Pa-Sickie II: Honeydew Boogaloo

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the power of honeydew melon popsicles so amazing, they can transform kitties into pups with a 2/3 success rate.

From Barbara S., “DaChickenLady”

PS: The swimming pool’s a smart idea, ’cause them popsicles is messy.

Consternation and Befuddlement!

After a relaxing brandy in the members’ lounge, Lord Mumphrey left the exclusive Cat and Mouse Club for his rendezvous with Miss Penelope Hoosterwooster.

Emerging into the gaslit evening, it dawned on him that the check clerk had given him the wrong hat. “This can only mean,” he mused, “that somewhere, a mouse is attempting to hail a carriage from within the confines of a size seven bowler.”

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Grand Opening of The Boxxy Fold Rehabilitation Center; Cardboarda Non Grata

We’re witnessing an epidemic. Is Maru to blame? We’re not sure. What we do know is that these kitties need serious treatment, and thankfully this rehab will cater to their specific needs:

1. The Fatties

2) The Oddly Lanky

3) The Contortionists

4) The Think-Outside-the-Box Guys

Curl up, Alicia B.

The Germaphobes on McGregor’s Farm Freak Out 

I shall sit here and lick each and every strand of veg. And I’ll have you know that I have a case of the –  wait for it – sniffles.

Hand wipes, Nicole N.

The Tale of Piwi the Kiwi

This is too cool for jokes, so we’ll let the YouTube notes tell the story:

Wildlife experts found Piwi and transported him to a wildlife park to mend his broken leg. The vets decided to use a treadmill to help with Piwi’s recovery. At first, Piwi wasn’t too thrilled to be on the treadmill, but the vets have said that his workout has drastically improved his muscle tone and great chance of surviving out in the wild again.

Posted to our Twitter feed by Sunny. Good onya, mate!

Update: If you cannot view this video, try here instead. Thanks to The_Swede.

Don’t Wake the Beast

What an adorable baby skunk! Look at him, all shmooshy and sleepy!

He’s just the *sweetest* little guy in the whole wide world!

Oooh, my favorite little fella’s waking up!

No kidding, I’m waking up. I bet it has nothing to do with your insipid yapping. And FYI: Dreams don’t come true, because guess what? I’m still here…in the House that Beige Built.

Now, why don’t you put me down and run and get my lunch. And sweetie? You may want to rethink that lipstick, because it’s only enhancing that trout pout.

Don’t you love that new skunk smell, Sara?

That is One Big Baby

On July 13th, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay welcomed a baby white rhinoceros:

The female baby is the fifth white rhino born at Busch Gardens since 2004.

The baby weighed in at an estimated 140 pounds at birth, and she’ll gain approximately FOUR pounds EACH DAY until she reaches her Volkswagen-sized weight of 3,500 to 4,000 pounds. It’s safe to say that nobody will be putting baby in a corner.

Keep ‘em coming, Nick G. Photo by Matt Marriott

Meet Oscar: World’s Worst Compulsive Liar

Nope, can’t say I have. Perhaps this “Bruno” you’re searching for ran off with that talking penguin I keep seeing ’round these parts. Yeah, that must be what happened.

Hi, I’d like a double-decker dog with a side of ridiculous, Luisa C.

After-Dinner Turtle?

Eet ees ze perfect complement to ze meal. Ze tiny shell, she ees so light and delicate, and ze leempid eyes, zey are so sweet and bee-yoo-te-fool. Ah, but you must try at least ze one, I een-seest…

I still prefer the crunchy frog, Liz M.

Is Your Pocket Pet a Secret Spy?

A Cute Overload Security Bulletin: The newest trend in corporate espionage is the “surveillance hamster,” an innocent-looking pet trained to listen in on phone calls and report to competitors. Beware!

That’s Squishy the Hamster, from Lisa S.!


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