So Glad You Asked!

Why do dogs chase their tails?

Well you see, realistically, they have self image issues which also accounts for their lack of appreciation for mirrors. Philosophically, it could of course be a question of ethics, but by nature, dogs are conspicuous in their absence of moral reason, or any other kind of reason. Therefore, we can assume they are idealists and everyone knows idealists are easy!

There you are. Any better ideas?

So glad we were able to help, Bardi the Boxer and Jona G.

I Just Can’t Decide!

Maybe I should just nibble a bit off one end? No, that would ruin the symmetry…

Well, OK, how about equal nibbling on both ends? Um…

Oh, what the heck! Go for the gusto and bite it right down the middle!

Dianne says: “Although he loved his present, Gus Gus had no idea where to start!”

Let’s Start By Teaching Him How to Keep Everyone Awake at Night

Look, this whole “baby” thing really soils the solid reputation of miscreance that we worked so hard to create and maintain.

Yes, I rather liked being associated with something that was clearly focused on its core principles; i.e. spreading neuroses, insolence and fur.

Fivl, (2 weeks old here) lays on his changing pad along with two furkids FuiFui (the grey one) and Milkshake (the white one). Third time’s the charm, eh, Vladmir C.?

Your Ice Cream or Your Life!

Here, take my ice cream! Just please don’t hurt me!

Bella Lightning Bolt says, “Bill H., yer just lucky ya weren’t eatin’ a Twinkie.”

Wow, You’ve Got a Big Mouth!

Yeah, people keep coming up to me and telling me that. “You got a big mouth,” they says, and then I says “Yeah, I know, it’s just how I am,” that’s what I says to ’em.

Like the time I run into Donna from the block, coming out of Charlie’s apartment at six in the morning, which struck me kinda funny, seeing how she’s engaged to Ralph the butcher for six months now. Anyway, she says to me “You got a big mouth, you know that?” And I says “Yeah, I get that all the time.”

And just last week, Big Vinnie come up to me, he’s the guy with the gold chains and the pompadour, even though it’s really a toupee and the chains spend more time in the pawn shop than ’round his neck on account of his gambling problem, anyway he says to me “Hey, you got a big mouth,” and I says “I know, I was just born with it.”

“My mom found this little guy on a field trip. He’s definitely happy about something,” says Elizabeth M.


Bar-roh-ooh-ooh-ooh! [Dog laughing sound]

Via Linda B. over at Pinterest.

Man’s BFF

This is Sandy. My brother found her 10 years ago as a stray puppy, so my family adopted her. She was an extremely good companion to my mother, who was very ill, had little mobility, and spent much of her life in a hospital bed in our living room. Sandy was probably my dad’s best friend too, especially after my mother passed away in August 2007. Since my father spent much of the last 20 years caring for his wife, he had very little else in his life, and I’m so glad Sandy provided him comfort and love. My father, unfortunately, passed away unexpectedly in June 2011, so Sandy went on to live with my brother again.

Sandy was diagnosed with liver cancer a couple of months before my dad passed away. After a very risky and very expensive surgery, she was said to be cured, only to have the cancer return again. We found out just last week, so yesterday, January 25, 2012, during another risky but hopeful surgery, the surgeon removed a tumor that was more than 3 pounds and attached to her liver and her intestines. In an act of mercy, it was decided to spare her the long and painful recovery from her surgery only to have her live a few more weeks. She was put to sleep, and while I cannot say with certainty that what was done was right or wrong, I do know that my world will not be the same without that sweet pup.

She was everything a sweet, loving, sometimes naughty puppy should be, and she brought endless laughter and smiles to the people who knew her. Goodbye Sandy! You will be missed.

That was a loving tribute, Meghan R.

No Exit Strategy Whatsoever

Remember this Boston Terrier troublemaker named Frito? Frito is the one seated, for the moment, at right, until he gets to CAT SNORFING

Well Frito is back! And now at the park. No cats were harmed making this video.

Frito at Pullen park from Ryan Shelley on Vimeo.

Nice camerawork, Ryan S.!

The squeakingks!

The chubbular regions!

The learning to walkings!

It’s entirely too moshe! — wait, is that a poop on the floor? [facepalm]

And introducing: FAVE FRAME™ (My favorite part of this movie, the new video equivalent to the Cute Overload Xtreme Close-Up)

Super-Sender-Inner Josh N. sent this one in after emitting a Super Squeal.

Cute Debut

Hello World!

Elphaba’s my name.

Madagascar’s my game.

My only game.

Hi. I’m new, wanna be friends?

All sifaka lemurs, like me, are threatened. All lemurs live on Madagascar.

Madagascar is one of the world’s most endangered biodiversity hotspots. These are photos taken by Duke Lemur Center staff photographer, David Haring, sent to us by Niki Barnett, thank you!


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