and desert you

Too bad!  No hidden cuteness here!


Patience is a virtue


Sent in by none other S.S.I. Josh N.

THIS JUST IN: “Jimi welcomes our new kitteh, Scrambles.”



"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh!!!" [Hissing sound]


"Whuuut?" [Say in Keanu Reeve voice]


What a nice little story, Sarah W. ;)

Step one: Toss the hedgehog

Step Two: See how close you can roll bocce balls towards the hedge

Step Three: Whomevah gets their ball closedt to the hedge wins a golden toilet paper tube trophy


Hopefully the hedge will stay still for the whole game. If he moves, throw him again!


[Beady eyes, unwavering, no plinking]

"You will bring me yogurt drops.

You will bring me sunflower seeds.

I will never run in the hamster ball again."


Don’t look DIRECTLY at this pic for too long or ye shall perish! My little star Piórko by the one and only pyza*.

Bat Toes and ‘Tocks

According to this bat-tographer; "When you reach into a bag of bats to pull one out, they’re usually upside down and what you first see wriggling out is a cute little bat butt. " Yes, yes I see that.


Bat toes and ‘tocks by The! Ow! Ssssss [hot to the touche]

There Otter Be A Law Against Being This Cute

Sea World may be famous for its killer whales, but two new arrivals may have guests saying "Shamwho?"  The San Diego park welcomed two Asian small-clawed river otter pups, born Feb. 7 to first-time parents Leo and Giselle.  A new otter/sea lion show debuts next month.

( Hmmph. Mom always liked HIM best. )

( You are getting SO noogied after dinner, ya little kiss-up. )

From Sea World via Cute Otters.

UPDATE: Four more otter pups born at Sea World Orlando!  It’s a conspiracy, I tells ya!

Winston-san does his “I’m in a box!” mime thing

It’s such a realistic performance! [clutching chest]

Goodnight, Bunday.

I’m going to put you down so you can honk-shu.


Cute overload! :) by irelandtrish!

Carbo Load!

This is one ham’s story. Of a serious carbo loading.

First, please note, before the pasta gorging, cheeks are at somewhat "normal’ size.

Then the delicious lip smacking and paw wringing begins!

MLORRRP! Delectabuhls!

[Inhaling of entire spaghetti strands]

Post gorge: cheek pouches at maximum capass.

Funny little Piórko, pyza*Piorko’s tongue action,  Piórko’s mouth action, Pasta ATTACKS Piórko! (2), Piórko stuffed with Pasta, all wonderfully photographed, styled and posed by pyza*.


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