Eye Don’t Like the Looks of This

Left eye: I‘m not seeing any flies! Right eye: On the contrary, I‘m getting buzzed!

We’re always open to opposing points of view, Brian G., and your Hyperolius cinnamomeoventris; Cinnamon-bellied Reed Frog.

Can’t You Build the Barn Later?

I’m too terribly tie-tie to toddle today. Ta.

Jan T. says: “This is my pygmy goat, Jesse, when he was 9 days old. After a few hours of playing with his older brothers, he laid down on some boards intended for a remodeling project to take a nap.”

*Chimp My Ride

So I was driving, and the Mrs. suddenly looked panicky, not the kind of panicky like when it’s late at night and I’m driving too fast on a curvy road we’ve never been on before and there are no other cars and the radio only gets one station and it plays that droning new age tonal stuff and she’s been telling me this long story about when she was a kid at summer camp and…. and all of a sudden she notices I have fallen asleep at the wheel. Not that sort of panicky

Then the officer charged us with monk and disorderly driving.

Follow that monkey, johnhope14! *OK, it is not a chimp, it’s a macaque. How about a little gibbon take here.

Don’t You Forget About Me

Don’t Don’t Don’t Don’t
Don’t you forget about me.

Will you stand above me?
Look my way and never love me?
Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling,
Down, down, down…

Sender-Inner Jenny B. says, “let people know there are animals out there that need us desperately. And to always treat them with the same dignity and kindness we would like to receive ourselves.” Photo: Kitten, December, 2007, Hoi An, VietNam flooding disaster; unknown photographer.

Note: We welcome comments from anyone who has source information about this photo. Thank you.

Bears Repeating

Time for some cute nightmare fuel, in the form of this animation from artist and composer Cyriak, which looks like the result of a nuclear meltdown at Build-A-Bear.

I Don’t Think He Knows About Elevenzees

My dear fellow Mr. Aragorn, is your tea agreeable?

Happy 11-11-11, Jill N.

Search Party

“Stanley, you check the north shore. Louise, see if he fell asleep in the reeds again. Pauline, check the playground. Ooh, when I get my feathers on that boy, he’ll wish he was never hatched.”

Somebody’s getting a stern honking to, Alexandre.

Certified Cat-inum!

Here’s a must-have for every cuteologist’s website collection: The Kitten Covers, classic album covers as they were always meant to be seen — with kittens.

See more at thekittencovers.tumblr.com.

The Spy Who Smelled Me

Intelligence sources are tracking sinister schnozz activity by Undercover Agent Nosey Mewkiss.

Bobby says smell ya later, Deena S.!


Just a subtle reminder, pal — it’s your turn to do the dishes tonight! And make sure you scrub off that beaked-on grime this time!

“Dolly was on the dishes so I thought I would catch the moment,” says Flickr user Nigel Wedge.


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