Your stick, my stick, your stick, my stick, your stick, my stick

Mine mine mine

yours yours yours

mineyoursmineyoursmineyours [heads go side to side]


Meredith C., sharing eees gooooood

Delicious floating morsels

Sender-Inner Lexidh S. says trying to get photos of these ‘tock magnets wasn’t easy. Apparently, the father of these bebehs tried to "chew shoes off."



Leetle outboard motor ‘tocks! [singsong]


NOT listening to me when I tell you to turn left. Is it SO HARD?

You think I’m LYING TO YOU when I tell you how to get to the Kibbleporium!? [eye roll]


Alison G., I think you should listen to Sherman. FOR ONCE

OMG WHAT is he doing here!?

I SPECIFICALLY told my ferret I needed some "me" time and he SHOWS UP IN MY BUBBLE BATH ANYWAY


EXTRA nice photo, Kim M. ;) Oh, and Ricki—get out of the tub, you uninvited, furry kneesock with eyes!

Wookin’ pa nub

Looking for love, this little Dewd has brought you an offering…

Please accept this leaf!


Alex C., I usually don’t accept leafs from strangers, but I’ll do it just this once…

And now, a beady-eyed bat with a binky

Will you please check out this anerable McBattersons in his nursery. Awesome. He’s all; nom, nom, nom.


Kathy found this one in the latest edition of Bat World News, natch.

Napping on a cucumber hammock

This guy is soooooooooo dreaming about delicious salad dressingks.


Mmmmmm, Billie C.! [cheersing you with a cup o' Ranch dressing]

Meanwhile, over on eHarmony…

Name: Mr. McSnuffles
Rap: Listen, Bebeh, [Barry White playing in background] I’m on the lookout for someone juuuuust like you. Someone to eat mah kibbles next to—and I know that kibble-eater is you, Bebeh.



OMG, this is such an online dating profile pic too, Russell A.!

If this puppy was on, this would be his photo

His online dating blurb would totally be; "Ladies, if you’re into water sports, running on the beach, and chewing, give moi a… call [points paw in your direcshe.]


Come on, and I WRONG, Marjorie N.? (The answer is no, BTW)

For some reason, this kitteh reminds me of Lindsay Lohan

I don’t know why, I think it’s the eyes…?


OK, this one doesn’t look anything like Lindsay Lohan. But the kitteh is matchingks, so hadta post it.

Drama has many many mo’ of this sweet thang. Check it! Great submishe, Alia P.