One satisfying, purring face rub, comin’ right up

First, the purring grabs you—

Then, the STRAYCHE!

and finally, the face rub.

Good YouTube sleuthing, Stolo F. ;) Now playing on Cutecast, natch.

Son, those are some outstanding ‘tocks you got there.

Truly amazing.

THAT’S MY BOY! [subtle head butt]


Then suddenly…

Says Sender-Inner Claire G.; "A woman stopped to visit for a minute with her two 10 week old puppies. They ran around and around and around and then suddenly this happened."


[Shaking head] It happens sometimes, Claire, even under the best of circumstances.



Yes, yes, I see eet.

The one on the right. With soy sauce. I’ll take it.


Martha C., way to capture the mooooooooment! [singsong]

Abandonned bebe ducks swimmin’ in a teacup

People, The Daily Mail is reporting that an alert canoeist (is there any other kind? – Ed.) found a pair of tiny abandoned ducklings battling against waves afterbeing washed out to sea.

Now, those ducklings are being nursed back to health—IN A TEACUP OMG!

To Sender Inner David K., and photographer Richard Austin: I BOW BEFORE YE!

Der tuh der der der

Not a lot goin’ on tuhday. [Yawn] Just haaaangin’ out.


Michelle S., you’re right—placing this vid on endless loop would be a good call.

Snorf 1 and Snorf 2

Will you please check out these McSnorfersons, inhaling their boxedlunchabuhls. I can totally see their ears flicking with excitement.

Like mom like son, originally uploaded by somesai.

And now, a ferreet weeth hees blankie

I’m stuck at the SF DMV right now (BTW, best people-watching, EVAR!) and this ferret tagged with "Cute Overload" came up in mah Flickr search! Blankie + paws + ferret ears + snoozing = delightful combo.

Snoozing-Ferret, originally uploaded by lance_leopold.

Lance L., this pic is utterly and completely redonk.

Happy Birthday Meg!


Happy Birthday to You, 
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday Dear Meg Moo,
Happy Birthday to You!


Chief Sister Officer

From Bebe Bobble Head to Cat-o-pottomus

Says sender-inner Julia: "I have something cute to share. It’s two pics of my kitteh Gnocchi. One is when he was a bebe bobble head and one was taken about a year ago after he blossomed into a catopottomus."


LOL! You know we love Before ‘n’ Afters, here at C.O., Julia.