My Little Puppy

That’s right. [Scroll down]

My Little Puppy and My Little Pony as BFFs, sent in by Lina S.!

Lullaby, and goodnight, your freakish feet are a fright.

OK, perhaps there’s nothing we can humanely do about their disproportionate size, but would an emery board be so horrible?

Thanks to Alexandra J. who discovered this gem on this gem.

Happy Duckling Butts!

Happy Monday, peeps! A sharp-eyed reader at Flickr noticed that these darling duckling derrieres appear to be smiling back at you. Say “cheese,” sleepyheads!

Photo: Brothers by Shayne Kaye

Caturday Sleepover

About to go very wrong, according to Sender-Inner Majied; “Serenity was shattered moments later when they started tearing pieces out of each other.” Shocker!

Knight Rider, he ain’t

New Owner Person, I understand that it’s going to take some time to get to know each other, so I say we start right away:

I do not like riding in convertibles at high speeds as it makes my tongue and eyes do very weird things.

Cute tongue and side-eye, Kayla-Jean

Chelsea Tries the Subtle Approach

“Hey, Mom, now that it’s summer, I was thinking about getting a hobby. You know, get outside and commune with Nature, and I was thinking, just off the top of my head, that maybe you and Dad could buy me some scuba diving equipment. Nothing fancy, just the mask with the little tube, couple pairs of flippers…”

There’s something fishy about this, “Misconstrued.”

Loook at theeesh facesh!

An inaccurate rumor about Ralph Lauren retiring his longstanding Polo logo led many livestock to give it a shake.

Heads, hands-down winner, Amanda Z.

THIS JUST IN: Longneck Bud

The new baby boy at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is already a tall drink of water: A healthy 6-foot, 140-pound baby giraffe, born last Sunday to first-time mom Naomi. Story and video here.

The Reason Peeps No Longer Sponsor a Bobsled Team

OK, listen up – to practice for 2012, I propose a radical idea: instead of ice, we train on– wait for it – velour.

At least it wasn’t corduroy, Larissa M.

“When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange!”

Behold, a stunning metamorphosis:

The Inclusive Prepster.

The Expressive Goth.


Right up John Hughes’ alley, Chase & Jackie.


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