Oh, Towel Boy…

“… ah do believe ah aym finished with mah bay-thin’, so if you will be evah so kind as to hand me mah towel… and be sure to avert your eyes, you wicked thing, you!”

Yes, Miz Tallulah...

From sender-inner Jessie S.: “We’re watching a bearded dragon for a friend this week (her name is Toast, by the way…) and our furry kitty monster (Neko) has been on 24-hour lizard surveillance since she arrived.  He supervises her eating, sleeping, and her bath time.  Also note – check out Toast’s posh tail in the sink – can’t get the end of it wet!”

Petting zoo pact

If any of those kids gets near me—BOOM right in the kisser. [flexes hoof] Are you with me?


Taken out of context and cropped, this llama looks like she has NO LEGS! Just stubbular feet. LOL!

Lily C., thank you for sending this one twice, we finally got it.

Give an inch, and kittens WILL TAKE A MILE!


They just take and take and TAKE, Hyura C.!

The paws that refreshes



How do my extensions look?

Real, right?

I'm so firing my hairdresser

Glenna M., good luck esplaining this one.


You expect me to GO TO COLLEGE!!?

My life span is only three years, god dammit!!!

[Shifty eyes] Can I major in Cheese?

No WAY José!

By the way, Sender-Inner and Photographer Lindsey B. says she’s “This is Penelope. I’m creating a calendar. A sort of ‘ode to Penelope‘”. Looks great so far, Lindsey.


Barry Dude. Poop complete!
2 minutes ago from Twatster


Laiiiiiiid Back

With my mind on my money and my money on my mind


Fabu swan shot brought to you by Sender-Inner Matthew K, who took this on holiday in Japan (natch)


BowlKitteh The dog is looking at me as if I’m hiding bacon somewhere on my person.
about 1 hour ago from CeilingChat


I’m Popeye the Sailor Cat!

“Well, blow me down!  Knocked flat on me back by Bluto, that no-good sea dog!  Just wait ’til I gets out me spinach, ya big palooka!”

AAG-agg-agg-agg-agg-agg-agg-agg-agg! <-- Popeye laughter

Just needs the little corncob pipe, Krista B.


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