Shakesquirrel Asks

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet…

if you shove it right up your nose?

To Kim and Marcia and all the volunteers at the Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation we love you forever and a day!

Meanwhile, at the Emu Amateur Ballet Society’s Performance of Swan Lake

“I call dibs on that new choreographer. Isn’t he a dreamboat?!”

“Forget it, Masie. He’s a little light in the leotard, if you catch my drift.”

Rebecca J. says: “This photo caught my eye with all of the personality goin’ on in here!”
Photo Credit: Jessie Cohen – Smithsonian’s National Zoo. Date Apr. 24, 2008

He Loves Him Some Oatmeal

For more of Hamlet, the Mini Pig, visit his You Tube page.

The CO Handy Guide to Cat-speak

I’ll be your best friend. Suckaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Well isn’t that sweet, Dania B. We’re just a fool for your foster kitty, Audi aka Little Grey, from the SPCA of Wake County, Raleigh, NC.

Don’t Wake The Baby!

Let’s all be really quiet and just look at this tiny, sleppy, one day old baby goat. Donchya love how baby goats are called kids.

[Horrible crashing sound as you trip over the watering can while trying to get a closer look] That’s just great. You woke the baby.

Whoa, that baby won’t even look at you.

Oh no! I think baby’s gonna cry.

Get a bottle in that baby, STAT, Miriam.

Sometimes You Just Gotta Air Out Your Junk.

This incredible photograph is brought to you by Maria McGinley. See more of her work on her Flickr page.

Talk to the Hand, Pal

I am just too cute for this room. Lates.

That water dragon’s fierce, Tomi Tapio.

Spring Cataloons

What’s hot this season? [Runway music starts] Are your Spring Cataloons ready for the season!? Get them pressed and ready to go!

We love Gaucho Bunnaloons this season. Pants that hug your shape and even look great with last-year’s Ugg boots.


Here’s a head-turner—Marshas’s wearing white cataloons! IT’S AFTER MEMORIAL DAY SO YOU CAN SAFELY WEAR THEM TOO!

Next up, if you’re looking for two-toned and slimming mid-line, try these straight-leg bunnaloons.


For the fuller figure, a SKORT!


And don’t forget, orange arm bangles do wonders for concealing a pear-shape…


Special thanks to 10-year-old Sender Inner Savie. Ronnie by Little Bay Poo. Cajus by Alisa E. Yummy pear by RosyBunny. Scottish Fold Cataloons by Alvan Tan and Kit Ying S. Stand up by RosyBunny.

Why I Oughta!

A wise guy, eh? Yer really gettin’ on my noives! What’s the big idea? That’s it! Stick ’em up!

This little killdeer chick is one tough customer, Paula P.

I Have Nothing to Wear!

Why, Ms. Axolotl, at least you’re sporting the cutest hat for your CO debut!

Oh, this little thing? It’s for taking out the garbahj. I wouldn’t want to ruin any of my good hats.

Submitted by Fiona V., who wants to raise awareness about Axolotls, only the cutest amphibians ever, which happen to be critically endangered and near extinction in the wild.


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