World’s Tiniest Puppy Celebrates National Puppy Day

Born from an orphaned Dachshund Mom, this puppy (named Beyoncé!!!) has cheated death several times already, and is SERIOUSLY celebrating National Puppy Day today:

Wow, Those Guys Are Really Tired

Just look at them. Like little angels, both of them. I’ll bet they were playing pretty hard to get all tuckered out like that. I mean, they haven’t even moved since I’ve been sitting here; you’d think that they… that they… were… Oh, no

Nora W. explains: “This is my cat, Little Ghost. When my dad changed the background on the computer she jumped up and sat like this for half an hour.”

Friday Haiku: Ye Olde Englishe Proverb

Who said that you can’t

Have your cute and eat it too

I’ll start with the ears.

Edgar is a delicious morsel, Dan T.!

Potent & Deadleh

People, if you read this site with any degree of regularity, you know that Pomeranian puppehs possess the most deadleh potent cuteness content of all animals. The proshness levels are not even measurable by the scientists in our lab – no meter can handle it. So, it is with some trepidayshe and a lot of squealing that I reveal the following three images that you will not be able to handle:

OK, OK, it was four images, not three, but if I had told you about the grid, you might not have been able to get through it. All pup-tastic images via LuxPup.

Challenge Accepted!

In an article in Wired, science reporter Brandon Klein explores “self-domestication” in species like the bonobo, but notes that the trend from aggressive to peaceful lifestyles is necessarily limited in scope — or as he puts it, “Not that bonobos will soon be peeking out of cardboard boxes on Cute Overload.”

Ahem. Without further ado, we present a bonobo with a cardboard box.

Bonobo and box, from Flickr user West Chester Dumonts. Hat tip to Sparkster for the link.

THIS JUST IN: Beach Behbeh Fur Seals

National Geographic Digital Nomad Andrew Evans adds cuteporting to his resume in the following clip for baby Antarctic fur seals in South Georgia, South Atlantic. Keep your eyes peeled for the unique blonde seal on the beach…

Follow @WheresAndrew on the Twits and/or Facebooks too.

Me and My Lizard

Sitting on the windowsill
Me and my lizard
Each other’s what we hang on to

And when it’s twelve o’clock,
We snuggle and share,
We never talk,
It’s all in our stare

Just me and my lizard
Snorgling is what we do

Fave Frame ™

Most of us might wonder what these two have in common. Monika A. sees they have tails, nails and love.

THIS JUST IN: Rescued Otter Pup

When residents of Port Heiden, Alaska, found an orphaned otter pup stranded on Meshik Beach, they cared for him overnight until the Alaska Sealife Center could take over. The pup, named Meshik, is now healthy and enjoying formula and clams.

Full story at The Huffington Post.

My Precious!

My Precious. My Precious. We babbles for our Precious. The cute, it Gollums us.

So this is how Smeagol got started, Patty P.

Gee, We Just Had Cupcakes at Mine

Bet your going-away party wasn’t as awesome as this: On his last day with four lion cubs, this “Men of C.O.” calendar candidate gets in some serious snuggling.


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