When Frogs Attack!

Mr. McFroggersons is just sitting there, minding his own business. Then suddenly…

Merci, Petsami-san.

We Needed Some Foods In The House…

…So ah went out into the jungle and caught us dinner!

I bag eet, you cook eet?

Behold Harper The Mighty Hunter, from Chambers2X.

Panda Jailbreak!!!

All we get here is bamboo, bamboo, bamboo!

Enough! I want me a burger!

Who’s with me?

Via The Audioworm.

The Old Man and the Seafood

It had been a good catch and there were many fish. The silver scales reflected the glint of the noonday sun and felt rough and flaky against their calloused fingers and I meant the fingers of the men and not the fish because fish don’t have fingers and it had been a good catch but I said that already. A cat watched them. And another. And then another and then another and then yet another and then a still further entirely different yet suspiciously identical other and then there were many cats.

There was a website and its name was Pixdaus and the picture came from there.

Who ordered the Warm Grey Kitten Ball?

[pushes forward in a ‘here!’ motion]

Via Lace and Flora.

Only Slightly Mad

What does wet kitty see that we don’t see?

Something is there.

What does wet kitty hear that we can’t hear?

What is in the air?

Maybe it’s the floating pixie fairies.

On pitying wings.

Maybe they tell wet kitties what to do.

Dark, sinister things!

So if you ever bathe your kitty,

You better bet,

The little voices are calling to it,

Telling wet kitty not to destroy you …yet.

The pixies made him do it, Steveislegend

Oh, Just Plant Yourself Anywhere

We weren’t really looking forward to weeding those petunias anyway.

Via Reddit user davesidious.

Saving Miss Daisy

This one’s courtesy of Cristal G, who tells us the following story. (She even provided a tres’ appropo headline of “Scrawny McScrawnersons,” but the movie title play on words works, no?) “Daisy and her siblings went to see the vet this morning, and she was very happy with their progress and their level of activity is so high that it proves they are beginning to thrive. These kittens came to us in the nick of time, they were very inactive when they first came in. I hope to get more photos later of the rest of the group.”

Snagged From Facebook Bonus Update Shot: Little Miss Daisy, asleep on her bed of choice!

Well done, CG, well done.

Then We’ll Huff and We’ll Puff…

Old Mother Goose could learn a few things from you, Willya!

RIP Snow

Sad news to report, People. Snow the Polar Bear died unexpectedly Sunday night at the age of 17. Here’s the Denver Post with more details.

Snow and her twin brother Klondike were born back in 1994 at the Denver Zoo.

Thanks to Kurt Peterson’s FB page for the story.


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