TerrierAir requesting landing coordinates

Do we land in water bowl on on unsuspecting lap, Over

TerrierAir do not buzz the tower, Over


I Tawt I Taw a Twitter Tat!

Remember how we watched in awe as Ashton Kutcher beat CNN to a million Twitter followers?  All right, maybe awe is too strong a word, but according to the Baltimore Sun, a cat named Sockington is catching up, quietly racking up half that million, and gaining every day.   What’s the matter, Ashton?  Cat Kutcher tongue?

I must leek ze feengers zat tweetz for meeeeeeee!

Photo: Jason “Textfiles” Scott

Pocket Kitteh will be your Caturday Escort

Dude, I’m way better than GPS on your iPhone. Let’s get this party started! [points paw in direction of red light district]

Your Caturday night escort, aka Cute Kitten In Pocket has been provided by PicturesOfCats.

The Return of Sniper Kitty

When we last checked in with Sniper Kitty, he was lying in wait to ambush his sworn enemy, the dreaded Pen.  Some things never change, it seems…

Unpleasantly Extreme Home Makeover

“Well, the builders have packed up, the decorators have put on the finishing touches, and it’s time for our lucky homeowner to see the bright new results for the very first time.  So let’s cut to our live camera for her spontaneous reaction…”


Got any more bright ideas, Yvonne G.?

And we never saw Snuffles again…

2007_12 009

Oh don’t get your pantaloons in a bonche. Here’s Snuffles back safe and sound with paw up:


Elizabeth N. How far did he get? 20 feet? OK.

Calibrating the Acoustic Pigometer

As many of you audiophiles know, the acoustic pigometer is one of the most precise and sensitive pieces of sound-measurement equipment on the market, and as such requires extensive calibration before use.  Let’s listen to how it’s done:

Cows II: This Time, It’s Snorglable

Sometimes that cow, she looks right into ya. Right into your eyes. And, you know, the thing about a cow… she’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. When she comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be living… until she licks ya with that soft pink tongue and then… ah, then you hear that terrible high-pitched squee-in’…

Picture 067 copy

We’re gonna need a bigger barn, Fay H.
(Update: Gender-confusion issue resolved. :))

Long-legged Red Poodle Supermodel

Long legs.

Curly auburn hair.

Toe Hawks. [record skipping/scratch sound]




Photographer Marcia D. is gonna make a killing with this girl.

Hey brain surgeons! Get a load of this!

Did you know that if you were to STARE INTENTLY at cute animals, the surgery you perform may be up to 30 percent MORE ACCURATE?

Someone wrote about this fact on a blog, so it MUST be true!

According to the article in Skepchick:

“In Experiment 1, 40 women individually played a game of Operation in which they had one chance to remove each of the body parts without touching the tweezers to the sides and making the wacky buzzing sound and blinking red nose that indicate your patient has tragically died on the table. They were then randomly assigned to look at images that were either of low cuteness (dogs and cats) or high cuteness (puppehs and kittehs). Finally, they played one more game of Operation.

The women in the high-cuteness group showed significantly greater improvements in their performance of the game than those in the low-cuteness group.”

catcher 11

I strongly agree with the author of this article that we should test (AND RE-TEST AND RE-TEST!) all Rules of Cuteness to for effectiveness. Great find, Sparkeh.


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