Part of the Pride

This fine Caturday we bring you South African Animal Behaviorist Kevin Richardson. He runs animal private reserve and is accepted as a cub sitter:

Sharpei Sharpé Sharpy sent in the video, Marilyn T. over at National Geographic sent in the cub photos by Beverly Joubert.

I’ll take that one

[Plucks delectabuhl ham from Clementine box]

Psssst, look who crawled in thar:

Colleen B.’s ham need vitamin C!


Bon Apétit! Tonight we haf:

Salmon (Sssh, it’s really papaya!)
Tuna (Hee! Watermelon!)
Sashimi (No, eet’s really plum and zuh plum skeen!)
Ahi Tuna Steak (Watermelon again!)
Delmonico Steak (Keeding! Eet’s Portobello mushroom!)
Cheesecake (Cheese wis yogurt dollop!)

And don’t forget zuh carrot chopsteecks.

Katrina B., we have to introduce you to Mathijs over at Cooking For Lucy of HamsterTracker fame. P.S. did you know that Mathijs has a new book!?

Resistance is Futon

Soon, your furniture will be mine, all mine! Pfffft! Pfffft! 

I am not a sham, says Magui.

My Bathket

I wove my wicker. Wick, wick, wick.

Don’t get carried away, Branston!

Rub a dub dub, Ladies

Oh and these bubbles? They’re strategically placed.

Carrie K. knows how to handle a VIP Nosicle like Hamlet.

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

…who bore a striking resemblance to our next-door neighbor, Mr. Lundquist.

Photo credit: Andrea Schaffer

Mr. Tomkins, Wait!

“Your collar is up. I’ll fix it so you wont look silly at the Big Meeting.”
“Miss Whitetail, I want to look good for the Big Meeting, please fix my collar.”
“Of course, Mr. Tomkins. Why didn’t I think of that?”

What a good eye deer, Kaley!

¡Ay, Cur Rhumba!

Día tras día, Conchita bailaba frente al espejo. Ella espera con todo su corazón para realizar su sueño: Ser un bailarín en el programa televisivo “El Sábado Gigante.” *

* Translation: Day after day, Conchita danced in front of the mirror. She hoped with all her heart to realize her dream: To be a backup dancer on the television program “The Saturday of the Extreme Largeness.”

Ducklings blowing in the wind

How many sidewalks must a duckling walk down
Before they get totally blown awaaaaaay
How many bricks must a Mom duck cross
Before she totally eats it too
Yes, how many times must the ducklings get tossed
Before they’re forever harmed?
The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind
The answer is blowin’ in the wind

Apologies to Bob D. and Jennifer V.


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