It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night

And I’ve been sleeping like a dog.

Tocks up, Ben. (Lyrics adapted from Lennon & McCartney..sort of.)

Kitty the ResQter

Just looking at me, you would think I’m an adorable kitten.

And it’s true, I am.

But, I’m more than cute, I’m a surrogate mother to squirrels.

When they are very tiny, they don’t try to run away, so you can cuddle them all you like, even when you get distracted by a strange noise or flicker of light.

One day, my little friend will be big and frolic in the trees. He won’t have the time to let me groom him. I’m making the most of it right now.

This takes ResQte to a WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL, Star Foxy!

#CorgiCam, live in color!

We’ve had reports of snoozing, snuggling, and snorgling Corgi Puppehs, all piled in a heap. Let’s go live to the scene of, snorgle, for the latest deets and tweets!

Corgi-Riffic, Pet Collective!

We Only Want Justice

Reported incidents of squeeing are on the rise! We must be vigilant! Are you able to identify which of the bad boys in this lineup made you squee? Just take your time, take your time.

Do any of the suspicious characters in this lineup stand out to you? It’s OK to snitch!

Would you like to press charges, Neatorama Facebook and Robyn A.?

Now, Back to The Dating Game

And now, Marcie, let’s learn a bit about the bachelor you picked: He’s a prehistoric cave art critic for the Akron Daily Flugelhorn, he enjoys wind jumping, base sailing, and para surfing; collects World War II-era pocket lint; speaks Farsi, Esperanto, and Klingon; was voted “class clown” at the Eugene Z. Gravel Undertaker College; paints still lifes in the nude; and in his spare time he’s the Australian Junior Minister for Fisheries. Please welcome… Gern “Blackie” Bleenowitz!

This picture has nothing to do with Arbroath.

When Frogs Attack!

Mr. McFroggersons is just sitting there, minding his own business. Then suddenly…

Merci, Petsami-san.

We Needed Some Foods In The House…

…So ah went out into the jungle and caught us dinner!

I bag eet, you cook eet?

Behold Harper The Mighty Hunter, from Chambers2X.

Panda Jailbreak!!!

All we get here is bamboo, bamboo, bamboo!

Enough! I want me a burger!

Who’s with me?

Via The Audioworm.

The Old Man and the Seafood

It had been a good catch and there were many fish. The silver scales reflected the glint of the noonday sun and felt rough and flaky against their calloused fingers and I meant the fingers of the men and not the fish because fish don’t have fingers and it had been a good catch but I said that already. A cat watched them. And another. And then another and then another and then yet another and then a still further entirely different yet suspiciously identical other and then there were many cats.

There was a website and its name was Pixdaus and the picture came from there.

Who ordered the Warm Grey Kitten Ball?

[pushes forward in a ‘here!’ motion]

Via Lace and Flora.


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