Lie Down.

Good Boy! Who’s a good boy? You are! Yes you are!

Want a caribou? Do you want it? Go get it!

Their paws are very cute, Cutest Paw!

Rambo, the Paradox Paradog

In the webcomic The Oatmeal, cartoonist Matthew Inman sometimes shares the eccentric habits of his Shi Tzu puppy Rambo, such as in the recent comic My dog: the paradox (not safe for work and perhaps lunch). Inman recently shared a video of Rambo in a less eccentric mood from his Facebook page.

Wombatman! Episode 3

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Wombatmaaan!

Holy half-empty milk bottle, Wombatman!

Things don’t look good for Wombatman! What will Wombatman DO?

Can Wombatman thwart the milk villain before it STRIKES AGAIN?

Be sure to tune in tomorrow, Buzzfeed! Same Wombat time. Same Wombat channel.

Reddi-Made Dessert

Cream Puff?

Choux Swans with Créme Chantilly?

Fluffy maa-aa-shmaa-aa-llow cream?

Or, whipped cream straight out of the can? Well, it’s quicker!

Let’s combine all of the above and call it Pufftillymallow Whip. Doesn’t that sound delicious, Reddit user JGState1BuzzfeedJean Winters OlkonenEveryone Deserves Dessert?

Treasure Aye Land

Whilst a-plunderin’ treasure chests, Capt. Scurvy Dog an’ first matey Mister Scala Wag, be arrr-ways arrr-voidin’ arrr-ousin’ suspicions.

Pirates mustn’t let any booty come between them, Mischa M.

Up In The Sky, It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane…

Let’s face it, People. It’s a beautiful day, nice little poofy clouds up there…your hoomin is makin’ you be like Superman, what could be better?

Originally pinned by K. Couric. Yes, that K. Couric.

Infantile, Interspecies Sleep Snorgling

If this series of images don’t make you spontaneously lactate, I don’t know what will!

In order of appearance, we give thanks to Buzzfeed, The Real Syndicate, Daum, and Pensa no Amor.

The Continuing Adventures of Max Stubbular

When we last checked in on our hero, The Maxster was taking a nap. In today’s edition…….Max goes for a walk.

Stay tuned for more in The Continuing Adventures of Max Stubbular!

Unusual Flower Sighted

This delightful daisy relative can be found in high elevation fields. In latin it’s named Bellis cervidae which means pretty deer.

To fully appreciate this darling little flower, take a hike up to your favorite alpine meadow and see it in person.

Kim Williams, I hold this image dear to my heart!

Goot EEEEEEEEEV-ening…

The master will be so thrilled to see you (eh-heh, eh-heh)… We hardly ever get visitors anymore, unless they’re waving pitchforks and torches (eh-heh, eh-heh). Now, what kind of cookies did you say you were selling?

Via Anthony Guajardo on Tumblr.


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