THIS JUST IN: Bebeh Croquet Mallet

Hedgehogs beware: SeaWorld Orlando is caring for a pair of Caribbean flamingo chicks, hatched last month. Still covered with fluffy white down, the bebehs will get their adult pink feathers in about three years.

Story, more cuteness via SeaWorld.

You’ve Got A Little Something…

on your nose. Let me get that.

It’s so nice to meet new friends, isn’t it, Katelyn A.?

Know Your Porcine Sleep Disorders!

Porcifragriasomnia: The inability to achieve deep restful sleep unless accompanied by a large ceramic strawberry.


Friday Haiku: Pupsicle

Puppy’s first ice cream

Loves yummy taste at first lick

Thirty more flavors

Ceri’s first taste of ice cream, by Yvette N., who tells us the Missoula Big Dipper gives a free cone with purchase! Good to know!

Basic Water Safety Rule #1

Always swim with a buddy!

A young sea nomad named Enal is quite attached to this tawny nurse shark in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Another absolutely fabulous Marilyn T. submission via National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. Now through July 11!

Try New HamTrex Nighttime Formula!

Dosage: One spoonful of HamTrex™ Nighttime Formula before bedtime. For occasional use only as directed. Side effects may include itching, scaling, dry mouth, bed head, morning breath, memory loss, memory loss, tennis elbow, brain freeze, the heebie jeebies, memory loss, the rockin’ pneumonia and/or the boogie woogie flu, an uncontrollable urge to describe all objects as “iddy biddy cutie wootie” regardless of size, and memory loss. If HamTrex Nighttime Formula supplicates itself before you, as if begging the tender mercies of a vengeful god, discontinue use.

Original post here, from back when I was first getting weird in the comments section.


Town crier cat announces, “Ten O’ Clock and all is well!”

“Ladies and gentlemen I proclaim our fine city streets are quiet and safe at this hour!”

“However, it would be my pleasure to change all that.”

Stay tuned! Sand cat at Lincoln Park Zoo by Yinghai.

Ja Miss Me?

When Amanda left for a six-month deployment in the Air Force, Daisy was just a puppy. Now Daisy’s all grown up, and mommy’s home. Grab a tissue and watch.

Via Welcome Home Blog.

Follow the Leader

Oooh Kaaay kids, this game is getting to be a real drag.

And school has been out only one day, Robyn R.

Wishing You a Very Merry National Skunk Day

Time to smellabrate!

National Skunk Day is today, June 14.

And that’s nothing to sniff at.

Who nose how this odoriferous occasion got its humble beginnings. Maybe by someone whiff a scents of humor.

In honor of this great holiday, Coast & Canyon Wildlife made a special video of Oreo, the famous behbeh skunkersons!

Thanks for the warning, Kim and Marcia at Coast & Canyon Wildlife!


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