Been Nice Knowing You

Right boys, Chad, Bandit, Wily, Scout, this operation is in the critical final phase. All the pieces are in place. The game plan is in play. Everyone stay sharp. When we move out, we have to move fast. Any questions? Yes, Chad.

What do gladiators wear under their tunics?

Ingrid Taylar took this photo of a raccoon mom and her kids lounging in a willow tree, after raiding a plum tree for lunch.

People of Earth, I Am Your Master Now.

You may call me Your Overload Overlord.

Fave Frame™

Thank you Sara P. for finding us our Francoir Langur Monkey Master.

Check Out These Crazy Pants!

When asked about his fashion choice, Harry said, “I found these on Carnaby Street and just had to have them. I think I saw Bjork wearing a pair just like mine. They are very in, right now.” Winter is almost over, friends. Get yours soon before supplies melt.

Photoshoot by Emma.

No End in Sight for Infinite Cuteness Project!

The purr-petuity continues! Presenting, a double-dose in the Infinite Cuteness Project!

The ICP is officially Overloaded! Or is it?

Thank you Chobi, Nummy Muffin Cocoa Butter and Lillian O.

Thank you Chobi, Nummy Muffin Cocoa Butter and Lillian O.
Thank you Chobi, Nummy Muffin Cocoa Butter and Lillian O.

Scottish Fold Demands Pettin’

Those Scottish Folds are sooooo demanding.

[tap tap tap]

A link found and dutifully brought back to the colony by Ant.

THIS JUST IN: French bulldog adopts wild boar piglets!

According to those crazy cuteporters over at Yahoo! News:

French bulldog named Baby, left, attends the feeding of wild boar piglets at the Lehnitz animal sanctuary outside Berlin, Germany, Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012. Six little pigs have found a new friend in a maternal French bulldog named Baby. The Lehnitz animal sanctuary outside Berlin says Baby took straight to the wild boar piglets when they were brought in Saturday, three days old and shivering from cold.

Shiveringks piglets!!! AHHHHH!!! [Headsplosion]

Much more over at Yahoo News. Photos by Michael Sohn.

Definition Snout: A prolongation of the head.

That’s what I’ve got! G’day, mate, I’m a echidna or spiny anteater, if you prefer. I don’t mean to big note oneself, but I have spiny spines, grow a pouch, lay eggs AND nurse my young…

I live in Australia where I dig in anthills and termite hills and bog in bities with my long sticky tongue, housed in my enormous snout. Well, that’s all from down under for now, have a bonza day!


World traveler, Martin M., thinks marsupials are cute! Also, thanks Merriam-Webster for the great def.

Arrested: Charged with Interspecies Snorgling

Buccho Francis Saucereyes, you have been accused of spooning with Catty Cat McCaterstein. You are a Canine and she is a Feline. What say you?

“She made me do it. I was just minding my own business, when she came up right behind me and Snorgled!”

Catty Cat McCaterstein, how do you respond to Mr. Sauceryes?

“Whatever, man. I love him. I’m not ashamed. He’s all warm and soft.”

Mr. Saucereyes?

“Yes! Yes! I did it. I am genetically wired to feel guilt. I thought it was bad and tried to deny it, but I do love her. I snorgled right into her with…INTENT!”

Very well, then. The C.O. Court finds you guilty of Interspecies Snorgling in the 3rd degree. We sentence you to life…a lifetime of snorgling! We’re just yankin’ your chain! Snorgle on, friends!

Thank you, Sara G. for bringing this important case to our attention.

Wake Up and Smell the Aromatherapy

::: invisible wavy aroma lines :::

Toby is a Lakeland Terrier, and he is very nose-talgic, Gwen S.

But I Don’t Want to be Baptized

The River Pugwash, has long served as the historical pug baptism site for the faithful, who believe they can wash pugs of their sins, a tradition held since the ancient tribe of It’ltake Amirakl.

Lola has the patience of a saint, Darrin G. Photo by Karen H., taken at Pugwash, Nova Scotia.


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