Key LiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimeOMG

Does this puppy have NO OTHER TOYS?!

That’s sour, Crissy G.!

Who’s Snorgling Whom?

And now for something completely different: A raccoon with a pet ferret. Or maybe a ferret with a pet raccoon. Or a rerret playing with a faccoon. Or something.

Be Banana Wise

Never plug bananas into an electrical socket during your bath. Keep them safely in the fruit bowl.

It’s perfectly safe to plug them in after your bath. I do all the time.

Jay likes fried bananas? Who knew, Christina V.!

I Do Declayuh

One, two, three, four, ah declare a thumb warZzzzzz…

Ryan P. sent us this mousie morsel he calls, “Sleeper”.

The Itchy and Scratchy Show

Wow, does my neck itch!… Ahh, that’s better… Wait, now it’s over here!… Whew, well that’s a relie–Hey, now it’s there again! I must have fast-moving fleas!

Give it up for Hope and her duckling Ebeneezer!

“My Little Pony” Spends Her Royalties

… and over here’s where they’ll be building my pink, two-story plastic house overlooking the lake, with a swimming pool and grotto closer to the bluffs, and maybe a gazebo as long as it doesn’t block the view too much. Then over to the left, there’ll be a basketball court that converts to a hockey rink in winter…

We sooooo want to live there, Laura G.

Play Him Off, Keyboard Cats!

Actually, if you squint a little, this looks sort of like the Tom Hanks/Robert Loggia keyboard-dancing sequence from the movie “Big.”

Via GIF Buffet (mostly safe for work)

I Di’int Do Nuffin’

OK Pupster, did you shred the throw pillows, chew the fringe off the rug and pull the curtains down?

Um… no.

We believe you Duane! Don’t we, Tamara K.?

Straighten Up Your Act, Fellas!

Men, do you suffer from that “rumpled” look? Are you embarrassed in social situations by wrinkled T-shirts? Stay neat all day the easy way, with Kit-T-Smooth™!

Simply hide Kit-T-Smooth in your pocket and relax, as the patented Grab-R™ arms automatically smooth and straighten, for that “neat look” all ladies like!

Jamie Lee A. says: “This is Wedge (Or Ruby Buzzknuckle, we haven’t decided.) She was found in a coworker’s engine block after a 45 minute drive from San Marcos to Austin. She prefers small spaces (like pockets and engine blocks.)”

C.O. Consumer News

WASHINGTON — The Federal Trade Commission today announced tougher guidelines aimed at pet stores, including stricter truth-in-labeling requirements.

Cocoa doesn’t look like a bad dog to us, Janet L.


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