OK, People, this is my new fave pic of all time

I know, I know, it’s no "World Peace Hamster" but it’s some seriously sweet KITTEH PANNNNTS.

That is all. Go back to your lives as usual.

Quiz Question: Is this…, originally uploaded by squacco.

THIS JUST IN: Bebeh anteater eye capsules

Alert reader Wendy G. has just informed us that a bebeh anteater was borned at the Smithsonian Institution Nat’l Zoological Park. The lil’ three-pounder was a surprise to the zookeeper who discovered the bebeh, clinging to it’s mother’s chest. Ahngh.

Baby Anteater (8-5-07)-10, originally uploaded by dcmandrill.

Oh, and the bebeh’s name is… [drum roll] "Little Schnozzy". No, I am not kiddingks.

Baby Anteater (8-5-07)-9, originally uploaded by dcmandrill.

Check him out, he’s all looking for a Starbucks and stuff. Zzzzzzz.


I’ve got the tiniest cookie

in dee world!

And now I’m gonna eat it

chomp chomp chomp


Please tell me you ALSO have the tiniest baking oven, Trudi H.B. ;)

Peeg in a cast :(

Le Pauvre!Poor leetle creepled peeg "Mello" is gonna take three weeks to heal.

Check out her cool cast, though. You could sign it with the tiniest of pens.


Kinda looks like an ice cream cone. I like that she has nibbles nearby.


And now, trying to go for a walk! Ehn!


Nice sending-inning, Pom-Pom (If that is your real name! [shifty eyes])

(Sausage shaped) Bed warmer!

Look at this lil’ sausage-shaped Bed warmer. On the clean linens, even.




Bebeh shoulder bunneh

Um, how lucky is this girl? Sooooooooooo luckies. Will you please check out this bunnulence.

bunny love, originally uploaded by Saraide.

Eva H., you are a SUPER SLEUTH!

Happy Birthday Sparky, Chief Significant Other!

Hedge6Happy Birthday Spark-a-ru, the manly inspiration for Cute Overload!Looking forward to celebrating many, many, many more with you!Enjoy this hedgie (thanks Parsley Soup!) with some delish salted caramel ice cream!XoXo,AmoiseP.S. Meg and Sparky are celebrating, she will be back with loads of cuteness tomorrow!

Our Story So Far

Reykjavik Ricochet Ragdoll: known as "Rikki" to the council, born to Kenya in county CatCave, squire of Bounce, terror of Spot, and all-around mooshie doodle…

Rik1   Rik2   Rik3

…and now, Chapter Four in the Rikki Saga:

Yeb, we lubs heem.  Bery buch.

(As with all the feline royalty in his line, he possesses the power of Humans R Teh Dumb, which is probably coming through in my typing… it might also explain why we thought he was a girl for two months.)

I need bigger powsches.

Sure, I can carry around 18 McGrapersons in my current powsches, but if I’m to be truly happy, I need MORE ROOM! I need saddlebags, totes, purses extra room—whatever it takes. To carry MORE!

Chmurka a little full-cheeked…, originally uploaded by pyza*.

Here… I’ll show you—I will never be truly satisfied until I get a larger set of powsches.

Ashley S., nice sending-inning.

The redonkulousness continues…

"Lil’ Chuck Norris" the pup (of COURSE that’s his name!) loves to ride bikes, apparently.


L.C.N. is also "super buff" according to the sender-inner Andrea M. Um, Okaaaaaaay [shifty eyes]

Mini-enhance! EHN!


Oh, and don’t think I didn’t notice the hilarious look on your face, Mr. Sneaky Bonsai tattoo bicycle dude!