A Match Made in Hog Heaven

Ohhh yoo-hoo, Tiniest Snorfer! Have we found the perfect match for you. Meet, the Tiniest Grunter!

My idea of a romantic evening is holding hams while watching Dukes of Hazzard reruns.

I am into high-pitched squealing noises and rubbing against fence posts.

Pam L. met this baby orphaned javelina at Big Bend Ranch State Park near Terlingua, Texas.

Cone O’ Plenty

of stuffed animals! Man, if you have to be stuck in a cone, isn’t this the way to go? By the looks of this face, the answer is yes.

Another great submission by Ant. For more stuffed animal cuteness, visit Animals with Stuffed Animals.

THIS JUST IN: A tiny McPommersons

People, when you get a mini (both the picture size and the Pom size) Pomeranian like this in the C.O. Submissions Mailbag, it doesn’t stay there for long. You People MUST HAVE IT!

Sender-Inner Theresa K. writes: “This is my pomeranian, Bleecker. He’s now 4 months old and all furrr! He lives in the Big Apple and likes to chase big dogs. I think he’s adorable, but is he cuteoverload worthy??” The O.C.O.A. (Official Cute Overload answer) is YES, Theresa. YEEEES. [singsong]

I Want My DogTV

A new cable channel, DogTV, offers stimulating content for dogs who have to stay home during the day. Here’s an excerpt from an episode of the sci-fi adventure series Canine/Kangaroo Hybrid Trapped in Cornfield:

Other series include an in-depth look at interbreed frolicking, a documentary on the German Shepherd toy-rescue squad, and for some reason, cartoon bats:

But does it work? Let’s check in with a member of the DogTV focus group:

Taste Test

Hmnn, I’m picking up a heady pine aroma, slightly nutty taste, rather dry overall…

Ahh… comforting yarn scent, satisfyingly chewy vinyl texture, OM NOM NOM…

Lucy’s got good taste, Josh N.

Just a Drop in the Cute Bucket

They say an atom is the smallest unit of matter. Even smaller is the neutron and the proton. After that is the quark. But then, there’s the microlope; really more of a theoretical concept, also known as the antimatter antelope.

World’s smallest Royal Antelope born at Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa, FL! Check it out at  Zooborns!


Welcome back to everybody’s favorite game show! The producers have noted that this game is getting too easy – last week almost 7,300 votes and 63% of you guessed correctly, a guinea pig. So, this week we have made it very difficult. The picture below is a of an animal’s face,but we rearranged all of the pieces to really throw you off.

Let’s see how you do.

I wasn’t kidding about it being difficult, was I? Well, let’s see if we can help you piece it together with a hint from our special guest, “Hi! I am super playful and funny! I live in a den and will stay there until I’m about a month old. When I’m all grown up, I’m about 4 feet long including my tail. Is it time to play, now?”

Have you voted? If you are ready to see the answer, scroll down.

What a cutie! If you guessed b. otter pup, you are correct. This week’s program brought to you by Ant. See you next time we play WHAT! IS! THAT?

Coming Soon: Where’s Bea, Part II

From the blog that brought you “Where’s Bea?” comes the thrilling sequel, an action-packed story of one girl, one lamb, and one freshly-waxed floor.

Hope mom and dad will let the scratches on the floor slide, Alex.

Sorry, He Looked Just Like Kibble

SACRAMENTO — It was a jubilant night for the owners of Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo, the six-ounce miniature chihuahua who took first place in last night’s dog show. On a sad note, the winner was later eaten when he accidentally wandered into the supper dish of another contestant.

We’re just kidding! This is Seamus, the adorable Weimaraner who’s graced these pages before, after winning his first puppy show. Congratulations, Graelyn B.!

THIS JUST IN: Grazin’ Gallopin’ Giraffe

The new baringo giraffe calf at the Bronx Zoo just took her first steps out with mom, and she’s already getting busy — grazin’ in the grass, practicing with her new tongue, and galloping off on an impromptu butterfly hunt.



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