The Eternal Struggle of Camel Versus Bucket

In the remote plains of Wazoolooland, we come upon an all-too-familiar scene:  A fierce camel locked in mortal combat with the small but wily plastic bucket.



For the bucket, its only chance is to raise its defenses and hope to tire his adversary …



Alas, even the bucket’s tough protective shell is no match for the camel’s ruthless onslaught …


… and with one final bite, the struggle is over.


Victorious, the mighty camel cries out his call of triumph.


We’ll be back with more of "Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom" after these messages.


Yes, sir, Gelosia … that’s your "Baby." ( More photos here )

Quiz: Is It Photoshopped?

This picture is:

  1. Photoshopped;
  2. Really Photoshopped;
  3. Really, reeeeaaallly Photoshopped.


Can I peek at your answer, Karen G.?

Meg on Martha: Video!

Oi Peeps!  Meg is en route back to San Fran, but I’ve got video for youuuu…

This is of course our Fearless Leader featured this morning on The Martha Stewart Show.  Big hello to Martha & Co.!  I especially wanted to say hi to Eliad Laskin, too; Eliad is more-or-less my counterpart over at The Martha Blog.  w00t!

Oh — and those really are some nice cameras.  Not at all jealous.  ;)
One more thing: The chow chow puppy post is here!

Live on The Martha Stewart Show: Stills!

Chief Sister Officer here, posting for Meg!

Live right now on the West Coast, the Martha Stewart blogging show featuring,,,,, and a chat with Check out FULL COVERAGE on Martha Stewart’s blog.

Meg Frost, originally uploaded by Frank Sugino.

Like what you see!?

[crazy hamster stripping music playing in the background]


Just what the heck is going on here, Erin G.!?

Winstons snacks on blueberries and fingers.

Just another day for our favorite smooshed-face kitteh!

Thank you for the Winston alert, Mustang S.!

Will someone please overdub this video with jokes

This video is NEEDS a brilliant person to overdub it with TWO perfectly-timed jokes, leaving space for the prairie dog to ‘laugh’. Check it out, you’ll see what I mean.

A free, express-shipped Cute Overload calendar to the best one! Provide your YouTube link in the Comments!

Alexandra J.My teeth are chattering with anticipay-shons.

This marathon isn’t gonna run ITSELF, YOU KNOW

Tiny Kitten Track Coach: "Let’s GO ALREADY! [chomps on shoe tag]

C’MOOOOOON!" [Hops out door in shoe]


Debby K., "Ewok" is a tough, tough trainer. [wiping brow]


Don’t make me get all Baroo on yo’ ass.

I’m prepared to go ALLL 360! [Does 'Z' snap with claws]


Um, Zana F., when a sharp-beaked bird gets beyond 90 degrees with the head tilt, I suggest RUNNING AWAY!

Here. I have enough dust bunnies.

I’m not sure what to do with another one. My swiffer picks up so many!

This one was under the bed.


The miniscule paw action must be stopped, Zana F. IT MUST BE!


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