There’s a Mistake With My Order

I ordered the half-caff caramel cappuccino with whipped nonfat soy milk and a dusting of nutmeg, and I appear to have been served a puppy.

Via Reddit.


Your How-to Guide to Shoplifting

For novice shoplifters, it is important to establish an alibi in case one is caught. For example, allowing the merchandise to attach itself to you, rather than pocketing it yourself, can create an element of plausible deniability.

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This Guy Looks Vaguely Familiar

I can’ him. Maybe if I hang upside down.

From The Birfle: “I found this pic in another pic-gathering website called Clipboard.”

Empiricle Evidence

Hey! Do we have spots on our bellies?

I don’t know, but I know how to find out. To the couch!

I got spots here!

Me, too. Spots and swats!

“I think you might appreciate the little bellies and brand 
new, almost-never-used paw pads and claws of Nanook and Loki, my
 adorable kittens…They live in Paris, France (and my name is Camille). And thank you for all the cuteness!”

Ponies [Wearing Sweatahs]: You’re In The Situation Room!!!

They’ve become a shaggy global PHENOM. Ponies Wearing Sweatahs. CO has been alllll ovah thees story, and now CNN has decided to barge into Cute-land. Welcome to Our World, Jeanne Moos.

And an update from Steph M.: “Jo and Frances own Thordale Shetland Stud together. Fivla belongs to Frances’ younger daughter Flossie, and Vitamin is jointly owned by Frances and Jo. Frances is in a lot of pain due to her back and couldn’t get on the ground to button the pony sweaters, so Jo is the one doing that in the video. I suspect that’s why they had her for the interview and not Frances. I should mention that people who want to visit and meet Fivla and Vitamin (and the rest of the World’s Cutest Pony Herd) can stay at Jo’s B&B.”

And if You Really Want to Mess With Him, Tell Him It’s a Chew Toy

Can’t make your dog behave? Tried spray bottles, rolled-up newspapers, without success? Then try Dr. Magnolius LeStrange’s Voodoo Obedience Training!

Just send us your dog’s picture and lock of hair along with $39.95, and you’ll get an enchanted likeness you can torment when he misbehaves! Made a mistake on the carpet? Rub his nose in it from anywhere in the room! Comes complete with authentic voodoo pins, for when you really need to get your point across!

Via Sin Amigos.

Never Knew What Hit Him

Holy McCrappersons! Kitteh wuz jus’ minding his own biz–then WHAMMO.

Submitted by the always reliable Mihai F.

Someone Left the Seal Out in the Rain

Smartie the Seal lives in Stranraer, Scotland. It seems workers at a ferry terminal found him in the parking lot one night during a storm. They tried to get him into the water, but Smartie was havin’ none of it.

The next morning they called the SPCA, and stored Smartie in the boot trunk of a vehicle for safekeeping ’til help arrived.


Smartie had other ideas, and wiggled his way onto the dashboard. Mr. McSmartersons is hanging out at the National Wildlife Centre for the time being.

From the “Where Are They Now?” File:

Although happily retired and living in quiet anonymity in Boca Raton, FL, beloved 80’s beer pitchman Spuds MacKenzie still has a winning way with the ladies.

Via Malkav. (Update: This is not the actual dog who played Spuds MacKenzie.)

I Asked for a Tiara

Pink flowers are okay, I guess. Bling would have been better.

Whether you have a tiara or not, Maggie, you are a Pretty, Pretty Princess. Although you are the only one we’ve ever seen drag her butt.

Charlotte tells us that “Maggie is our family’s little bundle of fluff-joy” and that the pic is by Clare and the vid is by Edd.