Heavy Is the Head that Wears the Tapioca

As the morning sun casts its first shadows across the arid savannah, the young lion cub awakens and surveys his domain.

From birth, it has been his destiny to be admired and served by his loyal subjects. For this sake, he must always maintain an aloof and regal composure.

It is a sacrifice demanded of all who would lead: to abandon childish folly and stand instead as the embodiment of poise and dignity. Or, y’know, maybe not…

Via Mikael Tigerström.


They Are Correct.

My Modern Met.com proclaims Miss Xuxu as the “Cutest Little Puppeh In The World.”

They are correct. Images from Thai Hoa Pham, photographer extraordinaire.

Here’s A Question For You

Is the ratio of cats who sleep on their backs directly related to the level of FLOOF on their bellehs???

And, does a floofeh belleh cat who sleeps on its back assume all responsibility for snorgle attacks?

No? Hey, you catch on quick!

Roly-poly Monkee makes Erica G. late for work almost every day.

Stressed from Exams? PLAY WITH PUPPEHS

It has come to our atten-shons that two Universities are attempting to reduce student stress by encouraging playtime. WITH PUPPEHS!

First, The Herald Extra is reporting that BYU student and entrepupneur Jenna Miller started an organization called Puppies for Rent and “is offering a wriggling batch of now seven puppies for playtime rentals, with each pup hand delivered straight to customers’ doors.”

Entrepupneur <--see what I did there?
Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia is also using this novel way to help students de-stress.

Cuddle puppehs and cope with finals week?! Sign me up.

Animuhls are brought in by Therapeutic Paws of Canada.

Puppies for Rent images via PuppiesforRent.com and Instagram. Puppy Room flyer via Dalhousie FB.

Hey Buddy

Wanna hang out?

Bra! I’d love to.

Josh N. volunteered at Sloth Sanctuary for two weeks and came back with loads of pictures – bet he wishes he came back with a sloth or twelve in his suitcase. See more from Josh here.

The Island of Dr. Moreau, Part II

In this thrilling sequel to H. G. Wells’ classic tale of genetic engineering run amok, Dr. Moreau once again attempts to create human/animal hybrids, but shoots for something a little more cute this time out.

This has been a brainware3000 Production.

Play Misty, for Me

Walk my way,

And a thousand violins begin to play

Can’t you see that you’re leading me on?

And it’s just what I want you to do

Don’t you notice how hopelessly I’m lost

That’s why I’m following you

I’m too misty

And too much in love

Hannah J. says, “Just wanted to submit my photos of Misty, my friend’s adorable 6 week old Jack Russell Terrier puppy! Hope you like them!”

Humbug, Definish Of

Kelli S. says “Lilly (the early years)… thrilled to be Santa!!!” You sure on that, Kell?

C.O. Breed of the Week

Among larger dogs, perhaps no breed is more even-tempered than the Labrador Retriever. This noble breed, whose lustrous coat varies in hue from rich licorice to deep onyx, is loyal, patient, and easygoing, making it the ideal… (um, excuse me, but we’re not doing huskies this week, you’re in week six…)

Via Buzzfeed, Reddit… pretty much the whole Internet.

Cat in a Box!

Step One: Take the lid off the box.

Step Two: Put your awesome in the box.

Step Three: Make us look at the box.

And that’s the way you do it!

David C submits Vasily, a long-haired Siberian kitten, for your approval.