Workin’ The Drive-Thru Window

It would seem they’ve got a different type of drive-thru window in London. With this one- the food is brought TO the drive-thru window person sloth, not to the hoomin in the drive-thru lane.

Ah well, they drive on the wrong side of the road over there, anyways.

Leander the sloth at ZSL London Zoo.


The Pug Drawing Contest Results R Een!

Remember the contest where you could have your little Pugster Puppeh drawn by drawn by New Yorker cartoonist Victoria Roberts? Well, the results are een!

First Winner: Mila

Second Winner: Ester

Third Winner: Professor Penelope Glottis

Fourth Winner: Sled Pugs

Fifth Winner: Zoon




OPAN GANGHAM STYLE (I kid, I kid, we’re not embedding that video)

Otter-vid from the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

Maximum Max Relax

Max relaxes better than anyone else. Note the pokey Stubbular Pawz and the Left and Right Ears that go ZOINK in each direction, like they’re pullin’ in DirecTV or sumfin’.  #Givemeabreakwillyouplease.

Kathleen S. sent in thees photo (that’s actually Teddy but they’re all MAX to us.)

Three Not-Pug* Night

True fact: According to Wikipedia, the classic rock group Three Dog Night took its name from indigenous Australians, who curled up with dogs at night for warmth. Most nights, one dog would do, but on the coldest nights three dogs were needed.

Joy to the world, Joyce K. (via

* OK, so they’re French Bulldogs.

The Schnozz Boss

Welcome. You finally leveled up. The temple guards were defeated, the two torn halves of the map fit, the right crystals exploded, you collected coins, avoided traps and obliterated my armies. You’ve come a long way. Now you must speak the Correct Password to the Keeper of the Last Door; The Schnozz Boss!

Deb B., says her 4 month old Great Dane, Sif, is “nosetastic!” Agreed! Nosevembertastic even!

I Love the Smell of Fail in the Morning

When a covert job requires ultimate stealth and skill, the kittens of Fail Team Six are there. No hiding place is beyond their reach, and their only enemy… is gravity.

Sender-inner Hilary K. says: “Ok admittedly, some of these kinda freaked me out (like the cat on the roof! OMG is he ok?!) but so many of them are just too funny to pass up!”

You’ve Got a Little Schmutz on Your Face

Let me get that for you.

Via Reddit.

What makes you think I just had a roll in the hay?

(timorous, muffled hedgehog teehee)

Geoffrey tells us his story of fostering Jake, for a friend with over 30 hedgies in her rescue care and who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Jake, a 6 year old African Pygmy Hedgehog, was not happy to be held by a stranger! But Geoffrey says after about 15 minutes Jake’s, “cute, little wet nose peeked out between the prickly quills. It was such a Cute Overload moment!” Very happily, Jake is back with his human mom now who has since beaten the cancer! Yay!

El Mystico, The Psychic Pup!

… and now I’m getting a image, someone in this side of the audience is thinking about a supper dish… stainless steel with a name on the side, begins with “R” or “F”… Is that you, sir? Rex? Ralph, that’s what I meant… and I’m also seeing a leg, Ralph, wearing tan khakis or chinos… You’re very familiar with this leg, Ralph…

From the shrouded mists of the beyond (or maybe California), Carina M. writes: “This is our foster dog, Molly. She loves all people, but desires to slay all other animals, and she barks when she’s alone. Otherwise, the perfect pet, really! She has a very cute nosicle, which sometimes is covered in dirt from her adventures in the yard.”