Hon, you cleaned the rasberries, riiiiight?

‘Cause if I find any snailios on there, I’m gonna WIG OUT, MAN!




Snailio Iglesias strikes a-gin. I think I see another mini snailio on thar too—do you, Jennifer?

When you’re thirsty AND hot…

Try this!

It’s a total time-saver! [Pup runs head under stream, then takes off with helicopter ears.]


Excellent Corgage, Dee C…. ;)

When nature calls—on the kitchen counter

Yeah, I know I got a cleeeeeeeeeean litterbox around here somewhere. I just wanted to be able to say that I took a dump on the counter.



C.O.X.C.U./mugshot of the culprit…

Excellent white-knuckle grippage and caught-in-the-action action, Sender-Inner S.S.! An excellent example of Rule of Cuteness #32.

Discovered on the "What Housework?" blog!

Introducing a new facial feature; the peripheral roll

OK, this might be a pug-only feature, I don’t know, but check it; it’s the FULL, CIRCULAR LOOPED roll that I just wanna put ketchup on and take the TINIEST OF SOFT KRONSCHES!


Goran G., you found the best chub evar on Tricia M.’s Urban Pug.com!

Mini-me of your ani-pal

People, this Etsy crafter "Amelia" is awesome.

Please check out these look-a-like felted mini pet portraits. They’re like, identical down to the spot! Hee!


LookalikeThe creator of the pets sez: "I am in love with making these little needle felted dogs and would loveto make one for you!" UM, but can she handle the CUTE OVERLOAD ONSLAUGHT SHE IS ABOUT TO RECEIVE!?

Summer R., excellent find ;)

The Heisman Ham

Hut! Hut! Hut!!


That’s it, I’ve had it with you [holds paw up in stop posishe]


Julie H., I’m throwing a yellow card at your ham. Serious.

Hand elevator


[Bebeh squirrel climbs on hand elevator and presses fifth floor button]



Bing, Fifth floor, ladies lingerie, bedding, and bebeh squirrel licks


Danny V., there’s really nothing better than teneh squirrel lickage.

Shi-cat-su Spa

[All four kitteh paws kneading puppeh furs]

Yes Sir, I think we have some bone-scented massaging oil for you. I shall work it in.


Stacy G., I can almost hear the new wave musak and smell the cucumber water from here.

I am compleeetly eenoscent of all charges!

I had no-tingks to do with the spilled milkk!—NOTINGKS I tell you!!!

Check out more winners at the Cat Contest on ASPCA.org…

// Image removed at request of owner //

Sender-Inner Annette T., way to pick out this delectable morsel!

Cats ‘n’ [dish] Racks, People

You’re not fooling anyone, “Pumpkin” the kitteh. And just because it’s Caturday, you’re off the hook. Now go find a REAL rack to take a nap in.


So nicely done, Alice R., I had to post right away! [This may be the fastest ever ‘received and posted’ record of .03 seconds, People.