And now, a kitten sneaking up on a fennec fox

Hmm, I think I’ll search on the keyword “Fennec foxes” and “kittehs” and see what happens [cross-eyed head tilt]

Rachael K., I don’t even want to know how this happened. It’s FAR too redonk.

Junior Scampersons…

…caught MID-SNORF [mini tail twitch]

Baby Squirrel, originally uploaded by Odalaigh.

As Sender-Inner Dana S. would say, "Sqrl!"

Heart Addax ax ax ax ax ax

I love it when I hear about completely new animals—check this out: two endangered "Addax" were born at the Louisville Zoo in the last few weeks. Their mini horn nubules will son be spiraling out of control.


More on the Addax here from Louisville Zoo. Gracias to Sender-Inner Laura E.

Trubz 1 and Trubz Dos

Hard-charging T1 and T2 are coming your directshe and there is not a whole lot you’re gonna be able to do about eet.


Close up on the Tailio Iglesias:


Susan R. Thanks for pointing out the teeny tailio. Very helpful. Also, Susan points out that one of the kittehs is also a massive thumb-chewer:


Frolicking Little Hos

Kettlesnout Shetland Pony Stud has some frolicking foal action going on—most recently, "Bambi" and "Cinderella" the knobbular foals who are obviously part stuffed animal.





Bambi and Cindi are spoken for, but Kettlesnout expects more foals this year. More miniature redonkulousness at the Gallery! Thanks to Sender-Inner Andrea ;)

THIS JUST IN: Prosh blob crosses sidewalk

Check out the little feets action and undulay-shons.

MVI_0894 Originally uploaded by atomicthumbs

Bunday: Powerful yet tie-tie

I love that this bun’s fluff is SO POWERFUL, yet he’s SO SLEEPY


He’s all: "I can’t be bothered to rev up my fluff for world dominayshe today…"


[Bun sighing sound] "I shall nap and conquer dee worrrld lay-tors."


[Eye capsules close] plink plink!


Thanks to Shiro the bun, Andy H. and Sandra C. ;P

Caturday Craftin’

Sender-Inner Maria Ruth writes: "I am an avid collector (and embroiderer) of vintage embroidery patterns, and when I came across this one (it originally said "Sunday") I thought, "Oh, no, that looks like Caturday to me!"

…To use it, one would print off the Caturday_transfer.jpg, trace over it with a special embroidery transfer pencil (available from any craft store) and iron it onto a piece of cloth. I just made the "flipped" image so you can see what it looks like once it’s ironed on.

Happy Caturday crafting!

Maria Ruth"

Download the Caturday front and back patterns here!


Maria Ruth, I DARE you to make day-of-the-week UNDERPANNTS designs next!

Yes, I speak a little Siamese

My extensive knowledge of Siamese tells me this kitteh is saying "NYERHE!" in 9-thousand different ways.

Rosa P., 1. She is NOT coming inside and 2. Yes she IS being cheeky

Ya’ll are lookin’ good in yer HAMSTER Ts!

People! You are wearing the HECK outta your hamster t-shoits! Check out Sender-Inner Lisa C. here.



Got a pic of you in your ham T? SEND ‘EM IN!