Bobbeh keeps sending me these things!

For the turtle on the move!

As an busy executive turtle, you don’t have time to get lost. That’s why you need QteStar™ Global Positioning System. Just call to QteStar, and we’ll dispatch a team of directional assistance technicians to tell you where to go.

QteStar’s almost as reliable as sender-inner Marilyn T. of the National Geographic Daily Dozen. Photo by Byron Yu.

When Irish Eyes are Smiling, They Seem to be Mocking You…

Paul spent years searching, scaling Ireland’s bluffs high above the horizon line; but that one special rainbow eluded him…until today. When he saw it, he knew, and he immediately slid down the tallest rainbow he’d ever seen. And when he got to the bottom, he discovered exactly what he’d been looking for: a pot filled with…

“Well this damn thing better afford me that Cadillac.”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Tim C.

The Wearin’ O’ the Grin

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a cute little beastlette, bleating “Erin go Bra-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-h!”

That’s a BIG Noise from a Lil lamb..:O))) by law_keven.

Things to do on St. Patrick’s Day

1. Wear something green.

2. Have a few beers.

And if you can manage both at the same time, you are officially awesome.

hilarious face by i eated a cookie

An Irish Setter is Probably Gonna Throw a Beer On Them…

OMG, Mitzy. Can you, like, believe these seats Daddy scored?

This is going to be the best St. Patrick’s Day Parade ever! Now, when do you think we’ll see Bono, and The Edge, and Collin Farrell…?

They miss the point a lot, don’t they, Ryan McC.

Top o’ the Mornin’ to Ya!

In anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day, poor Maggedy O’Brien had a few too many the night before. Obviously it’s time for a little hair of the dog to make it ’til the Guinness lunch at noon.

You know she’s in a leprechaun suit under there, right, Tracie G.?


According to this report, “This picture was taken just before Hoverball Cat took off at supersonic speed. It sounded like a whistle and a scream and the ground caught fire.”

big orange hovercat

Via Mr. Andersen at Implodr

Time to pet your screen!

Take a moment from writing TPS reports to check out this kitten morsel—so soft and delectabuhls! You may now pet your screen. GENTLEH!

Hitomi Y. took time out from making luxury pet beds to send this in.

Talk About a Short-Sighted Plan

Statuesque Imbecile, you’ll never believe the news! I’m going to an open call audition for Bob’s Big Boy newest mascot! Can you think of anyone more suited for the part???

Maybe Bob’s Big Boy is going with hip irony, Kaitlyn K.? Be sure to check out more photos at Kleiber’s Kanines.


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