Whole Ocelotta Love

Woodland Park Zoos/Recordng artists are at it again, cranking out number one hits. No, it’s not the latest from the Turtles, or the Gorillaz, this time it’s the ocelots. Take one part folk-gee-tar, one part striped muzzlepowshe. Crank it on your Zuuuune baybeee!

Turkey Dinner for Turkeys

People, if you want an alternative to your turkey Thanksgiving dinner check out, Adopt-a-Turkey.com.


Check out these adoptable dudes, stuffing themselves!


Nommity nommity nommity


Jeanette P. way to pour on the guilt like gravy. Thanks.


Sing it with us now;

Marmoset there’d be days like this

There’ll be days like this marmoset


Marmoset, marmoset!


Marmoset there’ll be days like this,

there’ll be days like this marmoset


I went walking the other day


everything was going fine

I met a little boy (turtle) named Billie Joe


and I almost lost my mind! [repeat chorus]

Video from Sender-Inner Susanna G., Pygmy Marmoset by Johnny2bad, Pygmy Marmoset with a PING PONG BALL YES HE’S THAT SMALL from Caroline W., Albino pygmy marmosets via Daily Mail UK from Sarah W., Pygmy marmosets making a peace sign from Sender-Inner Laura H., Albino pygmy marmoset sent in by everyone and their brother, Marmoset who looks like he’s about to go walking with a 3-inch walking stick from Sender-Inner RMT via Wildlife Conservation Society, pensillita_marmoset, was pointed out to us by Caroline W. and photographed by drumattica. Pygmy Marmoset by Dries Arnolds. Baby marmoset, suggested by Hattie J., photographed by floridapfe. Baby marmoset, by floridapfe. ;)

These photos just might save your family.

Brace yourselves. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and your Mom is going to tell you that you made the potatoes wrong. I’m just telling you now. So, to successfully deal with the onslaught of family holidays, I’d like to suggest, in this order:

1. Carry a pocket flask for liquid courage as needed. Do not share it with your Druncle.

2. Whenever you need to, come back to these two photos to remind yourself not all families are full of dysfunctional morons. [head tilt]

I am so full from all the photos Johanna S. finds [patting belleh]. Specter and "his" babies and Happy Family by Boered.

Again, let’s check in on the Shiba Inu puppy cam

Everything seems to be in order… WAIT A MINUTO!!!

Those puppies have gotten really big. And I think they’re drinking too much Natty Lite. Thoughts T.L.?

Let’s Go, We’re Losing Our Light!

"Stop standing around, people, we’ve got a fashion shoot to do!  Steve, I need you to move the herd of zebras to the left, they’re blocking the Christmas trees.  Trapeze artists, dangle a little lower, I can’t get you in frame.  Whoa, that’s enough makeup on the ballerinas, Marcie, we’re going for the natural look here.  OK, people — let’s make a statement!  (Hm, I think I’ll give this shot an F-17 with 800 ISO and 99 44/100 percent hydro-jammaframmitz.)"

You can tell it's an awesome camera; it's bigger than I am.

Found on Teh Intartubes.  That’s an Echidna, for those who don’t know.

A Kitten at the “I-can-put-my-entire-hand-around-your-ribcage” stage

Kitten Top veteranarians and scientists around the world agree there is a certain stage of kitteh development known as "I-can-put-my-entire-hand-around-your-ribcage". Here’s how to tell:

1. Take a scientific instrument such as your hand.
2. Touch your thumb and middle finger together.
3. That circle you just made should perfectly fit around this kitteh’s ribcage.

Bingo, People.


Cindy H., we learn something new every day.


What you see:

What kitty sees:

Kitties has such rich imaginationses, Annie M.

Ssssh, a peek at an internal newsletter at Turner Broadcasting

We just got word the insane-in-membrane folks over at the Turner Broadcasting London office created a very important internal memo. It’s a double spread, in the Ted newsletter, celebrating employee’s animals. Amazingly, they got the fonts to match and even mimicked our voice… see fer yerselfs!


View Wait, Sender-Inner Kasia, you guys named your internal newsletter "Ted"!? OMG! That means we must do a C.O. Newsletter named "Meg"!

[UPDATE -- you can now click here to see a MUCH larger version! - Ed.]


People, a video this redonkulous comes across our Cute Overload desks once in a blue moon. It’s.. well, it’s so bad it’s good. Never mind the translation, you’ll get it.

Without further ado, Toby and Sheila…

You can pull my dead beak off and drag me around any time, Lee Anne.


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