet. Instead of battling all those other peeps, why not fire up the MacBook Pro and order one of these?

[I thought we said no commercial plugs in schnozzle posts. Wait- what am I saying? Buy ten of them. -Ed]

1. Bundle UP, Munchkin!

From Karen H.!

2. Hello There, Olive

From Oren B.

3. Pepper The ResQte Lab!

“Pepper is a 5 year old rescue lab and was ‘red tagged’ to be destroyed in 24 hours when we found her 30 days ago,” sez Stuart S of Malibu, MHS ’78.

4. I Could Baroo At ANY Second!

Maxster from Alison S.

5. O HAI, Heidi

The Heid-Ster was sent in from Jessica R, who we presume survived this kitteh grumpiness.

6. Perseus Jackson

Reports Beka M: “This is my adorable doxie Percy, aka Perseus Jackson, doing what he does best, sticking his nose in my face!”

7. Ah’d Rather Have Carrots Than Turkey

Kelly sent us thees bountiful PEEG PIC.

8. Minnie Is No Mouse

Kibblenibble: “This is my Minnie’s cute nose. She has only half a moustache. :-)”

9. Cold Nose, Warm Heart

Puppeh Tybee from Cuteporter Lucy K.

10. OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!!

Via Bri Glazier.

11. SOMEone Caused A Ruckus!

“If you look carefully at this big nose, you’ll see that one nostril looks a bit wonky. Why? Our big dog, Ruckus, was stung by some nasty kind of wasp. At one point his right eye almost swelled shut due to a hyper-sensitivity to stings. Thankfully a vet told us the right dose of Benadryl to give him, and since then we got a First Aid for Dogs pamphlet,”says Charmian Z.

12. TEDDY!

Comments Terra V: “Theodore hopes you’ll forgive him for scraping his nose on the fence trying to catch a squirrel.” We do, Terra, we do!

13. Thelma From Pomona, Hello!*

Vanessa P, we thank thee! (*Larry King used to do this, remember?)

14. Ah Needs A Name, STAT

The leetle critter needs a name- can anyone help Fabiola K out in the comment secshun? Franx.

15. We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Shark Week Nose Model: Elvis Rocco Mac-Bua (Mini-ish Dachshund,) by Lauren M.

16. Really, Reilly?

Aislinn M gets a lot of leaf raking help from Reilly! (Not really.)

17. You’re Ma Angel, Come N’ Save Me To-niiight

Sarah C says: “This is Angel. She is highly unimpressed.”

18. Flopper Disapproval Duly Noted, Sah!

Flopper The Flemish Giant Bun from Joanne M, photo by Amy.

19. If the Nosicle Wasn’t Enough…

Holy Puppehs, Batman! (Thees puppeh ees named Robin and comes from Anna G.)

20. Four For One!

Amber G: “This is Poppy and she has the most adorable pink and black nose. She uses it to smell every. Single. Grass. Blade.”

Not a Snowball’s Chance in Hell…

you can resist the adorable powers of this bun.

Turn up the sound so even your earballs can be mesmerized by bunny crunching.


Just when you thought it was safe to fall asleep, someone with a camera films you. It’s not deadly or anything, just real annoying.

Snowball is gonna sweep the nation, Bonnie G.

A Place to Weather Any Storm

When you’re having a bad day and nobody understands or if the winds and rain just won’t quit, get under the covers and snug up where it’s warm and safe. It’s even better when someone you love is under there with you.

Just remember, nobody likes a Dutch oven.

Sender inner Amy writes that this photo was “taken during Hurricane
 Sandy when there was no heat or electric. My little long coat chihuahua 
Lola and I stayed warm by hiding under the covers. Lola was very brave during the storm.”

White Fluff Alert!

Better take cover. They’re coming for you. Now.

Top video by Newfoun777. Bottom video from TcupIsland.

‘Bye, Mae

Sad news here, People. Sea Otter Mae of the Monterey Bay Aquarium passed away over the weekend at age 11. According to the MBA Tumbler page, “Mae was rescued as a two-day-old pup near Santa Cruz in April 2001, and raised by our Sea Otter Research and Conservation (SORAC) program team. She joined the sea otter exhibit in December 2001.”

Photo credits: 1 & 4) Randy Wilder…3) ©Bill Coggin.

A Joyous Version of David and Goliath

In this version, there are underdogs, overdogs, runningarounddogs and some mighty big paws.

Fave Frame™

Iris S sends us this video of her Samoyed Sammy and their Chinese crested visitor, Nike.

The Theory of Cuteativity

Are geniuses are made, or born? Analysis of Einstein’s brain suggests a physical difference, while others say genius is simply information and insight brought to a boil within a stimulated mind. Either way, having a good role model can help.

Via PuzWorld.ru.

That’s Not a Wall, That’s a Rhino!

Unsuspecting kitty is just walking along, like ya do, when suddenly, the wall moves. Also, the wall has a big horn.

Via Attack of the Cute