All Right, We’ll Give Back the Bonus Money!

Egads, Hubert, they’re everywhere!  Mobs of screaming, angry taxpayers with pitchforks and torches!  The entire mansion is surrounded!

I suppose we could pay them to go away...

Dang, my torch went out, Esther W.

Hugging it out

This sloth is taking it a little too far with the extra Clavicle Cling™:


Sender-Inner Emily B. writes "My boyfriend and I stopped by the Aviarios Sloth Rescue Center in Chauita, Costa Rica and were given an amazing tour of this wonderful sanctuary. The center rehabilitates injured, ill, and orphaned sloths and returns them to the forest but others end up living there full time… The center runs on donations and volunteers so if you want to maybe include the web site the readers might be compelled to donate to this wonderful place."


Let’s turn this baby 180:


Negotiations… are in progress

"Oh I think you’re gonna do better than that, doc.  See, I been checkin’ around, an’ I happen to know what a pile of white lion cubs is worth to you and your organization.  It’d be a shame if we couldn’t come to a mutually beneficial agreement, doc, a real shame.  And it ain’t like we’re asking for a lot, you know?  I mean how many giraffes does one zoo need?"  [wipes drool with paw]


"Sorry.  ‘Sides, an’ I hate to hafta bring this up, but little Nicky Two Noms here is a wicked tickler…"

Seen on CBS News.  Eeeeee!!!!

To Style Man

"Citizens of Earth!  I am the Grand High Blayvin of the planet Fabulon!  We offer your civilization the blessings of our advanced hair care secrets!  Our scientists have perfected a neutronic conditioning lotion that can cure split ends for all time!  We come with peaceful intentions, and not to ship your people to our home planet for horrific beauty school experiments, honest, we mean it!"


I, for one, welcome our impeccably-coiffed overlords, Stacy N.

Ew! Perpe!!!

[Cover head with flipper but peers out with one eye in shame]



Amelia J., this photo made it into the 2010 calendar DESPITE OUR DISTINGUISHED EDITOR’S DISGUST!

Cute Overload Classics: Poofée

Ahh, sweet soft soupy seduction. On Nov 14, 2005, Meg opened up a can of Faux French on our derrières…

(French accent) so, Cherie…. (music in background) You like dee Ghetto Tomato? ahn? I open eet for you… non…. ssssssssssh! (covers your mouth with paw) don’t you worree—I open eet for you weeth my paw—I can do eet, ahn?. I am dee ulllltimate, Cherie—mignon, zee strong paws, zee best cook. (Pours more wine into your glass) Pooffée—moi—I take care of you tonight…

Chef cat dreams of baking a soufflé…

…when suddenly, the center caved in!!!

Image (1) souffle-10.jpg for post 10

Halp! Gut-hance!


Ever have that sinking feeling, Wendy D.?



10 o’clock.


What catty dogs, Linda M.!

C.O. Presents: Cuisine of the World!

What’s the perfect complement to Swiss cheese?  Swiss bread, of course!  Rarely seen outside the Alps, Brot voller Löcher is a hearty, whole-grain bread with an unusual pattern of Swiss cheese-like holes.  Locals say it’s good luck when the holes in your bread-and-cheese sandwich align perfectly.  But while Swiss cheese gets its holes from naturally-occurring pockets of trapped gas, Swiss bread requires a more laborious process…

... yeah, and it's hell on my waistline, too.

I think I’ll just have the salad, Zana F.

OMG Awesome platforms1!!


She’ gotta see these new black two-toed numbers!



So dainty, so awesome, Marieka K.


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