Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet!

I’m hunting Flutterbyes!

Wait! Encore Red Pand presentayshe!

[Teeter teeter]



Video via Meerkat Manor. Beth P. found this skeeeeeeery Panda-Pannnts in The Wisconsin State Journal. Love the little Japanese Schoolgirl foot stance action.

Let’s Salute Theo!

Peeps, while we celebrate our cherished United States veterans today, who better to salute than our very own Theo, former Cute Overload Moderator, who will be leaving Qalat, Zabol, Afghanistan and coming home in a matter of weeks.

We salute you, Specialist Durbin! (Or are you a Colonel now?) See you soon, Sir!

Photos courtesy of Laurie C. of IBKCthe Dearborns, and the US Freakin’ Army.

But It’s Part of the Act!

See, first I load up the table with crystal and fine china — y’know, stack everything really high, so it look like it’ll fall down any second, and then there’s a drum roll and on the count of three, whoosh! I yank out the tablecloth and nothing falls!

Now I’ll grant you, some nights the “nothing falls” part is a bit iffy…

Via Dog Shaming, currently available for children’s parties.

CO Salutes Our Veterans

When you come home from work, whether it’s the office down the street or the desert across the globe- your friend will be there.

Photo from the Interwebs.

Come Closer, Darling

Shhh. Don’t speak, don’t speak.

Let only our noses communicate.

Laurie D. tells us, “this is my Mom’s dog, Godiva. A beautiful,
 retired racing greyhound who frequently tries to hypnotize you this way.” [IN NOSEVEMBER! – Ed]

You Are Going Down, Wibbley Wobbley!

I shall defeat you with bites, paw swipes, the always effective jump-n-twist and savage cuteness. Generations to come will tell their offspring of this fierce and epic battle.


Fave Frame ™

Tugger was spotted on Buzzfeed

To Nom Or Not To Nom

That is the question.

Max’s cousin, Mango Stubbular, just cannot decide if she wants that morsel. And so it goes.

Thanks to DP&F

Everybody Should Have a Hobby

Despite being exceptionally talented, Tiger’s membership in the local Birder’s Club was denied based upon suspicions that his passion for birding was not just a hobby.

We appreciate Devon’s, erm, enthusiasm, Michele B.
Note of interest: That is a rare Avian Anatomy print by Nova Rico, Florence, Italy.

Well We’re Movin’ On Up!

Goodbye wooden doghouse, hello upscale retreat!

Sender inner Buzzy spotted these amazing dog constructions on Laughing Squid.

These fancy pants dog structures were designed by architectures and commissioned by MUJI Creative Director Kenya Hara. Plans and video tutorials are coming soon!

Friday Haiku: Baggy Basset Beach Babe

Ball brought to you by

Floppy jowls flapping freely

Followed by blorp rolls

Droopy drool action by Doug Jewell, a winner of the Kennel Club’s Dog Photographer of the Year.


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