Slow Loris of the World UNITE

In a Tongue-Sticking-Out Camaraderie!

Grab those branches!

Wear those faux hawks! UNITE! UNITE!

slow loris tongue

This Slow Loris is from Qatar. XTREME QATAR WILDLIFE CLOSE-UP (XQWCU):


Slow Loris by ‏الـوعب – Alwab‎!

Nubbs ‘n’ Schnozz: Undercover Hams

[Sergeant Nubbs] “Detective Schnozz!”


[Sergeant Nubbs] “We must crack this case! You can nap later!”


[Detective Schnozz] “But Nubbs! This bedding is soooo comfortabuhls…”


[Detective Schnozz] “Soooo verrry comfortabuhls…”


[Sergeant Nubbs] “In all my years on the force, you are the most worthless hamster Police Officer I’ve ever seen.”


Things are not looking good for your case, Sara B.

‘Cause this is THRILLAH

Winston owns your soul.

Don’t press play.

You pressed it, Rich.

Welcome to Hell

Population: One attention-starved pit bull puppy with one-tenth the short-term memory of a goldfish, one 15-year old declawed cat that just wants to sleep off a catnip hangover, and you. Have a nice eternity!

I give you props for patience, Michelle D.

The Rule #35 Scroll-Down

[Scroll scroll scroll]


Quick! What # is the Rule of Cuteness for a curled tail!?

Photographer Xan R. from DogHouseStudios submitted this beaut.

I Had That Dream Again Last Night

OK, so it’s like, I’m parachuting, only it’s some kinda magic invisible parachute you can’t see… and like I must have landed in a haunted house or something, ’cause I keep hearing these weird voices, laughing and going “ooo-OOO-ooo” and stuff… but it’s all cool, ’cause Scarlett Johansson gives me a full-body massage…

Stack On! Stack Off!

Good morning. I’d like a piping hot, butter-laden, maple-syrup-covered stack of meerkats please. And a Mimosa. On a boulder plate and a side of grass. KTHX.


Photo Stacks on! by smilin_asylem. This post AND visiting AnimalStacks.Net was suggested via Twitter by MsMollyD.

“Ma—we need to talk.”

“It’s about the foster puppy.” [mini beady eye roll]

“Maaaaaaaaaaa!” [peck peck]

She does this EVERY TIME someone comes into the coop

Marc at Blogads is scoring points!

Our Friend the Cockatoo

Like its cousin the parrot, the cockatoo is a gifted mimic of other animals, able to reproduce not only sounds but also demonstrating a keen grasp of syntax.  In this video, for example, a cockatoo is able, after only a brief exposure, to correctly respond with the phrase “Yeah, that’s what your mom said last night” in Pug.

Kree Tangaroos

Young Man?

Young Man?!


Get BACK in the pouch! We’re going to the park. Sit down and strap in. [Stuff stuff stuff]



Both Tree Kangaroo baby & mother and Tree kangaroo baby Portrait by Sloth-in-a-Box (DOaZOO). The topic of Behbeh Tree Kangaroos was suggested by Candace W. after seeing this article!

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