Give And Take

TAKE Lola The Doggeh and Bubble The Kitteh for exampuhl.

In the first shot, Lola decides to TAKE up all of Bubble’s Personal Spaces n’ stuffs.


Next, Lola TAKES Bubble’s purple mouse.


Bubble retaliates by TAKING Lola and using her as a pillow. Lola still has the mouse.


And in the end, Lola decides to GIVE Bubble a face leeck.

Photos of the Dynamic Duo from Silgailis.


At the Magicians Retirement Home

“If you think it’s strange to see a rabbit coming out of a rice cooker, consider that right now my owner, ‘The Great Nomtomi,’ is trying to cook basmati in his top hat.”

Kei C. says: “This is my pet rabbit YuYu. I got her when I lived in Tokyo… and brought her back to the U.S.”

Cough Due to Cold?

Let me get you a tissue.

Get plenty of rest. May I recommend sleeping underneath something? The pressure is quite nice for a congested face.

Corndogs are a cure-all. They certainly make me feel better.

And by popular demand, we bring you TOOF-HANCE™

Penelope Pickles is a little helper! Melissa D. S. says, “Her favorite things are corndogs and naps. You can’t leave your plate idle with her around.” You can follow Penelope on the Facebooks.

Candidate For Best Puppeh Name Evah

Of course we love this little girl because of ALL THE FOLDY STUFF. Her name is the best part, though. Tell us ’bout it, Rose:

“This is my 6 month old female bulldog/shar pei puppy Clancy (AKA: Clance, Snuffaluffagus, Dogman). She is my favorite little snorer in the world :)”



Camels Must Have Weak Backs

‘Cuz I’ve got lots of straws on me and I’m just fine.

My mom says I’m real strong.

Photo by Adam Berry of Getty Images

Blah Blah Blah Headline Blah Blah Blah

To my human:

I’m wearing this to remind you that whether you are yelling at me for digging in the petunia garden, or tipping over the trash can, or maxing out your credit cards at, it’s all the same noise to me.

Love, Ginger

Via Ray Sawhill.

Gonna Nom This Kid Right Now

Hey Guys! Can I be in the photo? Can I? Can I? (Wait, I already am!)


Spotted on MSN Now.

You’re Doing It Wrong, Linken!

Pillows are for heads, silly.

That being said, those are the cutest ‘tocks ever to grace a pillow.

Tera S. is Linken’s aunt and she says, “He sleeps like a ferret, basically 22 hours a day. He snores like an old man and loves to wrestle with my sister’s Mannequin heads from cosmetology school. I pretty much believe the world is a better place because of Linken!”

Meow You See It, Meow You Don’t

This amazing street magician has a simple message: Get your next pet from the pound, not the pet store. (Or, if you’ve got the skill, pull one from thin air.)

No Disapproval Here!

Look at this Bun Action! No doubt named after the great former Denver Bronco QB John Elway. We know John wouldn’t be seen with a daisy dandelion in his fur hair, but it works for this Elway! Tell us, Harn C. “Elway took a road trip with us from Issaquah, WA to Denver, CO– during the peak of the Colorado fires, no less! He’s a trooper, a traveler, and a cute little thing to boot 🙂 Hope you enjoy!”