Friday Haiku: Windows To The Soul

The eyes view all things

They are windows to the soul

Seeing joy everywhere

Sent in by F. Birfle, and image from Arthur K.’s FB.


Needful Things

A nap

Lip balm

A Babysitter


Our needy friends in order of appearance; Speedy the kitten sent in by Muffy M., sable antelope by Sean G. of Getty, Buffy and babies sent in by Wendy E. and bear by Alex T., Field Guide and Hyaena Specialist.

Snow Problem

I got the ball, boss! I’ll find it!

Hyup, I’ll find that pesky… ball?

Oh, baaaaa-alllll, where aaaaaare you?

Y’know, I really hate it when he goes golfing this time of year.

Via smerikal.

Don’t Forget That New Year’s Resolution!

Remember? The one where you were gonna lay off the donuts and exercise more? You even went out and bought that exercise machine thingy? And- oh, never mind.

You can always start tomorrow.



Laura S. sent us Jasper the blue Persian.

Undercover Mission

Day One: Agent Toebeanerminator. Seeking to uphold the cat vs. dog legacy. Vague memory of cats-rule-dogs-drool obscured by snorglefest.  Meanwhile, these ears are delectabuhls.

A new age has begun, Buzzfeed animals!

Pick! Your! Punchline!

In comedy terms, the photo below is a “target-rich environment,” so bizarre that no one caption can do it justice. So scroll to the poll below and… Pick! Your! Punchline! (or add your own.)

Via William M. via Reddit.

What Time Is It?

Is it ten o’clock already?! Where did the morning go?

Via aussiegall.

Always Chasin’ Always Racin’

People! Hot on the heels wheels of Chris P. Bacon, we have another Mobile Prosh Nugget for you! This time, it’s Lily the Lionhead BUN! Says sender-inner Kerry: “This video is of Lily, the two-legged Lionhead bunny, but don’t tell HER she has a ‘handicap!’ She is one of many wonderful rabbits at the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary! Brian G. is one our volunteers and did this wonderful video.”

[Make sure to turn up the speakers for a slammin’ groove, too. -Ed]

(Bonus points if you remember the Saturday morning TV show our title refers to.)

Cheetah Happy

♪ ♫ A-hunting I will go, a-hunting I will go! Heigh-Ho, the Derry-O, a-hunting I will go!”♪ ♫

Field Guide, Alex T. says, “Oh Helloe ((OK, that right there is cute)) Cute Overload , One happy, smiley cheetah!”

The Iron Is Flat, Here Comes the Cat

The Internet has spoken, and to the surprise of nobody whatsoever, it has chosen a cat to replace a member of the pantheon of Monopoly tokens, via an online poll. So who got the boot? The lowly iron, a victim of today’s modern wrinkle-free fabrics.