I Don’t Need a Helping Hand!

Well, not the whole hand, anyway — maybe just a “helping finger.” Really, even a “helping pinky” would do the job, or better yet, a “helping edge of just below the knuckle on the index finger”…

Angie B. writes: “Last night, my husband saw him stuck to the patio door, thinking, at first, that he was a bug. After several failed attempts, and much hopping, (on the frog’s part, not mine) I managed to get this one clear picture.”


Blorptacular, You Are

No resemblance between this kitteh and Jabba The Hutt. None.


Kim L. says: “I came across this picture of a truly blorptacular cat and immediately thought of you. The thing is, the picture isn’t mine, it was taken by someone nicknamed Petrus I in Denmark so I don’t know if my submission is valid. If you’ve already featured this picture before, then it’s okay. Thanks for the great website! Keep up the good work!”

雪とねこ。Snow and Maru

(Always wanted to use one of Mugumogu’s headlines.)

His Royal Girthness is back, and he looks a bit perplexed.

CO NewsDesk Weekend Update!

Not all cats react to the snow as carefully as Maru does. Kris T. spotted this cat named Fletcher on Boing Boing, and let’s just say…Fletcher digs it.


Ladeez ann gennelmenn! For the first time anywhere on earth, the Dingaling Brothers Circus is proud to present the Turtlini Twins, who will form their terrifying teetering tower of terror…

… and for the amazing finale, will be joined by special guest star Carrot Top!

Via orangedrummaboy.

Face Puddle

People, you must get a load of this puppulence and the completely redonk amount of facial chub:

Have a great weekend. Thanks Life with Dogs Facebooks stream. Thank you.

Postcards from the Edge

Sarah van E. says, “I made this photograph in a monkey zoo in the Netherlands!…It also has a baby on it’s back but sadly enough it’s not really seeable.” Many of us have an invisible monkey on our back, Sarah, but we don’t look nearly as cute carrying them around.


Little Joey was never late for school, since he was stolen at birth and raised by a backpack kangaroo.

Photo credit: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Paws and Reflect

See the world through a puppy’s eyes and don’t let your puppyhood slip away from you.

“Hi! This is my Jack Russell Papillion mix named Lola. She is 3 1/2 months old, I love her very much.” -Anne B.

Carl Suspects Some Monkey Business

“I guess I’m supposed to tap here… Erm, no… So maybe if I slide my finger like this… Nope. Y’know, I’m beginning to think this thing I bought isn’t a real iPhone.”

Photo by Sarah Cheetham for the Costa Rica Big Cats, Primates & Turtle Conservation project page of the Frontier website.

There Isn’t Even a Guardrail

Look! This kitten is tewtelly violating all cute safety limits! Oh wait, that’s OK. Because there’s a thin liquid crystal display panel to prevent all of our haids from asplodin’. Riiight? No biggie!

Excuse us, Josh N., can we stand over here behind you? Just in case.