Let’s check in on Maru…

Yep. Still a boxaholic. Getting worse, too.

Wow—he’s reeeally struggling.

Get thee to a Boxhab! See ALL of Maru’s trials and tribs over at I Am Maru! Sender Inner Marianne H. sent this one via volcanic ash cloud.

Get out the Stoat!


We’re honored to be nom-nom-nominated for a 2010 Webby Award!

This year, we’re in the fine company of a hilariously weird newcomer, Selleck Waterfall Sandwich. Until April 29th, expect us to ask for your vote approximately eight million times. Just click this link, fill out a painless registration, and cast your stoat! vote! Love you, mean it! DO EET!

Vote here: http://webby.aol.com/connections/weird

Beady-eyed, pink-tongued stoat voter courtesy of Sender-Inner Melody.

Life Episode 5: Toadular!

Our final episode of Life, People. The fantastic, mind-blowing series narrated by Sir Oprah “Tiny Tooooooooooooooads!” Attenborough is here. This episode is all about Tiny Toads, the size of postage stamps, who have perfect SUCTION CUP HANDS!

See more awesome Life video action here!

And the Stork Flew Away with a Hernia

There’s a new 147-pound addition at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, FL!

A baby reticulated giraffe was born just days ago to mom Teesa and dad Sterling. The calf will stay with mom in an area away from guest view so the baby can be closely monitored to ensure that the newborn is nursing and growing properly. After a few months, the duo will join the other animals on the Serengeti Plain, where they will surely experience a lot of rubbernecking.

As always, thanks for the updates, Nick G.

Welcome to my humble abode

Please! Make yourself comfortabuhls!

Amanda D., please remove your shoes upon entering.

The Extremely Rare Motopup Simulspot

New Yorkers were recently treated to a cute sight — and not one, but two cuteologists caught it on camera.

First, Doryn W.: “We took this today in NYC. I just pulled up next to this woman and dog. The dog was so incredibly happy, loves the wind on his face. So funny!”

And later, Bonna T. “had just hopped in a cab when I noticed that on the motorcycle right next to us, this poodle was catching a ride.”

Why, it’s enough to make one exclaim “what tremendous fortuitousness,” or if one were in a hurry, an abbreviated form of said exclamation using only three letters.

Life Episode 4: Blorp

This second to last episode of Life, you will see some Blorp-tastic, sticky-eye-balled fish called “Mud Skippers”. They like to walk on land, breathe air, and shovel mud out of their houses with their moufs. They also make excellent mud wrestlers. Enjoy!

See more of Life here! [Say in Sir Oprah Attenborough voice]

First & Last Date

During a lovely meal at McGregor’s, Bob looked at her awkwardly, so Betty sensed they were about to share their first kiss. She leaned in, batted her long lashes, looked up at him expectantly, and heard, “Sweetie, you look like you’ve grown an herbal Fu Manchu.”

Lettuce help her, Theallamenta.

What You Don’t Hear on Those Discovery Channel Mini-Series

Had I sat on the edge of your plate and stared while you devoured your bourgeois cheeseburger, I suspect my prying eyes would’ve been met with copious amounts of table salt! Yet here you perch, narrating my every bite. You sir, are the despicable slime!

Do Banana Slugs wear banana hammocks, Brinke? See more slugtastic action here.


Your strange new pet amuses me, human. I can see why you keep it under glass, though — it looks like a big tapeworm. Well, that was fun; is it time for my piano lesson now? I like this toy; it’s a perfect fit for my short attention sp–OK, piano lesson over, time for random whapping! WHAPWHAPWHAP!

// THIS JUST IN; another kitteh learns to fish on the iPad… // By Greg K.


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