Everyone Knows It’s Kitty

Hey, kids! What’s fun for a girl and a boy? Clicking that button to the left, then starting the video, that’s what.

This Just In: Puppies for the Troops!

As part of a week-long series of “The Colbert Report” in Iraq, Stephen “Truthiness” Colbert teamed up with Tom “Niceiness” Hanks to send a USO care package to the troops, complete with Tang, ice cream — and a puppy! See the whole hilarious skit here (and skip to 3:22 for the puppyness!)


Lycanthropy 101

Required for all first-semester students.  Introductory course with emphasis on proper howling techniques.  Schedule permitting, students may advance to intermediate topics such as drinking piña coladas at Trader Vic’s, and hair care.

Meanwhile, at the Bargain Matinee…

“Will you kids stop wriggling about down there?  How am I supposed to sneak you in on one ticket if you won’t hold still?!”


There’s thrifty, and then there’s just cheap, Janet B.

Kitten Summer Reading List

My Summer Reading List
by Adoptable Brooklyn Kittehs at the Empty Cage Collective

1. Grant, Judyann Ackerman. Chicken Said “Cluck”!


2. Willems, Mo. Are You Ready to Play Outside?


3. Elliott, Zetta. Bird


4. Michaelis, Antonia. Tiger Moon


5. Arnosky, Jim. Wild Tracks!: A Guide to Nature’s Footprints


Extra Credit: Davis, Eleanor. Stinky


Is there a kitten-sized Kindle available for this, Nicole G.? Notable Children’s Books selected by the kittehs from American Library Association.

Powered by Ambien

Kittehs can sleep ANYWHERE.

Here is proof.

Cat_Sleeping_TrainSleeping CatDownloadedFile-12

I swear someone did not just send me these pics in some lame PowerPoint. All pics are Internet floaters (ew that sounds gross), and mostly thanks to Uncle Wire.

The Eternal Struggle of Dog vs. Cupcake

It all began when that mean TV lady unleashed the hypnotic power that cupcakes have over the feeble canine mind…

… and soon, dogs everywhere had fallen helpless under their vanilla-swirled spell…


Wake up, Fido, before it’s too late!  Rise up against your sugar-frosted overlords–before they enslave us all!


A mind-melding apple turnover compels me to credit Micaela R. (middle photo) and Cindy L. (bottom photo).

First eye-openingks

Did they HAVE to use that LULLABY music!!!?

Geeshe, Jonnelle R. This vid DOES show Rules of Cuteness 2, 15 , 17, 31, and a little bit of 41.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Pablo.

He chews on blankies!


He chews on bones!

Pablo-Day2 (7 of 18)



Pablo the Pup Ladies and Gentlemen. [huge applause]


Steve Z., are you the same Steve Z. I think you are?!

Could You Please Hit the Snooze Hunch?

Really, I’m too tired, and besides, you’re the one who wanted the “Hunchback of Notre Dame clock/radio with authentic bell sounds,” so just give Quasimodo there a pat on the back and shut that thing off, thanks.


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