A Re-telling of a Visit from St. Nick Page 3

After some kisses, me and the Missus were ready for bed.

Via The Telegraph photo by Ramon Espinoza/AP


A Re-telling of a Visit from St. Nick Page 2

We put our favorite things in socks, ‘tocks first, knowing with laughter Santa would burst.

Via Great Pictures of Cats, instant payday loans and Laurkim Labradors

Max’s HolidayOverload© Winners v3.0

santa max 51zGzZad6zL._SL500_AA300_@MaxStubbular here with our final set o’ HolidayOverload© winners! U get the 2013 Cute Overload Calendar! Now, U winners won’t get it for tomorrow morning, cuz Max Don’t Do FedEx. But they’re free n’ stuffs so whatev. Merry Christmas to all!

“My adorable dog Emma!” Photographed by Erin B.

“This is Chloe, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She belongs to the family I used to nanny for. This is her admiring the Christmas ornament I gave the family! It would mean so much to me if she were to be featured on your site! Thanks,
Liz M.”

“This is Rezi Roy….he managed to stay still enough to look right at the camera. Santa’s missing reindeer!” From Maggie M., photo by Sean C.

Littlebug and Teddy Roo waiting for Santa, from RL & GL M.

ChristmasCats 050
Jackie C. is the hoomin who sent een thees photo of Ruby.

From Rebekah C.: “Our cutie pug Koko celebrating her first Christmas with us after her adoption. We were working on the ‘leave it’ command in this picture.”

BunBun the..Bun, from Sarah G.

“This is Skeeter waiting patiently under the Christmas tree. Skeeter is an alumni of your website having appeared in March 2006.” From Chris F.

Top shot: “Theodore was feeling very generous this year,” says HRG. Bottom shot: “Freddy on the left, James T. Kirk in the middle, and Theodore on the right.” [James…….T………Kirk? Best Pig name evah. -Ed]

Top photo of Akimi Da Ferret nomming away; second photo is Tocco. From Melody M.’s House O’ Ferrets. Photos by Vince.

Ollie Claus, from Raychael L.

Rootbeer the Chinchilla scopin’ out the loot, from Marino.

Sian W. gives us the lowdown thusly: “My miniature schnauzer “Theo” in his Christmas jumper.”

Melissa S. tells us it’s “snowing in Wisconsin.” Jammies seems to love eet.

Penny obviously stressed- from Katie M.

“I have attached a photo of my dog Shinobi, who turned 6 yesterday, the 23rd! He is super excited for Christmas!” From Erin K.

“Here is a picture of my horse Patches doing her best as one of Santa’s reindeer!” – Kara H. OMGPONIES!!!!1!1!1111!!!!!1!!!


Pumpy and Company

photo (4)
“I am submitting this picture of Botox. Botox’s nickname is “Pumpy No Nutz” because when he was a puppy, he humped all the time. He also has no nuts and still humps people to this day. He is probably thinking in the picture, ‘Why are there so many shiny toys for me on this tree?’ He absolutely loves Christmas and tends to keep questionable company during this time of the year.” -Lauren W with, um, TMI.

Cuteporter Suzanne D.: “This is Teddy D. (last name is Dogg) and here’s a shot of him trying to hide the fact that he had been balancing on the arm of the sofa trying to get at the Christmas tree.” [Classic Baroo. -Ed]


“For your holiday consideration: Our late, great Fila Brasileiro, Judge. At Christmas– and all year– he got lots of stuffed toys, which had very short lifespans. He would tear out the little squeaker inside and hold it in his mouth for hours. Kind of like eating the heart of a vanquished enemy.” -Carina M.

Ruth M.: “This is our 8 year-old baby, Padma. Her Christmas wish is to be on Cute Overload.” [Wishes do come true. -Ed]

rue 2
Julia N.: “This is our Pomeranian, Rue, waiting for Santa (or maybe the neighbor’s cat, which ever one happens to walk by the window first!”)

milo santa 2
Milo ees from Wendy H.

Lulu the kitteh, via Tiffy C!

Aubrey D: “This is Charlie! He is very excited for Christmas!”

WILTON MALL_20121210_000130
Penny and Winnipeg (& Santa) from Nicole H.

merry everything

“We did up some holiday cards and thought we’d share–pick us, Maxie!!! Otherwise Sir Irving Tesla Paddington Baxter will have suffered through reindeer antlers for naught! You don’t want that, do you?!” [No way, Ju H.- Ed]

Reindeer Sophie
“Here are a couple Christmas shots of our chihuahua Sophie. The garland wasn’t a problem but she really wasn’t too pleased with the antlers!” -Joyce G. from Down Undah.

