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[Sproinging continues 'til sunset]

I’m going back to sleep now Heather C.

Curtain Climbin’ Ankle Bitin’

The rambunctiousness meter registered new levels at NewZoo curator’s Carmen Murach’s home recently. See, she was caring for two lion cubs who’s Mama died in childbirth. After almost three months, and each kitteh weighing in around 25 pounds, Carmen decided it was time to spare the furniture move these ankle biters to the zoo.


The kittehs love their new home, attacking logs, each other and rooting for Green Bay.


Photos by Corey for the Wilson/Press-Gazette. A bajillion more photos over at The Northwestern.com

Check out the new kitteh digs fer yerself:

Excellent cuteporting, NTMTOM!

Tiny neck action

There is some fresh tiny neck action going on over at the Memphis Zoo.

This behbeh was born on Friday and has eyelashes that match Mom’s. Check it out:


This and many more fabu shots over at Memphis Online. Excellent spotting, Sender-Inner Mike B.!

Just try and get work done with this as your desktop

"Let’s see, I know that Budget spreadsheet is around here somewhere…


Download this Desktop! [3.6 MB, 5120px by 3200px]


Special thanks to Sender-Inner and creator Brink G.

THIS JUST IN: Headless horseman puppeh costume

People, this is truly redonk and spectacular!

Check out this Headless Horseman Halloween costume made of PVC, fiberfill and kids clothes. It’s a TREAT!


FIVE STARS, Newfy! See this and more recent submissions over at the Martha Stewart/CuteOverload Pet Costume Contest!


Hush little goslingk, close your caps,

Mama’s going let you nap on her back

And if your bill should quiver and quack,

We’ll know you’re dreaming of sleeping in a rack.

Expertly spotted by Sender-Inner May-li K. Sweet dreams, originally uploaded by yappingjak.

How Many Times I Gotta Tell You Kids?

Don’t leave your Chewbacca Halloween costume laying on the floor!  It’ll get all wrinkled!

Try to iron me, and I'll rip your arm off.  Wookees have been known to do that.

Won’t happen again, Jennifer M.

Nyet You Di-in’t!

Here’s what you give the man who has everything.

Check out Vladmir Putin and the lil 20-pound kitteh he got for his 56th birthday.


Check it out, he’s all Nyet you diiii-in’t!!


Read the full story with mo’ pictures over at AP!

I Promise I’ll Never Drink Again!

"Ugghhhh, why did I let you buy me all of those J├Ąger shots, Freddy?  Hey, where are you, anyway?"

"I’m behind you in the sink, man!  And lemmie tell’ya, this sucker’s HUGE!"

Well, get over here and hold back my whiskers, willya?

Make the room stop spinning, Amy R.!

Watching WAY too much TLC

Rupert finally realizes Chester actually LIKES Frank’s trompe l’oeil wall painting/tiki bar room makeover.


Monica W., may your living room walls never have hay stuck to them.


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