Moosday is back, and it’s full o’ spittle

Spittttoinng! [chew chew]


[Plinks large eyelashes]


And nice knobbularity, Lori and Brad S.

Um, [barking over counter] I ORDERED A LATTE




Lappix, I didn’t know they even HAD a Starbucks at Sea World San Diego. Go figure.

Romantic puppeh rug

[Handing you a glass of Scotch on the rocks, even though it's Monday morning]

C’mere, Bebeh, take off yer coat and stay a while.

I just got a new Puppeh Rug, and it’s veeery [head tilt] comfortuhbuhls…

[Stokes fire, looks over shoulder at you] There. That oughta do it.


What, you got a better rap, Blythe J.? Let’s hear it!

Tail, ‘tocks ‘n’ toes

People, this is a bebeh sea lion’s tail, tocks and toes.

Eef you look real close, you’ll see the tiny toenails too. Fascinating. [Say in Spock voice]


Otherthings, way to gerhe.

I leeck you so moishe…

I shall leeck you

and leeck you

and leeck you.


I leeck you so moishe.


Katrina B. adopted these two kittehs from the local Humane Soceiteh. I think they’re getting along, don’t yerhe?

Sunday dump

The first cute thing about kitteh "Skuzum" is his tail.  He was named Skuzum (skunk+possum) even through his tail is moreracoon-y than skunk-y or possum-y.

The second cute thing about Skuzum is that he obvy has mad skillz:


Alexia V., [shaking head] you should really teach classes.

Juuuuust chillin’ + Xtreme beadiness

"Speedy" the ham, rudely awakened by the sound of the camera.

Check it, he’s all: "whuuuuuuuuh?" [re-adjusts 'pillows']


How COULD YOU, Kim V.?

Tie-tie from surfing other kittens

[Yawn] surfing is so tiringks.

I can only look at so many other kittens. [Sigh.]

Cici, originally uploaded by Jeremy_K

// UPDATE — got an RCF versionfor ya… thanks, Jaypo!  – T. //

The Tired Toupée

Nah, don’t pass the Pomade—my day job as toupée will have to wait. I’m beat.

How about hand-feeding me some yogurt treeeeeeatsaaaggghhhhh [sticks tongue out]


James V., I think you better turn the AC on. [sigh]

You can pick your friends…

…you can pick your nose,

but you can’t pick your friend’s nose
or…can you? [shifty eyes]


Appears like it may be possible after all, Krissi D.