Marmie Chirstmas
From Dorota D.:”This is Marmaduke. I thought he was a Chihuahua when I got him, but he has the body of a mini-greyhound and the face of a chihuahua. In fact, these guys could possibly be his parents!”

Santa Paws 2012
“Toby is posing as Santa Paws this year,” says Cuteporter Lauren E.

Ivy from Jennifer B., who also added, “Ivy is my best pal I rescued from the pound 5 years ago.” [Bravo! -Ed]

charlie, molly, stan




Jenny H: “Molly is the one in the pink sweater in most of the pictures. Stan is wearing the red and green sweater in most of the pictures. He is a Pug/Boxer mix that we adopted from Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue in 2008. Charlie is a Pug/Beagle mix and is sporting a lovely green sweater and soulful brown eyes.”

Cappy in Xmas Tree
Christine H. sent Cappy The Kitteh in, with photo by her sistah Harriet.

Kelsey S. sez: “This is Gryphon, a mouse I took in when I found him orphaned at only 10 days old. After a couple weeks of bottle feeding, little Gryph was ready to celebrate the holidays with some friends! PS- Lots of belly rubs to Maxie!”

Michelle K. reports: “His name is David Bowie The Dog!”

Amy The Kitteh from Mariana A.

Penny Lane Da Hedgie from Kimberly J.

“The first photo is Cricket, a Yorkie mix. The back of the love seat is her favorite place to sleep. The second photo is Potato, who we call a mutt, but is actually a cocka-pekin-poo. That sounds kind of creepy, though. He’s not too thrilled about Christmas (too many changes in the house), but we’ll say what he’s really worried about is delivering all those presents!” Megan Z., have a Merry one!

Sherman c/o Smedley.


Maggie D. sent in Jean-Claude.

Max’s HolidayOverloads© were powered by a couple of boxes of terrific Trader Joe’s Pfeffernusse cookies, and a carton or three of TJ’s Egg Nogg. This is your announcer, Dan Pardo.


From Curtis St. J.

A Re-telling of a Visit from St. Nick Page 1

It’s Christmas Eve and everyone’s sleeping in anticipation of tomorrow’s celebration.

In order of appearance: Maggie fast asleep by Emma, Benny the 11 year old beagle/basset hound mix by Erin and Cecile, Biscuit the ResQte kitty by Susan T and encore presentayshon of ratty with teddy by Carrie T.

The Night Before Christmas (Maru Version)

‘Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the flat
Not a creature was stirring
Not even a cat
The stockings were strewn on the floor in disarray
Because Maru the kitteh…wanted them that way.

Merry Christmas to Maru and Mugumogu. Apologies to Clement Clarke Moore.

Go Niners! Verrrry Slowly!

The San Francisco 49ers are in Seattle to play the Seahawks tonight, and here’s one of the Niner offensive linemen modeling the latest protective body armor for use on the field. “We’re working to get the colors to match the rest of the uniform,” says a spokesman from Nike, who supplies gear to the league. “It’s hard to get that green to blend with the red and gold.”

(This really is a 49er tortoise named Sammy, the pet of QB Colin Kaepernick. It seems Kapernick has had this tortoise since he was 10 years old, and Sammy could fit in his hand. Well, 15 years later, Sammy is now 115 pounds. A little light to protect Kaepernick’s blindside. Thanks to Karen W. for sending.)

“They Think He’s A Righteous Dude”

“He’s very popular Ed. The sportos, the motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, wastoids, dweebies, – they all adore him.”

“This is our buddy Ferret Bueller. He fancies himself some sort of jungle explorer in my mother’s flower beds — safely within carrying distance of his food dish and water bottle, of course!” -Devori K.

Lonely Puppy’s Christmas

Cuddle up tonight with someone you love.

Brilliant anima-shuns by Sanda Anderlon.

Puppehs. In. Snow.

Here at Cute Overload’s Northern California HQ, we don’t get much of a chance to see Puppehs In Snow unless we put the chains on the tires and trek up to Lake Tahoe. These little guys SNIFF THE CAMERA LENS AND BOUNCE IN THE SNOW so let’s take a look at some RIGHT NOW OKAY THEN?

PS U in or near the Great White North? Learn more about these puppehs– they’re looking for a nice warm home, just sayin.’ Video c/o submitter Allan D.

Heads or Tails?

Both ends of Harriet Tubman, the Maltese/Shih Tzu, are adorable. That’s why Diane F. got two! Diane says of Harriet and her sister Rosa Parks, “They’re 10 weeks old and make my heart explode with love glitter. Love Cute Overload, my favorite for years.”