THIS JUST IN: Piglet Checks In

A hotel in Honolulu got an unusual guest last week: A lost and lonely piglet named Pukalani. According to the Hawaiian Humane Society, Pukalani just wandered into the hotel lobby, but nobody knows how she got there. Since she’ll grow pretty big, the Humane Society hopes to find her a foster home with lots of space.

Just steer me clear of the luau, that's all I ask.
Photo credit: Hawaiian Humane Society. Story by

I Heart the Womens

Celebrate the women in your life, March 8th International Women’s Day!

Here’s some more of this tufty eared sqirrely

We honor you and all the ladies today, Anttu K.

Ready for Your Dance Lesson?

Madame Bunnianka will teach you bubble boogie. First, we shampoo shuffle. Next, we shimmy-shake. Then, we’re ready for celebratory towel tango. And, we end with funky binky!

Bustin’ out the bunny moves with Ant.

Nothin’ To See Here, Fella

So, just move on along.

What’s behind the green shrub, Rachel?

And Monkey Makes Three

Judging from this video, monkeys are just kittens with the optional deluxe gripping and climbing package. (Dogs, of course, are just perpetually befuddled.)

Finding Your Bliss

This is pretty good. Got a blankie, comfy chair, some sunshine, but it’s not quite right.

Oh yeah. This is better. I am so much more zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Becky’s pup is named Humphrey Bogart. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

Can You See Me Now?

Hi snow lubbers! I’m your tour guide, Frosty Fox, and I’m going to show you around our ski village. Here, is the base of the mountain. Over there, are the ski lifts. To get to the ski lodge go past the sport shop, you’ll see the coffee shop beside it, to the right of the sauna, next to the pizza parlour on the left of the first aid station (I think) just beyond the skating rink before the parking lot.

If you get lost – just follow me!

All whitey then, Ant

Animal Prints Are In

Here we have Baby Marie sporting a fashionable fro-esque do and surrounded by yards and yards of delicious leopard print. Remember, though, it’s a no-no unless it’s faux.

Best model ever, Johnny K.

iPad. Now for horses.

I am a huge fan, and BIASED and enjoyed all the announcements today. But please get a load of this hoof-tastic spoof.

Love the ‘hay’ background screen.

Quality stuff, Sender-Inner Nat S.

Aupossum Bon Pain

Pastries put up a good fight – but I def-eated ’em!

Everyone is going to start singing I Ate Too Moishe, Anne L. who says “Apparently, this opossum broke into the bakery, snorted up some pastries and was too full to run away!”


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