Yahng Yahng Yahng

“Oh! I think I’ll wrap my muzzlepowshe AROUND YOUR FINGER! Yahng Yahng Yahng”


It’s Caturday, Sender Inner Tanguera. Kittehs will do whatever they want. Tanguera found this pic over at AwwPix.com.


How Pyza finds the time to dress up her lil’ hamsters in Easter gear and shoot them on fabulous blue backgrounds that REALLY make our logo pop—I’ll never know.

Fine, I'll do this photo shoot if I get ten thousand yogurt drops

What an adorable morsel this little guy is!

Psssssst! Can you believe we're doing this!?


Bułeczka update: BAD NEWS again… :(, Two Turtles…, Happy Easter ~ from Pompon, “I don’t like you! ~ Bułeczka, all by the fabulous pyza*.

Pit Bull hatches Easter Chicks

Complete with awesome “chick hatching” sound!

Karen S., there are no bad breeds, just bad owners, right?

White House Puppy crisis—OVER!

According to valuable news sources, The Obamas will FINALLY get their First Puppeh on Tuesday. The nation can finally breathe a COLLECTIVE SIGH OF RELIEF!


In an interesting twist, the Portuguese Water Puppeh is a descendant from Ted Kennedy’s dogs Sunny and Splash. Ahn. [head tilt] More redonk info over at FirstDogCharlie.com

Say Aaaaahhhhhh…

“Well, those back molars look all right, but I’m seeing a little abrasion on the gums.  Let’s switch you to a soft-bristle toothbrush and see if that helps.”


UPDATE: The source of the photo has been located heee-yah.

White House Invaded by Bees!

According to CNN, the White House on Thursday was swarmed with annoying, buzzing insects. No, not the press corps–bees! Secret Service beekeepers rounded up the unusual suspects, and luckily our C.O. cameras were there to photograph the perp walk:

I was framed, I tells ya!  I'm the victim of a sting operation!
I'm worn out from all the flying, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

My Schnozzle is so long it’s out of focus

[Splink Splink eyelashes sound]

(Usually, I would use the words ‘Plink Plink’, but these eyes are unusually juicy.)


Mini dachshund “Beans” was sent in by Sara E. and photographed by Sam O’Hare.

Entertain moi

Because the string, the ball, the stuffed mouse, the real mouse—I’m tired of all that. Got anything else?

I think I'll take a nap while you think about my request.

Catherine.Caf does it AGAIN! (makes it on the website, that is)

Meanwhile, at the Kitty-toss Booth…

Meg’s kitty landed completely in the circle, so she’ll be going home with the big stuffed hamster (nice shot, Meg!)…  And now it’s Theo’s turn; he picks up a marmie, takes careful aim, aaaaaaannnddd

Ooh!  Missed it by THAT much!

By the way, Meg, with three hamsters, you can trade up to a stuffed Diane D.!

Welcome to the Fabulous Barka Lounge

… high atop the Hyannis Hyatt, the happening hot spot where the elite meet to greet.  My name’s Nick Chewtoy, and I’ll be entertaining you this evening.  Like to start off with a little number, kind of a personal favorite of mine, called “Stardust.”  Hope you like it…


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