We Would Be Crazy Not To Try

Amazing but true. We have out-cuted ourselves before. Can we do it again? Time to find out!

Madeline has really made her mark on the world of cute, Danica T.

Shhhhh…I Can Hear Australia

Joke all you want about my ears, but no one can ever keep a secret from me.

Sound about right to you, Karen A.?

Do You Cutedoku?

Hey CO Peeps, a Sudoku just for you! Every 2×2 block must have one kitten, bunny, pup and hedgie. Same for every row and column.   Solve it in the comments! How hard can it be?

Buckles the kitten by Kate P., Chopstick the hedgehog by Sara H., Boston terrier by Jessica L., and Bunny by Ant!

Mutual of Overload’s Wild Kingdom

In the brutal world of Nature’s savage pay-per-view cage match, even the cutest creatures must fight for dominance. Here, we see a ferocious “bull” duckling defending his mate from an unwelcome interloper. Again and again, the two males will butt heads until one retreats to look for aspirin.

The stark brutality of the unforgiving wilderness, brilliantly captured by Flickr user William Warby.

Invaders From the Planet Electrolux!

I was trapped—cornered by hideous space beasts the likes of which I’d never seen before. Just then, I heard the ear-splitting whine of their atomic anti-matter death ray. Raising my hands in surrender, I could only pray they took prisoners.

Fave Frame™

This Year’s Model Of Dachshunds Are In!

Fully loaded with GPS, all terrain maneuverability and NIGHT VISION.

How does yours run, Pam W.?

Figaro Checks His E-mail

This is so typical! Management moved the presentation up a week, and of course they waited until the last minute to tell me. Guess I’d better hop to it!

I’m going to need you to go ahead and come in on Bunday, Toms Bauģis. More Figaro

Ladies and Gentlemen, the most adorable ‘tocks ever

“Cute ‘tocks! I got your cute ‘tocks right HERE!” [say in newborn baby fawn voice]

FAVE FRAME™ (Please note tongue action)

Special thanks to Cristal B. for this one. Departure Dat Beach fawn by Steve Fagan.

All Is Right In My World

Rounded belly, pleasantly full.
Sun beam gently warming furry skin.
There is nothing but fulfillment here.

We should all be so content, Emily E.


Welcome back to everybody’s favorite game show! Last time, just over 6,000 votes and a little over 50% of you guessed correctly, a grey langur. Nice work, viewers! Let’s see how you do this week.

Tic Toc. Tic Toc. BUZZZZZZ! Time’s up.

Let’s get a hint from this week’s special guest: “I like to be awake in the night. It’s such a fun time to hunt! I like to eat meat and don’t really care about anything else. I’m an important animal to some groups of native peoples. I am a great dancer and I love to play all night.”

Have you got it? Scroll down for the answer!

If you guessed a. a ferret, then you were correct! Thank you so much for playing WHAT! IS! THAT? Let’s thank our sponsor, Kimberly T. at the US Fish and Wildlife Service, for their excellent work in increasing wild populations of black footed ferrets.


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