A Lof Letter

My Dearest Enid:

I am counting the days until my return to you, my love. I can still recall our rapturous moments together, the heady scent of catnip in your fur, the way time seemed to stand still since we are cats and don’t understand how clocks work.

Love, Philippe


Drool Spot in 3, 2, 1

Why yes, as a matter of fact I am very comfterbuls, thank you.

Stacie M. says, “This is Stella, a six week old Olde Englishe Bulldogge baby who we have the pleasure of loving.  Her toes are delectable!” Thanks for saving some for us, Stacie!

Withholding Kitty

only loves you “this much”.

Kitty the kitty makes another great appearance, thanks to Jen V.

When You Need A Helping Paw, Er, Hoof

It’s a tough world out there, People. Once in a while, we need a little help from our friends. Take Terfel the doggeh, for instance. He’s on the visually-impaired side, so his pal Pwditat the kitteh helps him navigate.

Can we get an AWWWWWWWWWW please!

Then, we’ve got the story of Nicky the blind bebeh Rhino, who lives at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. Read all about it, and according to the story “The team at Lewa hope to fly in a specialist to perform a high-tech surgical procedure to fix Nicky’s eyesight early his year.” #WIN!

Sent in by Cuteporter Lindsay J.

He Cutes! He Scores!

…and the crowd goes wild!

Corki the Corgi bending it like Beckham, to the Max!

Run for the Border!

You braved the seven-layer burrito; you marveled at the Doritos taco shell; and now Taco Bell brings you the ultimate in stunt cuisine: The Quillupa™, a spiky hedgehog wrapped in a soft flour tortilla — with extra sharp cheese.

“Hey, were you going to eat me? You were, weren’t you?”

Nikki M. says: “My baby hedgehog is so adorable a sweet and I just had to share him with you! His name is Sonni (pronounced like ‘Sunny’ — short for Sonic Spindash) and he’s almost 8 weeks old. I adopted him at 6 weeks old. Usually hedgehogs take a little while to become people friendly and socialized but with a lot of attention and love, he opened up within only a couple days!”

Kitteh Chess Match (With Food)

Kitteh 1: It’s mine.
Kitteh 2: No, it’s mine.
Kitteh 1: Wait! What’s that over there? [Slides bowl back]

From Y-Tube, thanks to Brandon S. for the FB heads-up.

A Token Gesture of Defiance

Upon learning that the makers of Monopoly plan to replace one of the game’s iconic tokens, Harold the Chameleon stands guard over his beloved thimble.

Kitt B., who found this at Zooborns, writes: “The chameleon is clinging to a toothpick! Hovering over a thimble!! With not only an adorable nose, but a look of Supreme Disapproval. It’s a twofer, how can you resist?” PHOTO CREDIT: EXMOOR ZOO

Congratulations, You Have a Beautiful, Bouncing Baby…


Fave Frame:
Nicole D. says she found this video and, “There is so much cute bunneh tongue action that I don’t know what to do with myself, except (everybody say it together now) squee uncontrollably !”


Nuts. This keyboard is just too small for ma pawz.


“I’d like to introduce you to Brenda. She likes to think she’s a person, and has a dribbling problem. She loves sausage, your chicken sandwich, and her daddy’s beard.” -Sophie R.