Might as Well Jump

Somebody in the NBA needs to sign this cat to a team, stat. Jump ball!

(Note: Some content at source website may be NSFW.)


How Does Maru Do It?

Maru’s all over the Webbersons with his box routine. Ah can’t seem to get the HANG OF EET.

Smudgie Da Kitteh courtesy of Joel D.

Friday Haiku: White Tiger Cub Has a Question

Baroo kitty says,

“Huh? What the? Is that for real?”

We will never know.

Photo by Petr Josek of Reuters

Have You Seen Mama’s Puppies Lately?

Oh… you really must. Especially after all your hard work!

To quote T.U.M., “Beagirls and boygles.”

Snuggly beagle bugs.

Beagle puppy belly bulge.

Tongue tired!

Bobbi S. thanks us all, “so much for posting Mama Cassie’s puppy pics and getting such excellent name suggestions. We are still going through the suggestions and trying to match names with looks and temperament.”

Curious! Smiling! Mountain Goats!

Don’t get too many Mountain Goat submissions- but when we do, they’re fantastic! Get an eyeful of these guys! (Girls? Who knows?)

Photos by Nicko Margolies. More on this story over at Nicko’s Big Picture. Submitted by Sara B.

I Only Have Eyes For You

Welcome to the look of lof. Please take a moment to adjust your heart settings to all a-flutter.

Jessica O., wants you to know, this is Cousteau: “…a kitten whose mom I fostered only 4 days before, and helped deliver him 🙂 . He’s named after the great marine biologist I’ve always aspired to be.”

Tiiiiiime to go to the vet!

Ooooohhhhhh kkkkaaayyyy, wwwwweeellllll bbbbbbeee rrrrrrrreeeaaaadddyyyyyyyy iiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn 2222222222::::::::::0000000000333333333 . . . . . .

Fave Frame:

Via ThePetCollective

#YAY 4 Photo Assignment Day!

myawnday-2407-3Wednesday was Photo Assignment Day, our first for the 2013 Cute Overload Calendar! We asked you to “Take a picture of your pet with a computer.” (Look at yesterday’s page, for the 16th. See? Bottom right corner there?)

What? You STILL don’t have a CO Calendar? Better late than nevah, ya only missed 16 days.


When you see that little blurb roll around again on March 13th, send in a photo of your pet in the scenario described. DEETS. Your little darling could end up on thees very website!

“This is Quinn. Hedges aren’t the only thing she hogs. Every time I’d have her on my lap she’d make for the keyboard. She likes walking on the keys, barging into my IM conversations. This is an old photo, I stopped letting her use the keyboard after she got a foot stuck between the keys. No injuries, but I’d rather be safe. Be careful with small critters and keyboards!” -Marie P.

photo (2)
“Her name is Breda. She has three legs. And she loves when I bring my work laptop home.” -Tracie S.

photo (1)
Ingrid D.: “This is Gracie-Boo watching a bird video on the computer. She seemed really concerned, but daintily kept her paws off the keyboard.”

“Hi – My name is Melissa and my kitty is named Zelda. No, I will NOT tell you what she is looking at. ;-)”

“Here’s Honey, hard at work. Hope you’re getting lots of great submissions today! Fun idea!” -Jenna B.

“My name is Antigoni P. and this is Ryder!”

Ola M. checks in: “Hi! Here’s Holly Flappington-Moos doing a fine job filling in for me at my desk, on Christmas Eve. It was ‘bring your child to work day’… so we brought Holly.”

Jennifer M., give us the 411 if you please. “Reuben reeeeaally likes the computer. Bit of a Farmville addict. He thinks maybe his laptop photos make him look fat, but he wants to make sure you know it was JUST the way he was sitting.”

Lizzie c/o Julie L.

OK, Smile for the Camera!

Leroy, stop that! I told you to smile!

Via Kimberly Tamkun / USFWS

Believe Me When I Say…

sand really does get everywhere.

Sand kitten by Nir Elias of Reuters.