Dog Looks Like an Emoticon :D

People, will you please get a load of Benny, the extremely wide-eyed Pom, enjoying his bath, set to music from—what is it, Mario Kart?! 😀 😀 😀

Fave Ehrmergerd Frame™
Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 7.21.24 AM
Via DListed, my other favorite site.


Here to Steal Your Soul, People

We get a lot of simply fantastic photos sent to us here at Cute Overload. (BTW, send ’em here, STAT!)

This first one might be the single most devastatingly cute photo in the history of……history. And the ‘tocks at the end (pun intended.)

Angela C., You & Kodie are giving Boo a run for his cash moneh.

I’m Not Tired and I’m Not Going To Bed.

I’m gonna stay right here and hang out with you guys all night long.

And, no, I don’t have to pee.

Amelia K tell us, “This is my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Baila Rose at ten weeks old. Baila says “I be the cutest!”

Think Outside the Box

Sender-Inner Andrew B. says “Here are two pictures of our rescue rabbit Blake. He was kept in a small box most of his life [Grrrrrrrrrr -Ed] and we were told he’d have difficulty walking and wouldn’t last long. We’ve had him almost two years and as you can see he enjoys running in the garden a lot!”


Daisy and her loyal attendant, Camera

[Royal fanfare] Daisy has arrived!

Please meet the Cutest Little Kitten in the World…Daisy.
Posey Daisy.

Lazy Daisy.

Upsy Daisy.

Donesy Daisy.

Camera will never stray far from Daisy, AKA the Cutest Little Kitten in the World, who first appeared on CO here. Photos by Ben T.

Recent Acquisitions

The Gertrude N. Heathcliff Galleries are pleased to announce the debut of Picks, an installation by multi-media sculptor Zamboni Phoenix Ascending (née Chad Biffman). The piece consists of hundreds of holes representing legendary guitar picks that the artist has collected over the years in his imagination.

Via Kylir Horton.

It’s a, It’s a, It’s a

It’s asleep!

What could be cuter than a sleppeh chinchillacheen? Two! Two sleppeh chinchillacheens!

Turn it up for Chinchillacheen chatter chatter chatter!

Chin chin anee, chin chin anee, chin chin aroo, Karen ChinTubeHD

Splittin’ Kitten Headache

Sure I look tired! I’ve had this kid on my back all day!


Where Do We Draw the Line?

Is it really a cute kitten if it’s only a picture of a cute kitten? Can a picture be “real”? That’s a tough concept to wrap oneself around; I just can’t put my finger on it…

From Sin Amigos via Flickr.

Baby Navann Gets a Bigger Bathtub!

Still not big enough for mom.

Fave Frame™

I love a good sequel, Mindy P. We’ll be sure to check in at Save Elephant Foundation to keep up with Navann’s hijinks!