aaaaaaaaargh HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTE OVERLOAD!! dammit :P

This was, of course, before COXCUs, before tags, before 560-pixel-wide pictures, before calendars, before commentroversy, before moderators and [-Ed.]s, possibly before a storied wet meteorological event requiring a lengthy journey in a big wooden freighter full of two of everything. (Awaiting confirmation on that last bit.)  Anyway, let’s pretend I posted this on “Caturday”.

I’m inno-cent!
by MEG on SEPTEMBER 26, 2005


Newsflash: Baby Bulldog gets up on own accord!!!

I can hear the collective sigh of relief accrosst the country! This guy:

Finally got up.

I agree, Jason A. Maybe now everyone can stop having a cow about it.




Red light!  Green light!  Red light!  Green light! Redlightgreenlight!

I’ll look for you in the labor camp, Natalie D.

THIS JUST IN: Rats doing the ‘John and Yoko’

These dewds totally look like John and Yoko, only rattier.


The way things are going, they’re gonna crucify me, Lana M.!
Photo by Jessica F.

Maru, Master of Disguise!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, a few quick impressions:

0:16: Big Rodent is watching you, citizen…

0:31: I’m a tiger!  No, I’m an elephant!  No, I’m a tiger!  Ah, the heck with it.

1:18: And finally, our very special guest star, Homeru Simp-san! Let’s hear it!

Like it, Ximena H.?  We love it!

Oh, Never Mind

Welcome back to “Health Chat,” and our next guest is immunologist Dr. Colobus G. Ibbon, who claims to have developed a 100-percent reliable method to prevent allergic reactions.  Dr. Ibbon, would you share with our viewers the details of this truly remarkable discovery?

Just cut to a commercial, Connie H.

Hammy Birthday to You

A-a-ah y-y-yes, th-th-the ev-ev-ever p-p-popular “vi-vi-vibrating p-p-party h-h-hat” t-t-trick…  V-v-very f-f-funny…


Did you bring enough Fig Newtons for everyone, Lesley G.?

Candid Critter Cams

Check out these awesome critter cams over at the Museum…of… ANIMAL PERSPECTIVES!

First, the armadillo cam is all real-time armor and stuff:

Then, there’s the hummingbird cam!

1 Picture 7And my third fave the ground hog underground hog cam and last but certainly not least is the Little ringed Plover incubating eggs

Friday Haiku: Opposites Distract

Black cat with white trim
Cuddles white bun with black eye
Your verse adds color

koko and rosie

Sender-inner Carolyne says:  “Yesterday afternoon we found our cat Koko had managed to lift the gate and climb in to Rosie, our bunny’s pen. Rosie didn’t seem too thrilled but let Koko cuddle up to her anyway. Maybe it’s time for another cat…”

Things that make me go… Hmmmm

1. Are permed foreheads in this season?

2. Did I leave the iron on?

3. Worsted wool or Mohair? WHICH MAKES THE BEST SWEATEUW!?


Julie O. says the fine folks at FiberFarm had a Big essay contest. Stay tuned for the results.


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