Look! Up in the Sky!

It’s a bird … on a bird!  Yes, it’s time once again for the thrilling adventures of Gaylord, The Wonder Crow, atop his trusty vulture Dagmar as they fight a never-ending crusade against improper grocery bagging practices! Whenever bags are filled past rated load limits, wherever bread is crushed beneath cantaloupes and detergent boxes, Gaylord and Dagmar are there to save the day!

bird bffs

Sorry, Catherine — all the good superhero gigs were taken.

Friday Haiku: If This Thing Starts Talking, I’m Out of a Job

Banana, smiling / Parrot, eying warily / You, writing Haiku


The pic is bananas, B-A-N-A-Chloe S.

Even though you’re only as big as my paw, you’re still my BFF

I also like friends that CAN’T RUN AWAY FROM ME!

leopard-mouse bffs

I think they’re wearing matching BFF necklaces, Catherine!

Yes, yes, I see your point.

I understand completely.



What else does your bandmate’s cat say, L.L. Cool Hrish?!

The Fabulous Anna Banana!

Meet Anna Banana, the girl with a peel!
She makes the boys sweat and the ladies squeal!
Her friends may be fussin’ and carryin’ on,
“but that’s not my style,” she says with a yawn.
“I’m a rat of distinction, I’m not just a cog.
I’m clever and cute and I’ve got my own blog.”
So read all about her, and meet all her friends,
They live at The Rat Shack, where fun never ends!


Thank you for contributing to this week’s emerging “banana” theme, Jane S.

C.O. Culture Watch

Now on display at the Cutegenheim Museum: An exhibit of avant-pop sculpture by Brazilian/Dutch artist Maria Theresa Consuela Hoogaboom, including her classic work, Still Life With Chicken.



Guided tours by docent Soujin P. available Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Moo Mews

Meet “Runt”, the 3-week old kitteh.


He’s got three bros, all of whom are black and white too. I think he’s chewing on his bro here:


WIth all the kittayns sporting the cow look, Sender Inner Kimberly H. calls them “Moo Mews*”


*Say three times fast, Bitches!

A Lambers in a haystack

They’re always SO HARD to find! (Especially when their eyes are closed [rim shot])


Where IS IT!?

Ferret Portal to Planet Kneesocks

These ferrets are obvy going to Planet Kneesocks through this worm hole.


Have a good time! [Schlooooooooooorp]


Sender-Inner Alexandra T. says: “My ferrets have made a home inside our couch. We rarely use it so we’re perfectly okay with their makeshift tunnel. Jaina (The head) likes to peek her head out at us and schlorp! her way back in. Arthas (the ‘tocks) simply enjoys fwumping in and out of the poor couch while wotting gleefully.”

Next Season, On “Meercat Manor”

The Whiskers family, tired of spending cold winters underground, pools their appearance fees from season one and buys a McMansion in foreclosure.  Catch the season opener Thursday at 8 PM, followed by an all-new “Flip This Burrow.”


I just love what they’ve done with the place, Rachel N.


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