Hangin’ ten (I think)

The upside-downess. The tongue, belly, Total Panda Vibe (TPV) is just great.

(A Google search says 5 toes each, but there’s so much fur and stuff, who can really tell?)

Photo by Curious Cats author Mitsuaki Iwago




Alpacas don’t do Windows™

Notice that “Flower,” a snorgly Alpaca, is surfing a MacBook Pro™ looking for photos of….alpacas, natch.

And People, you must have your speakers turned up for this one.

Alpacas are totally underrated, TC Morgan.

Hold steel while I leeck u!

The deadpan look on the left- if puppehs can even do such a thing- is worth the price of admission. But there’s more!  Ladies and gentlemen, I direct your attention to the right for the terrific Bonus Tongue Action!

Another big one from the redoubtable Carrie T.

Let’s see you squawk your way outta this one

Mr. McParrotsons, you’ve got maybe two seconds to reassess your posishe here.

Another JChip off the ol’ block.

Introducing Mac OSX Maru

We’ve shipped Panther, Tiger, Leopard, and Lion. And we’re proud of those achievements.

Oh…one more thing.

Introducing the Mac OSX Maru. It’s most ambitious OS ever. More features. Fewer hairballs. Just incredible. [hands clasped]

This completely hypothetical OS and encore presentayshe is from Maru’s many fans on The McFacebookersons, natch.


Dahling I Love You But Give Me Park Avenue

I call everyone ‘Dahling’ because I can’t remember their names. [Wink]

Zsa Zsa Gabor quote thanks to Brainyquote. Fabulous schnozzle with hair thanks to Dog Dude.

Sounds like a Purrari sports car!

Make sure you have your speakers turned up for theese one! One furry massive motor, hunkered down. At :19, an intrepid kitteh pokes his little bulb head up, and really cranks up the crankshaft. Or whatever.

Life in the fast lane from DrNWorb. These little guys are rescues, and to learn more just bounce over on the InterWebs to here.

Let the Games Begin!

Time yet again for athletes from around the world to face the ultimate challenge. Some will walk away champions, others will just… forget what they were doing and chase their tails. Cue the relentlessly majestic inspirational theme music!

Frankly My Dear,

I don’t give a duck.

Trivia Time! You may know about the adorbs Make Way for Ducklings sculpture in the Boston Public Garden, but this is not it!
This is the replica in Moscow, given to Mrs. Gorbachev by Barbara Bush. Qvack, Qvack, ZaVaL!


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