It Always Begins So Innocently

There you are, minding your own big-sweet-brown-eyed business, and next, you’re the victim of a plot so diabolical in design, even the Artful Dodger would deem it too cruel!

Cute kibble nibblers, Petsami!

Onassis Glasses Overload

Honey, these sunglasses weigh more than I do!

Oh Webstagram.

Super Kitty is on the Move!

With Super Kitty on our side, evil dust particles floating around in the air won’t stand a chance!

Super Kitty air patrol is go, einalem58

Shall We Dance?

Thees ball is proving to be parteekewlarlee trubblesums.

I weel have to use my cunning Fred Astaire moves upon eet!

Get that cat a top hat stat, Leon Davidoff! Via Poppy.

Made in the Shade

Growing Tips for Hortipups Shedsfursii:

Grows best when planted on furniture, prefers partial shade, average room temperature,  water frequently, constant attention required, blooms year round.

Take a bough, Barkley. Rachel S. says Barkley is a Pekechis; a hybrid of Pekingese and Chihuahua!

Scientific Progress Goes Boi-eeng

Here at the Acme Institute for Applied Cartoon Physics, researchers explore innovative ways to meet the challenge of 21st-century animation. Here, veteran actor Ollie the Collie tests an experimental anti-gravity prop mouse.

Via Facenibbler on Reddit. (Yes, you’ve seen that title somewhere before…)

Pouncing in 3…2…


This image via the aptly named Peek-a-boo.*


*The original photo (called “Paws”) is actually by KVirtanen on deviantart:

Magical Puppeh Forest™

Follow us to ‘Tocks Lake!

This pic thanks to Park Guide Popee.

Sleeping… Beauty!?

You *must* crank the audio for the serious schnozzle action on this one:

Hey Runyaga. Stay away from magic spindles.

Come On! We’re All Thinking It.

Is that tree birthing a squirrel?

When’s the baby shower, Eyrich?


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