Linux H4x0rs in thuh hizzle

Check this out, Linux Source magazine is getting its cute on with the July 2008 cover. Whoa! [Say in Keanu Reeves voice]


C.O.X.L.M.C.U.:  Whooooaa!  [say in Mike Myers voice]


Obligatory triumphant h4x0r:

Scott N., thanks for the scr33n c4pp4g3!

[Here's the CO post shown on that cover, by the way.  Well spotted, Erin! - Ed.]

Did somebody order Caturday paw clenching action?

[Looking around the table for who ordered this fine dish] Who ordered the Rule #29 (clenching paws in the air repeatedly)? Be careful, the plate is very hot.

This song is almost tolerable now, Ragnhild K.!

THIS JUST IN: Boy wears Puppy Chow perfume


Via BoingBoing and Sender-Inner Anna A.

I was told this would be banana-scented.

The Monkey Spa service has really gone downhill.  [eye roll]

Bathtime., originally uploaded by helping hands.

I distinctively smell lavender. [Bleeeeeeeaaaahhhh]

Tastes like soap., originally uploaded by helping hands.

Ooh ooh, ah ah, Michelle Q.!

“Chickie” forgot the BBQ sauce

In a moment of panic, Chickie realizes he forgot to bring the BBQ sauce and only remembered sparklers.


Bad Chickie! Bad Chickie! Happy Fourth of July, Alison R.


A sweeeet collection of transparent undersea creatures is on display over at, including this guy, the Roundbelly Cowfish aka Mr. Rule #38! (I am not making that name up)


Photograph by Chris Newbert/Minden Pictures. Wallpaper available here. Sent in by Debbie G. ;)

Ommmmmmmmm mah gawd

I can see you have traveled far, young seeker.  Rest awhile at my feet and I shall assist you on your path to Enlightenment.  In the high mountains, beyond the trees, beyond even the clouds, there is a cave.  Many men have perished looking for it — many more have turned back.

And what is in this cave that should drive men so?  A creature of radiance, or so the legends say.  Joy flows forth from it, bathing the soul of all who gaze into its eyes. To stand in its presence, it is said, is to know all that is hidden, and grasp the true harmonies of the universe.  The mountain people call him Azla’ach Flazim — The Hamster of Ultimate Happiness.

DING! You're enlightened. Now gimmie a cashew.

Photo by Flickr-er Mordiciter! Great find, Sender-Inner Missy P.

Try Gooseberries — New From Quaker!

Kids, start your day the Goose-er-iffic way, with new Quaker Gooseberries!  The sugar-frosted, vitamin-packed oat cereal with a FREE GOOSE in every box.  Collect the whole set!  It’s the Goose-tastic part of this good-for-you breakfast!

Remember: I'm the collectible; THAT'S the food.

Trade’ja two greys for that yellow, Luckypooka.

Guess what!?


Cuteness Robo-butt :), originally uploaded by annia316.

Lori W., You’re two for two on this one with both photo AND caption!

Casa Chihuahua McNuttersons

Kids, settle down, it’s time for your bedtime story.



…So that’s how your father and I met, Nuts Jr.

I think it was my Mexican Acorns con Arroz that he really fell in love with.   


OK Kids, off to bed. Tomorrow you’re father’s taking you telephone wire walking, so rest up.


Laura W. found this interspecies snorgle-a-thon over at ABC News.