Shhhh. There’s Sompin’ Down There.

Put your ear down here. Listen. Hear that? It’s a rustlin’ sound. You don’t think it’s a g-g-g-ghost, do ya?

Attack Of The Cute, indeed!

I Do All My Writing Here

Thank goodness for Starpugs.

I think Starpugs might need taller chairs, Brinke G.

Fan Dunce

Here at the Bad Idea Foundation, our researchers work tirelessly on dubious ideas for your entertainment, such as this ceiling fan placed too close to a cupboard.

Reluctant Thumbs Up

I’m not sure I like the cut of your jib, but that was pretty awesome. I guess.

Everybody’s a critic, Happy Jack.

Hedgie hangin’ with hoomin

(Sound effect of film projector in 6th Grade Science:) “Notice the feeding ritual of this bebeh Hedgie. Its leetle nozzle nose perches precariously above the saucer of meelk, then delicately snorfs eet up. The Hedgie’s hoomin looks on patiently.”

Super photo credit to Cath Schneider.

You’re The Next Contestant On The Price Is Right!

Aaaaaaaaaaah! I can’t believe it! Here I come, Drew Carey!

I hope he gets Plinko, Brinke G.

Some Relationships Are Toxic

Sure, in the beginning it can seem fun. You find out all of the things you have in common – growing up in the same place, you both love swimming, stuff like that. You stay up all night having long philosophical talks about why the world is the way it is. You really enjoy hanging out together.

But then, the teeth come out and you realize there is no happy ending. Well, for one of you.

A reminder to pay attention to red flags, Jonathan!

This beach is a total drag, man

Judging from the deep tire er, paw tracks in the sand, we’re guessing that Mr. McPuppersons is treating this trip to the beach like he would a trip to the vet. Or over to see the cat next door. And let’s just not forget those Prosh-To-The-Max Tocks©.

Forwarded our way from Mrs. Brinke.

New from IKEA

Add style and comfort to your living room with SNÖR throw cushions ($9.99). Available in soothing decorator colors ranging from white to almost-as-white.

It’s Muffin (a boy Maltipoo), sender-innered by Chris and Marilou.

I Like ‘Em Silent

I like the strong, pretty type, but I’d rather they not mess it up by talking.

Perhaps it is best to paws before speaking, comic book guy.


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