The C.O. Guide to World Cuisine

Any country can set an elegant table, but few can match the Japanese for ritual.  According to custom, one says itadakimasu (“I receive”) before starting a meal, then dries one’s hands on the hot towel provided.  And no Japanese table is completely set until the arrival of the hashi neko, or chopsticks cat.

The chopsticks cat can trace its origins to the stern imperial courts of the 8th century, in which specially-trained cats would guard the chopsticks of the emperor and empress, and scratch anyone else who dared reach for them.


Domo arigato, Joanna P.

Pucker up, Behbeh

I got a little somethin’ for ya. [Snorks your face with salt-shaker-esque schnozzle]


Get me my Purell STAT! Portrait of a little piglet by Mandy Verburg.


Swine flu? Never hoid of it.

Anerable, cute-tailed piglet by danrandom.


STOP EET! Gah-haha-hahaha ha ha ha! [paws wave completely out of control]


With this kitten AND the slow loris tickle in the last week, I think we may need a new tag. Tickle, tickle by estacey.

Thanks for the bleach, my roots were horrible

Remember that insane Bichon Frisé haircut that made me pee my pantaloons? This is a sweeter, bowl-cut version of that.


“Giambi” the pup was photographed by Jo and Vincent.


And now a scene from tonight’s action-packed late movie, “The Squawkshank Redemption,” in which a pair of jailbirds make a run for it…

Sundeh Bunneh…


You need this as the background of your computer… STAT! Simply click on the imahe for the large size. Right-click on that image and make it your bunneh background! It’s 1024 pixels wide.


No disapproval here, Tanya P.!

If you turn this pic 90 degrees…

…it’s a much happier story:


Sandra from Luxembourg saw this lil’ Dude at a Zoo in Amnéville.

“Bambi, c’mon over to my place”

“C’mon in. We got snacks, beers, Rock Band 2. Make yourself at home, Girl.”

Chief Sister Officer AND Josh N. sent this one in SAMEULTINEOUSLY!

Alright, WHO ordered the Pomeranian?



Besides, I prefer black. SEND IT BACK!


Maribeth C., At least she arrived with no broken pieces.


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