A Place to Weather Any Storm

When you’re having a bad day and nobody understands or if the winds and rain just won’t quit, get under the covers and snug up where it’s warm and safe. It’s even better when someone you love is under there with you.

Just remember, nobody likes a Dutch oven.

Sender inner Amy writes that this photo was “taken during Hurricane
 Sandy when there was no heat or electric. My little long coat chihuahua 
Lola and I stayed warm by hiding under the covers. Lola was very brave during the storm.”

White Fluff Alert!

Better take cover. They’re coming for you. Now.

Top video by Newfoun777. Bottom video from TcupIsland.

‘Bye, Mae

Sad news here, People. Sea Otter Mae of the Monterey Bay Aquarium passed away over the weekend at age 11. According to the MBA Tumbler page, “Mae was rescued as a two-day-old pup near Santa Cruz in April 2001, and raised by our Sea Otter Research and Conservation (SORAC) program team. She joined the sea otter exhibit in December 2001.”

Photo credits: 1 & 4) Randy Wilder…3) ©Bill Coggin.

A Joyous Version of David and Goliath

In this version, there are underdogs, overdogs, runningarounddogs and some mighty big paws.

Fave Frame™

Iris S sends us this video of her Samoyed Sammy and their Chinese crested visitor, Nike.

The Theory of Cuteativity

Are geniuses are made, or born? Analysis of Einstein’s brain suggests a physical difference, while others say genius is simply information and insight brought to a boil within a stimulated mind. Either way, having a good role model can help.

Via PuzWorld.ru.

That’s Not a Wall, That’s a Rhino!

Unsuspecting kitty is just walking along, like ya do, when suddenly, the wall moves. Also, the wall has a big horn.

Via Attack of the Cute

Best! Day! EVER!

Little did puppy know, they were on the way to the vet.

Via #srslycute

Mothers Are the Same Everywhere

Full of spit-baths and advice: Hold your head up, smile, don’t slouch, and never wear white shorts over your polka-dot underwear.

Fave Frame:

Johanna S. spotted this video for us! And look out for the matching kitty at 1:05!

Twilight: Breaking Dawg, Part 2

In the final chapter in the saga, Edward accidentally bites Jacob, transforming them both into were-vam-wolf-pires, or something or other like that.

Via cuatrok77.

From The CO Update Desk: Misao & Fukumaru II

‘Member a few days ago, we told you about photographer Miyoko Ihara and how she’s been taking pix of her grandmother Misao and kitteh Fukumaru for the last 13 years. We found another picture on that website that we had to pass along. I mean, have you ever seen a Maru cake?

See more of this dynamic duo in the book, Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat. 最高の幸運者の両方に! (Best of luck to you both!)


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