Stop Borrowing my Outfits!

Or else!

You’re just a cheep imitation.

There’s no birdy else like me.

Imitation is the sincerest form of fluttery. Rainbow Lorikeets image taken at Port Stephens, Australia by Ring K., submitted by Tran H.

Ice Capawed

And as Daisuke completes his final spin in this technically flawless program, we go to the judges for the scores…

Meow-point-seven, meow-point-eight, meow-point-seven, meow-point-nine, meow-point-four… ooh, very harsh score from the East Marmalade judge, and we can hear a wave of disapproval ripple through the crowd…

PS: Yes, we know they don’t use that scoring system anymore.


The blob is back and blorpier than ever, oozing a highly tuned metaphysical oneness with pudding; a blorpy skill possessed only by a special few.

Brittany S.’s cat Ender says, “Skeletal schmeletal.”

The Brotherhood of the Mystic Citrus

And now, my young acolytes, you must join hands and channel the ancient spirit energy, as I place before you the sacred Orange of Rasth-Kabongg. For truly it is written, if you are able to balance the Orange in stillness, then your souls are prepared to attain the highest plane of omniversal awaren — LEONARD, YOU IDIOT!

I’ve Been Waiting All Night for This

(Pssst! OK, she’s asleep.)

(Get the marker pens.)

Audrina writes: “Meet Butter, a recently rescued wild baby bunny, who loves to chill out on soft willing shoulders. The sleepy Sender who provided the willing shoulder for butter is Rochelle.”

The Six Million Dollar Anh!

Sugar glider Rosie, astronaut. Seriously tangled up in a test flight. A sugar glider barely presentable. Ladies and Gentlemen, we can rebuild her. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic sugar glider! Rosie will be that sugar glider! Better than she was before!

And CUTER! Um no, there isn’t any way to make her cuter.

Sugar glider Rosie deserves some bionic sugar cubes, Ashley A.

Wanna connect the dots on your spots?

We should get out more.

You wanna go out?

We could go out.


I dunno.

Any ol’ where.

If you want.

Or we could stay in.

We could stay in.

You wanna stay in?

Maybe we’ll stay in.

Let’s stay in.

Siiigh, that red collar’s almost too much excitement, Erin.

It’s About the Sleeping Arrangements…

I don’t want to seem like I’m complaining; this is the best dorm on campus, and I know that. But I was assured that I wouldn’t get a freshman this semester.

Andrea T. says: “I realize there’s no shortage of cute dog and baby pics, but here is mine. Pixie (on right, sitting), with Victor (in swing, blanketed). The two are actually well acquainted and on good terms, but it looks like a surprise first meeting. Pixie, in fact, is sitting for a treat and ignoring Vic.”

Ceiling Cat is My Uncle

They call me…

Cut Out Hole at Bottom of the Grocery Bag Cat.

OK, the kitten’s actual name is Muffin. Photo by Steph @stooffi!

Memories, Light the Corns of My Mind

On sunny days, General Gustavus Fuzzbee takes his ritual afternoon stroll and lingers over memories of many fine kernels he met during his years of valiant service in the Royal Pouchstuffers.

Jess G.’s hamster, Smoothie, outside for a walk for the first time.


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