Friday Haiku: New Kid on the Block

Newborn goat’s first bath

A mother showers her love

Here, babe, I goatcha

For the National Geographic Photo Contest 2012, Stephanie Fisher entered this photo of a mother and 1-hour old baby Nigerian Dwarf goats.


Crazy Daisy

♪ ♫ “Here’s a li’l tip I’d like to relate, big fish bites if ya got good bait! I’m a goin’ fishin’, yes I’m a goin’ fishin’!” ♪ ♫

Rodeo Daisy – yee haw!

Go ahead, make my Daisy.

Googlie eyes Daisy!

Daisy, the yarn artiste’, has good taste.

This is all the Daisy-ness our minds can absorb, …for now! Photos by Ben T.

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Seen a lot of MAXIMUM REDONK arrive via Sub-mee-shons lately but this first shot of Loki the MANIAC HEDGIE just might…take the cake.

Or take something. Like my sanity.

The little curled tongue, teeny paws, HedgieTox…

…it’s just all Too Moishe to handle.

IMG_8279 copy

Fantastic HedgePix™ sent in by Bente F.

In Da Hood

Kermit is like: Yo, touch the sofa and you hafta answer to us.

Marbles is all: Fo’ shizzle.

Kermit and Marbles playin’ big dawgs.

POLL: Who’s Blorpier?

[Or is it “Blorpiest?” -Ed]

To tell the truth, I think it’s the Manatee in a landslide, but the Hippo is awful cute. Have at it.


Manatee from Da Intertubes, discovered by Mrs. Brinke. Hippo photo from The Telegraph by way of Cesar March/Barcroft Media.

I’ve Got You Where I Want You!

Hand over the Orb of Nubbitude, evildoer, or I shall be forced to unleash the fury of my Power Pounce, with an extra helping of Air Chomping! Take that!

Everybody’s a Critic!

You know, some of us are just trying to hone our art. We have to practice and we really don’t appreciate the sepia toned display of obvious dislike. If we wanted a review we’d have read a paper. Harumph!

We want Skippy to be the only judge on America’s Got Talent, Masumi H.

What If I’ve Been Naughty?

I have some concerns that presents may not be forthcoming.

Tamara R. says, “Maxwell is our pride and joy. We rescued him. He is now 
a very happy little guy. He is eleven weeks old here. Photo courtesy of 
me, his proud owner.” Oh, Maxwell, there will be presents.

Honey, Don’t Forget To Test The Christmas Lights First

“OK dear…let me just plug the dog in.

All working!

The very patient Tazz (who we assume is getting EXTRA presents for this indignity) is owned by Hannah W.

Memo To All: Missing Paper Shredder

Everyone would you please check to see if you have the spare paper shredder around your desk. It has gone missing again.

Lindsay H. found it, and named it Mable!