The Perfect Bun — Every Time!

Do you want a bunny, but have a “hard to fit” lap? Then you need Mold-A-Bun™ from FlopCo! Mold-A-Bun’s exclusive PuttyPaws™ (patent pending) technology lets you squeeze your bun into any shape…

… Until it’s a custom fit!

That’s a honey of a bunny, Cizuka S.

They Had It Coming, I Tell You!

There I was, resting comfortably, minding my own business, when I felt the soft, fluffy hand of death against my back. I turned, and faced a ferocious stuffed rabbit. Two rabbits. With knives. “We’ve come for your humans,” they said, but I stood up to protect you. It was a horrible struggle, but I prevailed. You’re safe now.

A likely story, Peggy H.

Sir Eyebrowdots the Great &Victorious

With my magnificent eyebrow dots, I shall conquer the world! Nothing can stop me now! Victory will be mine.
Can I bring you back anything?

Chris, please teach Mischa (11 mo. old Alaskan Klee Kai) to say, “Veni, vidi, vici.”

Yoinks and Gadzooks!

But soft! What treasure hath the Fates placed before mine eyes? A kernel of corn!

Oh, what sweet blessing from Nature’s bounty — a pitiful morsel to some, but a bounteous feast to a humble creature such as I!

We like eloquence in a rodent, Megan A.

Oh Nose

I used to worry about being a, you know, ferret, but now I’m going to go straight and I have nothing to hide.

If I have nothing to hide then I have nothing to worry about, right?

I am a ferret!

….. And I’m worried I have nothing to hide!

Whiskers is worried about keeping his nose clean, theogeo.

Behold the Future of Advertising

Back in August, we toured a cutting-edge cat video studio. Now we explore the next phase of this global feline media phenomenon, as brand marketers embrace the emerging medium’s transformative potential to create relevant, best-in-breed, virally immersive product interaction experience yimbity glopfarble wah de doo dah.

Probably Nothing More Than Rumours

Crazy rumours are spreading that the squirrels have been boldly stealing right from the bird feeder.
I’d like to correct that terrible misconception.

Sender-inner Erica M. says, “The eight-foot high birdfeeder is Fatboy’s favorite place to spend hot summer days…” Photo by Tasha G.

You Want a Salad With That?

Welcome, may I take your order?  How about our Whopper Deluxe Big Double Dare Ya Bunny with stuffed crust,  deep fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar?

“Where‘s the bun” jpockele ?

Don’t Wake the Puppy

Shhh. (whisperinks) Please keep it down will ya? Yes, it’s a yellow lab puppy. But it’s sleeping. You can have another look if you can scroll down quietly. But don’t wake the puppy!

Oh noes! You noisy scroller!!! Go back up and try again.

There goes the souffle’, Shanley M.

Quick! Get Me Two Singing Italian Waiters and Some Meatballs!

And now, let’s watch two unusual pals pasta time by sharing a pot of noodles. Look sharp for a “Lady and the Tramp” moment around 1:10.


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