I’m detecting microscopic amounts of cuteness


Tori S. says: “One of the biology professors at my college breeds angora rabbits. She brings them in for the students to help socialize, so they’ll be nicer pets (don’t worry, they’re not for experiments!!!) It couldn’t be better timing than right now, what with finals coming up and everything. So, a bunch of us took picture of/with the bunnies.”

I’m wearing this to the Derby!

It’s flamboyant yet natural, AND it will catch the eye of aaaaaall the bucks…

Congratulations to Derby Winner ‘Super Saver’ and Sender Inner Jinners K. See MORE Kentucky Derby Hats of Distinction here.

Capy-pedo away!

Check out these miniscule Capybara twins, born in the Akron Zoo last month. Capybaras look like giant Guinea Peegs, have slightly webbed feets and love to swim.

Capy-pedo AWAY!

Leslie L. shot this submission over our bow. Many more photos over at ZooBorns.

Any Word from My Lawyer?

“Ya gotta believe me, man, I didn’t do it! It was, ah, the one-armed man! Wait, no — it was the Illuminati! The Trilateral Commission? Space aliens? Bigfoot?”

Snug as a Pug

And now, from our Shameless Nepotism Department: One of NTMTOM’s three favorite nieces ever has adopted this cute little tongue, complete with attached puppy, and named him Sam. Everybody say “Hi, Sam!”

Behind the Scenes with Kitty Corleone

I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse…just as soon as I’m done with this fabulously lovely massage.

Watch your back, Dan.

Gee, Why Don’t You Tell Us How You Really Feel, Bernice?

Bernice is sooooooo cold….

How do you deal with such a nasty cat, Tiffini and Adam H.?

Cats! In! HD!

Hey peeps: We’re putting on our geek hat for a moment to ask your opinion. YouTube has videos in high definition; they look great, but may load slowly. We can rig these to play in HD by default, or standard resolution. Which would be better?

Even if you don’t have a preference, enjoy this awesome cat video anyway!

This Just In: Fake ‘Brows for Birds

I don’t know…I feel like I’m walking a fine line between street thug who’s about to steal your seed and mysterious hunk who asks you to join him for a nightcap.

Also makes for a fine fake mustache for hamsters, Sayaka C.

Consider Your Facade Blown, Pretty Kitty

In an unusual move, “Cat Fancy Magazine” recently featured an expose detailing the necessary grooming and heavy airbrushing that goes into prepping a high-maintenance kitty for a print ad.

Let’s examine the “after” photos first:

Now prepare to be flabbergasted as we take a look at the raw footage of the very same kitty during the very same photo shoot:

Cute cats, Joyce S. and  Jesse F-A


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