This Just In: Musical Maru!

Quick – someone grab Winston and a cowbell!

Uncanny Cat Cookies

Has your cat ever done something so ridiculously adorable that you’ve involuntarily exclaimed, “Oh, I could just eat! you! up!“?

Well now you can! And without being branded a blade-brandishing barbarian! Yes, all you have to do is send your favorite photo of your beloved Paw Pouncington to Anne, and in return you’ll get this:

Thin Mints may be tasty but they pale in comparison to these gems, Anne J. Cookie photos taken by Lynn Helmly, and cat photos taken by Mary Remiyac.

The Element…OF SURPRISE!

Alert Cuteporter Tara writes: “Our dog Jasper (a year-old Mini Schnauzer) learned how to open the low drawer in our kitchen. We took everything out of it, but he relentlessly continues to open it. Since he tends to skip his breakfast meal, my husband had the idea to put some of his food into the drawer. Which of course he loves, because it’s ‘fun’ food. We’re making a point to never let him see us put food in there so it’s magical. He’s already gone back 3 times! I attached a collage of the entire drawer-food process.”

[Yes, you can click to Embiggen!]

Consider This Your First and Last Warning

Listen, we don’t want no trouble – today we’re just a basket of puppies, capiche? But next time you pretend to throw that tennis ball and make us look like fools for running after nothing? We ain’t gonna be so forgiving.

They also don’t like baths, so step lightly, Traci H.

Where are my ankle weights???

Ummm, I thought inhaling that balloon would only make my voice sound weird…

Believe it or not, he’s walking on air…Thanks, Richard Peters Photo and Sender-Inner Victoria M.


A spectacular owl photo collection just flapped it’s way over to the Cute Overload mailbox. Give a hoot, check it oot! [Canadian accent]

Mo’ owls, mo’ problems over at Fishki.

Welcome to the Katucky Derby!

This is the big one, race fans!  It’s almost scratching-post time, so let’s review the lineup: Chicken of the Seabiscuit in stall one, followed by Secretaricat, Milkmaid, Great Hairballs O’Fire, Chasing Tail, Cat Outta Hell, Safety Pin has been scratched… and at twenty to one, Feetlebaum.

So who do you like in the fifth, Susy P.? (Found at The Daily Tail.)

That’ll be $250

Here’s the thing, doc: I’m too passive. I just roll over and let everyone tell me what to do. Hell, I’m even doing it now!

Phenomenal sofa find, Mardell C.

Your Services Are No Longer Required

Oh, chortle all you want, Mr. Video Camera Holding Person, but now that kitties can get their own food, what do they need us for? Soon they’ll be driving our cars! Taking our jobs! Rounding us up into special camps! Laughing at our comical antics on brightly-colored websites! You fools! Wake up before it’s too late!

Scaredy Cat Needs Security Pup

I had this dream this giant clown showed up and he was holding this porcelain doll that could blink, and then I was trapped in this weird hallway with Gary Busey and he kept trying to feed me chocolate, and then I fell through a grate on a city sidewalk and landed on Bea Arthur’s shoulder pad!

I’m just so glad you’re here! Can I hold you?

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