The Magic of 3-D Schnozz-O-Vision!

Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in Cute Overload history, we present a post using a revolutionary new “glasses free” 3-D technology! That’s right — just sit back and brace yourself for breathtaking lifelike in-your-face 3-D realism!

Whoa! It’s coming straight for you! You folks in the front rows might want to duck!

Mr. Bart looks adorable in all dimensions, Tati S.

School’s Out For Hamster!

Yesss! I see The Last Day of School on my calendar. We learned so much we get the summer off. I hope the teacher keeps studying. Then maybe she’ll ask less questions next year!

Minju is very classy, Juliana W.

This Week, on The Guiding Leash

Horst reveals to Ophelia that, due to a series of clerical mishaps, he is his own daughter. Meanwhile, the ruthless Ruth Less tightens her grip on the family’s vast cotton-candy plantations. And in a motel across town, the love triangle between Mark, Bob, and Zelda takes a shockingly literal turn…

I swear, Amy F., the filth on TV these days… Pass me another bonbon, willya?

Meanwhile, at the Hopi Birdsong Holistic Rebirthing Retreat in Tuba City, AZ…

“… and now that we have attached the mystic Flower of Power to your authentic hand-woven sacred Navajo spirit transmutation vessels, we are ready to perform the chant that will initiate our journey of enlightenment. Ommmmmmmm…

Another quality link foraged among the Saguaro Cacti by Ant.

I Just Have That Kind of Face, I Guess

“The trouble with being a Basset Hound and looking sad all the time is that the folks can’t tell when you just look sad and when you really are sad. Like when everyone else gets hamburgers and I get stuck with yesterday’s kibble.”

Aww, can I share with him, Alexis M?


Over 50 daring dogs fetched a different kind of stick last weekend, as they competed in a surfing contest in Imperial Beach, California. The event raised money for area schools via, a charity that aids classroom projects.

Every Garden Should Have One

Tigger discovers birdy vending machine. Very useful for the busy cat on the go. Tigger puts in monies and makes his selection.

Teh birdy dispensing unit took Tigger’s monies but no birdy dropped out!

Oh noes! Now it’s a venting machine…

Uh-oh. Tigger has turned it into one of those “claw-grabber” machines!

Got any spare change, Richard P.?

[Richard says Tigger was only just doing some research for House Hunters International–these units do not have en-suites. –Mod]

I’ll Miss You All Summer

I can’t believe that you’ll be moving up a grade and they’re holding me back, just because they say I’m… (snif!) slow! It’s not my fault! I’m supposed to be slow!

Another of Ant’s Quality Foraged Links.

THIS JUST IN: Twin Horsies, Maybe

A horse owner in England got a two-for-one deal when her prize mare gave birth to a pair of fillies. Although the babies look alike, they might not be truly identical twins, says an expert. Nevertheless, the thirsty girls keep Mom twice as busy.

More photos, full story at Horse & Hound.

Puffy Powers Are Go!

Faster than a speeding puff pastry!

Chicklet teh Squirrel was rescued by Heather and photographed by Lynn T. Chicklet suffered head trauma as a baby and is half the size of other grey squirrels but twice as round (even though she’s on a strict diet.) Chicklet’s admirers call her the ‘Perfectly Spherical Squirrel.’


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