So What Did You Do For Fun When You Were a Kid, Grandpa?

“… back in those days, we didn’t any of this fancy-lad HD, 3-D, DVD whatzidingle, no sir.  Paid a nickel to take the streetcar down to the Odeon every Friday night.  Only cost a nickel to get in, and a large popcorn, that was another nickel…”

“… and that got you a feature, a newsreel, three cartoons, a travelogue from some island where the women didn’t wear shirts, Gaylord Mercer on the Mighty Wurlitzer, a trapeze act, and a live reenactment of the Battle of Little Big Horn, with horses.”

Something to ponder while you enjoy Avatar, Kerry M.

Very Pretty. Now Where’s the Food?

Chez Mignon came highly recommended, but when Hudson saw this pretentious plate, he  realized he wasn’t Zagat’s target audience and vowed to stick to Fuddrucker’s.

A+ for plating, Katrina B.

And filed under “Credit, Where Credit is Due”, it should be noted that Katrina B. prepared the above feast of vegetable pizza, biscotti, honeydew slices and birthday cake. The biscotti is sliced walnut, the honeydew is broccoli stem, and the cake is apple and papaya. In creativity alone, it’s worth $150.

Cat, No Rack

“Ya know, this really isn’t working out as a blanket.  And what happened to those nice pillows that used to be in here?”

Clean your room, Tracey M.!  Sheesh!

Pigs in Blankets

Shirley told me that Rhonda told Milicent who told Beatrice that he likes me. And it’s like, duh, obviously. I know he likes me, but do you think he like-likes me? I dunno, let’s have some Twizzlers and Coke and really break it down…

Reese’s Pieces and mixed tapes come into play around the midnight marker, Anita C.

A lot more  fun with pigs can be found here.

You Be the Journalist!

Experienced newswriters know it’s important to identify photo subjects from left to right, but this photo sent by reader Ilyssa S. throws us a curve.  Samson, the gray cat, is mostly to the left of Pencil, the orange cat.  However, Pencil’s head is to the left of Samson’s.  So, how would you call it? Which cat is left? (answer below)

Answer:  Who cares? They’re both cute.

A Public Service Announcement

It’s a tragic story:  A busy kitchen, a distracted parent, a curious toddler, and a cupboard carelessly left open — the perfect ingredients for a recipe… of addiction! Once a child develops a taste for kitten huffing, he or she is often lost… for life.

That’s why the scientists here at CuteLabs labor ’round the clock to make pets safer, with innovations like the Child-Proof Kitteh™… because we care.

Special thanks to lead researcher Andy P.

Welcome to Play Fight Club

The first rule of Play Fight Club is: You do not talk about Play Fight Club.

The second rule of Play Fight Club is: You do not talk about Play Fight Club.

Third rule of Play Fight Club:  If someone yelps, goes limp, or taps out, the play fight is over.

Fourth rule:  Only two pups to a play fight.

Fifth rule:  One play fight at a time, fellas.

Sixth rule:  The play fights are soft kronches only.  No shirt, no shoes, no chomping.

Seventh rule:  Play fights will go on as long it’s fun.

And the eighth and final rule:  If this is your first time at Play Fight Club, you have to fight.

Now that’s what I call a play date, Amy S.

Oh Fudd.

Dash mistakenly thought he was safely perched—but knew there was trouble when his “perch” suddenly began to lift up with a small voice saying, “Be veh-wy, veh-wy quiet…”

More pics of Dash here! Thanks, Sami C.

Craftmatic Adjustable Hand

Tony Hamza loved to curl up in his favorite chaise and treat himself to a little snack. But when he pressed the “massage” button and the chaise began slowly curling around him, he knew it must be on the fritz.

No Tony Hamzas were hurt in the making of this post, Julia S.

It’s All in the Paws

They may be difficult to read while awake, but cats’ true personalities shine through when they’re asleep.

Meet Moe, the Patriot: Hard worker; loves dry food, catnip & apple pie.

Meet Gweneviere Pouncington, the Aristocrat: Mingler; loves lobster tail, flan & Fancy Feast (but only if stranded on island not owned by Richard Branson or similar).

We salute/want to eat tenderloin with you, GrangerGuy & Owen R.


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