Bunnular Teef Action Shoot

Usually, parsley sprigs don’t stand a CHANCE in a bunneh mouf. But with this adoptable Bun “Niblet”, she holds it in her teef JUST long enough for a photo. SNAP!


Sent in by resident Bunexpert F1ver and her fave adoptable bun site SaveABunny.com

Don’t Tell Anyone I Told You, But I Hear Merlin’s a Swinger

“Hey gorgeous – look at you, stunning the world on those monkey bars. Now don’t you worry your pretty little face about these hands behind me – I’m free to see who I want, when I want. So why don’t you and me meet at the seesaw in five. I’ll be the one who looks like me now.”

Merlin is definitely a tiger in his own eyes, and also very hoppy, but he’s not the smoothest swinger, Linh.

Make No Mistake, The Cat Did It.

She told me she was disciplined in interior design. How was I supposed to know that she’d “fringe” all the slipcovers and then blame it on me?

That is one crafty cat, Wendy C.

Good Thing They Have Their Looks…

Because that’s really all the Fenicky’s are bringing to the table:

“Don’t make me go all Sean Penn on your camera’s mug, man. Get that lens outta my face or I’ll have my brother  – Dammit, Carl! How hard is it to stay upright? And no, I’m sure you won’t need an ‘eyelash cast’, you idiot.”

Perhaps a helmet is in order for the one, Whodaz. See more here and here!

Congratulations, it’s a kitteh

So much cleaner and quieter than those yucky human babies, and when it’s a teenager, it’ll never come home from school covered in tattoos and piercings.

Says proud mama Melissa C., “This is Bimmer the day we brought him home from the shelter.”

Breaking News Bulletin Alert Thingie!

We interrupt our regular cuteness for this breaking story: A hamster has barricaded itself inside a roll of paper towels outside the Acme Wood Shavings factory.

The hamster’s motives are unclear at this time, but police fear there may be hostages involved. A SWAT negotiator is attempting to talk to the hamster now.

And we’re getting word now that the hamster is asking for food to be sent in, which means these negotiations could drag on well into the evening…

And now the negotiator is delivering a slice of apple to the hamster…

And we’re being told that the hamster has passed out! Yes, the magic SWAT apple did the trick, and so the crisis is over! Now back to Meg and Theo in the studio!

Our thanks to freelance cute-porter Sophie R. for these dramatic images.

—Watch this—

I can rock MYSELF to sleep. [Plack Plack Plack]

His legs will grow someday, Tairi P.

THIS JUST IN: Ridiculous bellage

Sender-Inner Mary F. just sent in the most redonk submishe. Upon further inspecshe, her submishe led us to the R.P.B. (Redonk Piglet Belleh) below. Now I see why they are called Pot Belleh Peegs. I SEE IT!

Love the look on his face, Mary F.

It’s like a fluffy little oracle

If, on some placid afternoon, you hear a faint mewing while cleaning the attic, or rummaging through old clothes, then go to it at once, dear reader, for you are fated to discover… The Mysterious Psychic Talking Kitten Head of the Himalayas!

According to legend, those whom the Kitten Head finds worthy are blessed with a random stream of sage wisdom and visions of the future…

Is there an “off” switch, Jenny M.?

Throwing a Cocktail Party Around Her is Risky Business

When she insisted on burying the crudités in the backyard instead of bones, we obliged. But now she’s demanding to play fetch with a cheese twist, and we’re wondering what could possibly be next.

Hide the brie, Kimmy.


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