Can You Say GULLible?

Seagulls stole my snausages! One distracted me while the other stole my snausages! (throws head back and howls) I am coming back tomorrow. With a jetpack. Gonna get my snausages back!

Jeter says it’s real funny, until it happens to you, Kat G.

Puppy Gum

Millions of gum chewers love Puppy Gum the best. Puppy Gum is long lasting and never loses its flavor. The makers of Puppy Gum remind you, don’t just spit it out when you’re done chewing, save the blue wrapper so you can keep your Puppy Gum for later!

We wouldn’t mind sticking Frank behind our ear, Eugenia.

The Infinite Sleepiness Project?

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten any new pictures for the Infinite Cuteness Project. Don’t tell me everybody’s gotten tired of it already!

Evangeline C. says: “Hi there, this is my doggy Cosmo. She fell sleep while surfing the Cute Overload website. It was a long day at work.”

I Think Your Otter Needs Oiling

She seems to get a bit creaky around water.

From the YouTube notes: “Meet the playful heroine of the feature film Otter 501! She was rescued on the central coast of California after being separated from her mother, and with a little help from the Monterey Bay Aquarium she’ll hopefully become a wild otter again.”

The Unified Theory of Everything

Sitting here like this, just watching the day go by, I’m always humbled by the scope and complexity of the world. Think of it: on this random rock in space, plants grew from the dirt, creatures crawled from the mud, and somehow the creatures and the plants and the rock combined to form ice cream and skyscrapers and forests and bicycles… everything in the world. And you look at it, and it’s tangled and orderly and rigid and flowing and squalid and majestic — all at the same time.

And it just makes you feel lucky to be alive. You know what I mean? Guys?

You know, these philosophical discussions would be so much more enriching if you clowns could hold up your end of the conversation just for once.

“XX from Berlin,” says Alysa E.

Free Samples!

Would you like to try one of our bunnies? They’re fresh, fuzzy and cute! Yes, all bunnies are cute, but ours are the cutest!

Baby dwarf lops, Meredith and Daphne say you don’t want to miss out on this special offer, Greta N.!

How To Fake Your Way Through A Conversation

No, really?… You don’t say?… My stars, who’d a thunk it?… Uh huh…. yeah… yep… No, do go on, this is most interesting… Yeah… Uh-huh….

Flickr user Samuel Sharpe brings us “an Australian Green Tree Frog that somehow made its way into my kitchen. Judging by the facial expression I am guessing he found what he was looking for.”

Update on Junebug and Burnett

The first time we met our adorable pair, Junebug was a tiny, recently rescued kitten and Burnett was her, Mom, er, something. Now Junebug is grown up and Burnett is her, well, see for yourself! They’re in love! And they don’t care what the other dogs and cats think!

Oh no, Alaina M., dogs and cats in love! Mass hysteria, riots in the streets!

Nobody Gets In Without The Password

“Swordfish” is incorrect. You have 2 more chances to get it right.

“123456” is incorrect. You have 1 more chance.

You know, I don’t generally do this, but…I’ll give you a hint. If you’re a bloke and lookin’ for love, put on your green cloak and…

(sigh) “Smoke” is incorrect. Go Away.

Extreme Froghandle Closeup!

Sender inner Ken B. says he “felt something soft and wet behind the handle. When I pulled my hand away, this guy popped his head out a second or two later. He seemed like I was disturbing him.”

Kids Goatin’ Around

Clementine (the all white goat): Tee hee! I totally tooted!

Huckleberry (the brown faced goat): Rude! These 3 day old legs of mine cannot get me outta here fast enough.

No kidding, Sara H., these are a couple of cuties!


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