Bountiful Bunday Buffet

Check out these Lionhead bunnehs going to town on fresh grasseseses.

I especially like Mr. TribblePants on the left who’s doing the old "Lady and the Tramp" spaghetti thing.


Nom-HANCE + les clovères disappearing at an alarming rate:


Hey Sender-Inner Michelle G., nice spread!

Vintage Supercat

It’s 1981.

Supercat gets his first flying lesson.

Next stop: finding a hamster sidekick.


Excellent Caturday vintage scannage, Mike and Carole C. Nice wooden owl on the wall, too.

The Year In Cute: Smile, Everybody!

With 2008 being one of the goofier years on record, we’re all happy to see it go.  But this bunch just seems a little bit, I dunno … too happy.

Me, I'm just happy this flip-up ear-do is back in style!

I'm happy that Pixar gave me a swim-on role in 'Finding Nemo'

And I'm damn happy to see ya, you old so-and-so.

We’re happy for sender-inners like Elizabeth F., Britta F. and YankeeBird.

I’ve… I’ve been replaced!

I know you like cupcakes…


And you like me…


And we both like treats…


So I can only draw ONE CONCLUSHONS!

I’ve been replaced!


Baroooooooooooooo, Quyen V.!

Encore Presentayshe: No rats were drugged in the making of this vid

This McRattersons is just naturaleh calm and collected.

Excellent Rule 41 in the form of tummeh exposure, Zwee H.!

Total basketcase

I’ve had it!


2009 is already not peaceful!

Not what I wished for!


Wake me up when it’s over, People.

Helper Mini-horses, parrots and monkehs

Got agoraphobia? Maybe you need a helper monkeh!

Got bi-polar? Maybe you need a calming, talking parrot!

Got blindness? A teeny guide horse may be for you!

The New York Times is reportin’ that unusual service animals are helping folks with unusual disorders.


Author Rebecca Skloot does it again, Sender-Inner Ida N.!

// Pics and links to more pics/video just added! Many more images and a video over at author Rebecca Skloot’s website here. //




Much more over at Rebecca Skloot’s website HERE!



A "nubule" AND "spotting."



NUB-HANCE! [Zooming in sound]


Two piglets, extra wrinkles, extra ears, comin’ right up

The Los Angeles Times is reportin’ these Wrinklestilskins (Actually Chinese Meishan pigs) are all the rage at Berlin’s "Tierpark". Apparently, these chubbular wonders are famous for their wrinkles (duh) and loooong ears.


Get a load of Mom pig, People!

Happy Gnu Year!

A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-nd 2009 is off and running!  NEEEEAAARRRMMMMM!

Oh boy oh boy lemmie attem hyup hyup!

Baby Gnu running away by ottojdamage


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